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48. Discover Your Spiritual Lessons Through Disease


Hi, I am Jonny John.

Spiritual lessons are the lessons we can go through in life to develop ever greater wisdom, Self-Acceptance, and happiness.

There are many ways to discover our spiritual lessons, and one of the ways is through the diseases that we experience.

So in this talk, you will learn about the relationship between the health of the body and mind, and also, we will look at the clues as to why we experience disease in terms of spiritual planning and incarnation.

And again, I will be talking using my own experiences. And I ask that you do not simply believe me but use what I say as clues to find your own truth.

So let's begin!

So I will begin by sharing with you my experience with diseases.

When I was young, I would always take some sort of medicine whenever I was sick. This was normal because my dad was a herbal doctor. So, I had no choice but to take herbal medicine whenever I got sick.

To this day, I don't even know if my dad's medicine helped; all I could remember was that it tasted pretty disgusting.

But then, over the years, I began to develop the type of problems and diseases that herbal medicine or western medicine had no cure for, for instance, severe allergies, which I had since young. I basically lived most of my life, even after University, with my nose completely blocked!

Allergies really annoyed me...didn't like it.! Didn't like sneezing. Didn't like breathing through my mouth all the time. Sometimes I would get periods when I could not talk in the mornings!

I remembered one time I nearly died from a weird allergic reaction after taking a breakfast bar; my face and throat began closed up, making me struggle to breathe.

I ended up calling an ambulance as my mum was out so I could get taken to a hospital. I remembered that day very clearly. I think was around 16, and because I had a lot of fears back then, I actually contemplated just dying because I wanted to avoid the social interaction I would experience at the hospital. Eventually, I got saved. The doctors gave me some injections.

Weird thing, after the allergy, I tried the same breakfast bar again. (just out of curiosity) since the doctor gave me an epi-pen, I could save myself if something goes wrong. And strangely, I didn't react to it.

So allergies were always a mysterious disease to me!

Actually, I remembered that there was a period of time where I was taking antihistamines for my allergies. You know, for more blocked nose And when I went to the doctors for more antihistamines, the doctor told me that if I take anymore, it will no longer work, and I will have to start taking steroids.

I thought...steroids? Like to build muscle?

All I knew was that steroids were bad, so that scared me!

Anyways, long story short, I eventually realized that the doctors did not have all the answers to my own problems, so I began searching for the clues to my disease.

During this time, I found a lot of clues. Online, I came across an article where someone cured themselves of cancer, and then some articles suggesting that disease came from the mind.

So I became very fascinated by the idea that disease came from the mind, and that we can use lifestyle to cure the diseases

But what was written was not clear, so I decided to look into it through meditation.

Through trial and error, I tried to find some sort of connection between my mind and body.

The only evidence I had at the time was that every time I addressed a suffering state of mind, I would experience my health improving. I began to realize that the more I transformed my wandering thoughts, my stomach problems began to disappear; the more I transformed my anger, the fewer problems I would have with my body overall.

So, I started becoming aware of the relationship between the health of the body (which I will just call the immune system) and the mind.

What helped me to develop more understanding of the relationship between the body and mind was Vipassana.

After taking a 10-day course in Vipassana (which was a meditation retreat where you meditated like 10 hours a day), I learnt from experience that any emotions will manifest as a physical sensation on the body as well.

I think on my 3rd time of going to Vipassana, after meditating for like 10 hours every day, I experienced this state of absolute Stillness. It was like a special state of mind where there was absolute Stillness within; I could notice very subtle things happening in the mind and body; it was like a state where everything became silent and stopped to a halt. In that state, I could notice very subtle things happening in the mind and body.

I began to see what kind of ideas create what kind of sensations on the body. And strangely enough, as soon as I popped a negative idea into my mind, I could feel negativities surface through the mind and body!

That state was quite interesting...I was like vibrating was a happy the same time a bit I think when I started thinking about things, the experience disappeared.

Long story short, as I found a strong connection between the mind and body, I just began to focus on creating greater happiness.

And eventually, I stopped having to go to the doctors!

Like my allergies and other problems just disappeared!

Now I'm not saying doctors are bad.

Doctors are good people, and they can help you.

