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47. Discover Your Spiritual Lessons Through Meditation

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Hi I am Jonny John

Spiritual lessons are the lessons which we can use to help us grow spiritually.

There are many ways to discover our spiritual lessons, and today I will introduce the way of Meditation.

The practice of meditation will always be the best way to uncover the mysteries of our existence, because it is by looking within the darkness, that we can know what that darkness is. Thus by turning our sight inwards, it allows us to develop Inner Sight, or Insight.

Spiritual lessons can be seen as lessons that we have enrolled ourselves in to complete in this lifetime. And these "forgotten lessons" can be brought onto the surface through the practice of meditation.

Now this won't be a religious talk, rather I will share with you my experiences with meditation to help you gain the understanding in a grounded way. So that you can use the clues from my experience to motivate you find your own truth

So let's begin.

So I never had a good relationship with the practice of meditation.

In fact, I hated it.

The practice was basically torture

I remember that first time of sitting in meditation, I could only last for 5 minutes before I collapsed onto the floor in impatience and sweat. yeah that was the first time I realized I could sweat just by sitting.

I continued doing it daily for 3 years, not knowing why I was doing it apart from the desire to suffer.

And then one day I realized that I had been meditating the wrong way.

Yeah it took me 3 years to figure it out.

So 3 years of dwelling in sufferings rather than simply observing them in my meditation really did no good for me. And in my desire to activate spiritual powers I sent too much energy to different energy centres that ungrounded me.

Anyways after becoming the master of meditating wrongly.

I realized the ways to meditate properly, which was just do the opposite of what I was doing.

Just observing, rather than dwelling or desiring.

After understanding how meditation worked, I wanted to address my suffering states of the mind.

So I would begin to throw myself into suffering situations to see how my mind would react, and why it would react to see how the suffering states of the mind would emerge from the consciousness.

So from that day onwards I would suffer day by study the cause of suffering, and then working a way to release them.

Anyways let me share with you what I discovered.

Through meditation, I began to realize that was a separation within the mind, which separates the personality and the person behind the personality. It's like if the consciousness was an ocean, then the personality is the waves upon that ocean. And it's only when these waves die, become still, that we can see our truer reflection on the water. So it's by Stilling the mind that we come to know the person behind that personality.

Now the awareness of this separation became more and more apparent when I made the commitment to follow my heart every moment through out the day for the rest of my life. I made this commitment, because at the time I was working on this suffering state of the mind I had to do with commitment so I was committing to different things in life to study it

Anyways, through committing to following the heart, it was then I began to see clearer and clearer the separation between the mind and heart, the personality and the person behind that personality.

For instance, I knew that forgiveness was right, but in life I just couldn't do it

For instance, I knew that I should not be fearful and all accepting, but in life, I just couldn't let go of my fears.

So through the practice of meditation it helped me to understand how my spiritual lessons, because I gradually understood what parts of the personality needs to be worked on so that I can become who I really Am, which is infinite, all accepting - The Creator. The subconscious part of the mind is alwaysfull of wisdom of the oneness of this world, and it helped toguide me to complete my spiritual lessons.

To me, from a reincarnation perspectiveThe personality seem to be the mask we have created for ourselves before coming into this lifetime so that spiritual lessons can be activated through them, which takes us to experience the suffering states of the mind, and through them we can grow to become greater than before, to become ever more accepting, more self-knowing, more wise, compassionate, more Self-Knowing.

That is why the practice of meditation, especially one which focuses on Stillness and simple observation of reality is powerful.

Because it is by quietening the personality, that we can become more aware of the inner wisdom, more aware of the separation, more aware of the importance of connecting sthe mind and heart as One.

Anyways studying the separation is my way of discovering my spiritual lessons.

I know it can feel intangible and hard to understand when we talk about abstract concepts.

So to help you understand how you can use meditation to discover your spiritual lessons,

We can talk about the mechanics of meditation in a scientific way.

In meditation, as one turns their senses inwards to discover the world inside with the intent to observe it in Stillness, one will begin to uncover Unstillness.

This is natural.

But some people will think that when they experience Unstillness, discomfort, negativities they are meditating wrongly.

So when one encounters negativities and discomfort in meditation, one can easily give up. But realize that this is simply meditation's simply a part of the mechanism of meditation, to bring out the Unstillness, the chaos, the discomfort, the hidden suffering states of mind, which will help to reveal is happening in that darkness within.

So meditating in silence is a powerful to develop Self-Knowing.

Meditating with music can help with relaxation purposes, but it can distract one from observing reality as it is..blocking self-knowing.

The journey of meditation will always begin with the push and pull.

Getting pushed out of Stillness and pulling ourselves into Stillness.

With time, as you experience the wandering thoughts, time and time again you will eventually develop the knowing of the nature of these wandering thoughts. Maybe those wandering thoughts are to do with certain fears, with certain worries, with certain desires. Through the meditation journey, the more you develop Stillness, the deeper you will go into the mind, and the deeper wandering thoughts you will uncover.

And naturally like spending time with a person,

The more you spend time with your mind, the more you will come to know the mind, know the nature of your wandering thoughts, the cause of these wandering thoughts, the cause of your fears....and unhappiness, until you know the mind like a close friend, no longer a stranger....

This is the process of self-knowing.

As Spiritual Lessons will always be lessons about Self-Acceptance and Happiness.

Through the practice of meditation, you will be able to uncover what is preventing you from going deeper into that state of happiness and self-acceptance.

And these will be your spiritual lessons.

So meditation is a really good practice

Where you become your own teacher,

Teaching yourself who you are, what you need to work on for greater happiness.

So if you have the opportunity give meditation a try.

And what you will discover is that in the periods of meditative silence and stillness, inner wisdom will come and guide you through the experience, guiding you towards discovering and completing your spiritual lessons.

-Jonny John Liu

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