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40. Life Catalysts - How To Use Meditation To Transform The Mind

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Hi I am Jonny John Liu

Today let us talk a little bit about using meditation to accelerate the process of Self-Transformation.

Now there are many types of meditation techniques, but the most powerful ones are Vipassana types of meditation. These types of meditation are simple to learn and practice. These types of practices focuses on observing reality as is, so no chanting, visualization, no music, no controlling the breath and so forth, simply working on observing and accepting reality as is, the reality that is happening on one's physical body, the reality that is happening within. By focusing on both, one understands not only the true nature of the mind, but also the relationship between the mind and body.

This type of meditation is one of the greatest for Self-Transformation. When meditation practices involve visualization, chanting, controlling the breath, using music in the background it can distort the truth of one is really feeling and experiencing inside.

Now let us talk about this type of practice of meditation and how it can help us to develop the Knowing of The Self deeper and deeper.

So the goal of such meditation techniques are not to relax the mind or to make one happy. Such effects are simply secondary to the practice. The primary goal is to develop Stillness and Self-Knowing. And through developing Stillness the secondary effects of meditation such as relaxation and happiness will come.

Now the journey of developing Stillness is a journey of Chaos. Because it is through overcoming the chaos that comes into the mind each time we experience them that Stillness can be developed even deeper. And it is by facing deeper chaos with the intention to Accept it, letting it come and go, that we can develop deeper Stillness and Acceptance. Overcoming chaos is about pulling ourselves back from reacting or dwelling in our negativities, to not dwell in our attachments, our cravings, our wandering thoughts, to pull ourselves back into the state of Stillness and neutrality when we experience chaos, letting it come and go.

So the first few times you practice such meditation the experience will be quite intense. Because for the first time you are becoming aware of how messy your mind is and you won't know what to do with your thoughts. So there will be a tendency to react to these thoughts by dwelling in the wandering thoughts that come into the mind, or to exaggerate them through the imagination.

It will take a few months or a few years for one to develop the knowledge of the difference between reacting and simply observing one's inner world. At first it will be difficult because one will not know the difference in such states thus the only way to develop the knowledge is through practice and practice. Through practice you will develop the ability to be Still, not only in the meditation practices, but also in life. So it will help you tremendously in life, as you will learn how to come out of your negativities quicker and quicker.

The more you develop the ability to be Still and Observant, letting the wandering thoughts come and go in your meditation sessions, the more you will penetrate into the deeper layers of the mind. You will realize that at the surface level of the mind will contain your thought patterns in the last few seconds or hours. And as you let them go you will find the thought patterns which you have been creating in the last few days.

Then like this deeper and deeper you will discover your habits, your way of thinking in the past months, in the past years, in your lifetimes.

This is when you will truly discover how you really think, how you really react. This is when you will discover the reasons as to why you think and react in a certain way. This is when you will discover the Negative Ideas that you have created, the Negative ideas that you have become attached to all your life - the cause of your suffering. And with deeper realization you will realize that "ahh i don't need this fear, I don't need this anger" and self-transformation gradually happens.

With this enlightenment then you will slowly learn how to let them go.

Thus Meditation practices in the tradition of Vipassana is powerful when one knows how to use it for Self-Transformation. So I suggest anyone to take a course in Vipassana. However the vipassana course can be quite intense so for those who want a more gradual course you can take a course that I have created which is called the Creator's Meditation which is a Vipassana Meditation spread out into 22 days.

But for beginners I would recommend you to take my free course which is the 5 Present Breaths. So if you wish to use Meditation as a Catalyst, you can take the course to begin your journey right away.

-Jonny John Liu

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