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60. The Heart Path - Learning To Listen To The Heart


Hi I am Jonny John

There are many paths in life that one can take. There is the path which is driven by the desires of the physical. Such a path is built through what attracts the outer senses. There is the path which is driven by the desires of the intellect. Such a path is carved through the analysis of what is right and wrong. There is also the path which is driven by the desires of the emotions. Such a path is drawn by the feelings of excitement and hate.

Our journey in life can be said to be a mixture of these paths because the decisions we make in life to go left or right will always be weighed upon by our physical, emotional and intellectual senses.

However there is another sense that is always calling to be heard from within. And that is the sense of the heart.

This is a path that is often overlooked - the heart path.

The heart path is the path where you learn to see who you really are behind that personality. For the heart will always tell you who you are. That you are Oneness. That there is really only One Self.

You are often reminded by the heart of the truth of who you are. For every time you take on the beliefs of separation. The heart will ache in pain. And every time you take on the beliefs of Oneness. The heart will rejoice in happiness.

Realize in every moment, the heart is reminding and revealing to you who you are. But when our mind is filled with the noises of thoughts and emotions. Then it is easy to miss the messages from the heart. That is why the practice of meditation can be so ever helpful. For once the thoughts and emotions are cleared. Then one can begin to Know the deeper Self within.

The heart path thus is the path of learning how to listen to the heart. To listen to the heart, is to hear from the heart as to who you really are. The heart often speaks when you make decisions. The heart often guides you when you are confused. So to listen to the heart when making a decision Is to not to just ask the mind or emotions "Right or left?" But rather to also involve the heart into these conversations.

To listen to the heart. We must first clear the wandering thoughts and emotions. To clear the noises of fear. To clear the noises of worries To clear the noises of Unstillness. So that the messages of the heart can come through.

The cause of not being able to hear one's heart, will thus not be so much on the lack of technique. But rather it is by our suffering states of the mind. Because suffering states of the mind will always create noise within, noises of fear, anger, impatience and wandering thoughts and so forth. Once the noise within is cleared, one will naturally hear the heart within.

From this perspective then, one will realize that the heart path is the journey of Self-Transformation. OF transforming our suffering states of the mind, of cultivating greater Stillness within. Because every time we transform our suffering states of mind, we will hear the heart clearer, allowing us to develop even greater Self-Knowing

Personally for me, the heart speaks not in words, but in Knowing. Everyone is different. The deeper one connects with the heart, the more one will realize the infinite wisdom one has within. The heart is intelligent beyond space and time and knows what you truly need and desire. Thus it will always take you to places which will take you to discover and undertake your most desired spiritual lessons for deeper self discovery.

When I first began trying to listen to the heart. I heard and felt nothing. But the more I worked on my suffering states of the mind, the feelings of the heart became clearer. Sometimes my heart gives me a Knowing that I should do something that is against my beliefs. Sometimes my heart takes me to suffering experiences that I otherwise would have avoided. When you are on the heart path, it will not make sense to the intellectual mind. But as you look back, you will realize why these experiences were chosen by the heart. And in looking back from my experiences, I've realized that each of these experiences always had served a purpose, which was for me to know about Oneness even more, to Know myself even more, taking me to experience greater happiness within.

It is true that to follow the heart 100% of the time can feel impossible to do. For you must be aware of every passing moment, every passing thought, every passing feeling, every passing intuition.

The goal of this talk is to simply let you know that there is another sense that is waiting to be heard, and that is your heart sense. And in becoming connected with this sense, will help you greatly to align your decisions with what you really desire deep within, for the heart will always know the real you.

If you wish to learn to follow the heart What you can do is to become aware of the feeling in between their chest. This is the spiritual heart area. When making decisions, begin asking this area too for input. Feel with your heart and let that feeling guide you with every decision you make. Try making decisions from the heart Try speaking from the heart Try creating with the heart. The act of using this sense again and again will help you to tune into it. Much like how you learnt to become aware of your thoughts and emotions. The heart is simply another sense that is happening in the background. A quieter sense, that is waiting to be heard. And the more you become aware of the heart The more you will become aware of the fight between the mind and heart When you make certain decisions in life It is then you can see the spiritual lessons you need to learn To help align them back to One.

In the beginning, it will be difficult to differentiate the feeling between a fear and the heart. In the beginning, it will be difficult to differentiate the feeling between emotions and the heart. That is why the best way to connect with the heart is to simply work on transforming the suffering states of the mind.

The practice of Meditation can be useful too for it can help you to Still your mind and emotions, and this will allow you to experience moments of Stillness when wisdom from the heart will arise

In conclusion The heart is always speaking to you within But for you to hear the mind and Emotions must be Still.

The more you listen and act from the heart. The more you will remember who you are. For the heart will always know the truth That you are Oneness.

The more you practice listening to your heart. The more the mind and Heart will become One. And when the mind and Heart becomes One That is when you will know that you are the One and Only The Creator.

-Jonny John Liu

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Path Of Creator

The Heart Path In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Listening to your heart will take you to the Knowing of Oneness. The Heart will always take you towards experiences which will transform your mind, especially the negative beliefs you have which promotes separation.

Thus to live your life by listening to your heart can be a rough ride, for you will be constantly challenged. That is why the practice of meditation can be so ever helpful.

The Heart Path is the Path of Creator. Because essentially it will take you to the Knowing of Oneness, the Knowing of who you are.

But one should not be overly concerned in whether or not they are listening to their heart or their mind when they are trying to communicate to the heart. This is because as long as one is trying to transform their negative beliefs in life, they are on the Heart Path.

So focus on the greater work which is ahead and you will make great progress. Within time as your mind naturally become more still, the easier it will be to know the language of the Heart.

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