I mean, if that doctor didn't help me with my allergy, I would most likely be dead by now.

In the past, I used to dislike doctors. But you know that moment when I was rushed to the hospital because of the allergy attack, when that doctor looked at me and told me that I was going to be alright, I felt fortunate that there were doctors in this world.

Doctors are useful. These days I just go to the doctors to get my blood tested because being vegetarian and being a person who doesn't feel the need to eat, I can get into nutritional problems, which I had in the past.

And some diseases are not caused by the mind, much like an injury can happen when someone hits you with a baseball bat. So don't go off thinking that you are invincible and immune by simply radiating spirituality. But in saying this, I actually went for years without getting any flus in my peak of being ultra-spiritual, so maybe radiating positivity can help to some extent.

Now, I only get sick when I work too hard, which is something I'm working on

I guess what I want for you to take away is to approach your disease with a holistic approach, which is to also take responsibility for looking after the wellbeing of your mind because there is a deep relationship between the mind and body. A doctor can never take care of your mind.

Ok, so let's get back to the main point

How can we use disease to uncover our spiritual lessons?

My personal belief, from the clues I discovered through studying the mind, is that, when we come into this lifetime, we have programmed certain diseases to manifest on our body to remind ourselves of the spiritual lessons we have to go through.

This is because the illusion here can be so thick that we can forget the spiritual lessons that we have set out to do.

The diseases are an effective way.

In that, if we keep failing to see the spiritual lessons we need to do in this lifetime, diseases can quickly bring our awareness to the fact that we're doing something wrong.

Well, that's my belief anyway. It's very effective for me. Because whenever I get a disease, I would freak out and try to look for the cause, so they are a pretty good way to wake me up to the spiritual lessons that I have missed.

But to discover our spiritual lessons through diseases will be somewhat difficult.

Because we would have programmed these diseases to manifest only if we have ignored our spiritual lessons long enough. If we programmed these disease to manifest quickly, then we would experience a lot of sicknesses every day.

What I mean is, when the disease manifests, it will be difficult to know what it is about. Because after all, the spiritual lesson involved is something that we have long failed to see.

To give you an example, I had this ongoing case of verruca growing on my foot that wouldn't go away for years.

I tried burning, freezing, using acid, and even surgery. But it just kept coming back.

It was only when I realized that it must to do with guilt since it was something I was heavily experiencing during that time, for like seven years, the verruca just fell away by itself after I worked on it.

The time for me to discover this spiritual lesson was like four years.

So I guess a tip for you is to examine what kind of suffering emotions, thoughts, sensations you are experiencing every day to find the clues to the mental aspects of your disease that you are currently experiencing

And like this, every time I miss seeing a lesson, I would experience disease in the body. Especially if I get a disease that was unexplainable, I would know that there is a lesson to be found. I would then question what suffering states of mind I am carrying intensely during that time.

And in working through them, the diseases disappeared.

By the way, when I say disease, I meant to include physical pain as well as pain will always be an indicator that is something is wrong.

But yeah, ever since I began to work on Self-Acceptance every day, I stopped getting these unexplainable diseases. So if you just make it your goal to work on your suffering states of mind, then your health will no doubt improve every day!

So through diseases, we can discover our spiritual lessons!

Realize that on our Soul Journey, we will no doubt fail to see the spiritual lessons we have brought into this lifetime. This is because one would never doubt their current beliefs until something bad happens— for instance, a bad disease!

So yeah, if you do experience weird diseases that no one seems to be experiencing at the moment, a disease that is unique to you, or like a finger problem, a persistent stomach ache that seems to not come from diet, or ache and pains around the body, or something that is untreatable, it's an opportunity for you to become aware of the spiritual lessons that your body is trying to communicate to you

You can always work your way outwards inwards, i.e. addressing your diet, your health first to eliminate the possible causes. And if that still doesn't work, then what is left to address will be the mind.

Remember, the body never lies. If it's hungry, you need food. If it's thirsty, you need water. If there's pain or disease, it means there is that something that needs to be paid attention to.

And these can be your spiritual lessons!

I hope this video has helped you.

And later, we will talk about how we can use parents as a way to discover our spiritual lessons.

-Jonny John Liu

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