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61. Ego As Spiritual Catalyst

"Work with the ego to see beyond it"

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In the Catalyst - Ego, we have explored the Ego as a construct of ideas we have created about ourselves. 

Here, we will go deeper to understand the mechanism of the Ego so that one can understand how to use the Ego to accelerate their journey of Self-Transformation. 

Ego As A Self-Discovery Catalyst

To understand how the Ego works, one can simply imagine what reality would be like without the Ego/Personality, i.e. when one has no attachment to any ideas of one's identity.

However, it can be a confusing exercise to imagine an egoless reality using the egoic mind. It's like attempting to imagine what the state of Stillness is when one has constantly lived with a chaotic mind all their life.

It's almost impossible to see Reality through the lens of illusion

In attempting the exercise, one may even conclude that when one becomes Egoless, one will become a bland, characterless, and lifeless shell. One can often gravitates towards this conclusion when the environment that surrounds them promote the acts of judging and idolizing different kinds of personalities, which is often the case for everyone who lives in a judging society.

Although it's impossible to imagine accurately what an Egoless Reality is, at least through the exercise, it can stir in one the curiosity to explore what it would be like when one is no longer attached to their personality.

To hide the "person" behind the "personality" is the function of the Ego. It effectively works to masks one from seeing one's Deeper Self. Once one becomes attached to the ideas of "I am this and that..." it will prevent one from venturing futher into deeper Self-Discovery—to discover the Creator behind the Mask.

Spiritual Perspective

From one perspective, our personalities could be said to be formed from our life experiences as different experiences can influence and change the way we see the world and ourselves.

From the spiritual perspective, these life experiences have always been chosen by us. And as we are the Creators of our own experiences, we are also the Creators of our own Ego. 

To understand this in another light, you can to open up your mind up to the idea of Reincarnation, which is the idea of a life after life. From this perspective, before you came into existence—before you created your Ego—you would have desired and planned for different kinds of experiences to fulfil your journey of Self-Discovery. The Ego was your catalyst for Self-Discovery because through it you could forget yourself and adopt a new identity, which allowed you a journey to rediscover yourself.  

That is why the illusion of the Ego is so vivid that it does not appear like an illusion. It's so vivid that even if the truth was revealed to you like a magician revealing its tricks, you would still noy believe that it's just a trick. That is the beauty of the catalyst. Without this catalyst working so well, you would not be able to experience this reality in the same way as you are doing now. Imagine being told the spoiler of a movie before you watched it yourself. When you know too much, it will spoil the experience and your curiosity for further Self-Discovery. 

Using The Ego

As you can see, the Ego is a divinely designed catalyst. The ego is not a mistake nor it's a tool for punishment. You are born with a certain personality, strengths, weaknesses, tendancies, habit patterns, all designed by you. From a higher perspective, the Ego is a catalyst that you are currently using right now to explore the possibilities of The Self in this reality. So, instead of trying to worship it or destroy it, you can use it to further your journey of Self-Discovery.

Learn about your ego by developing Self-Awareness. Become aware of your personality, of your likes and dislikes. Become aware of your fears and anger. All of your personality has been designed by you, and only you can work out the purpose for such an unique design.

These designs will always nudge you towards your desired lessons about Love and Self-Acceptance because that is the only path for you to learn even more about yourself. You have designed the Ego in a way that allows for different suffering states of mind to be experienced as without them there will be no gravity to guide you towards the lessons of love. 

To understand how the Ego works in promoting the desired spiritual lessons we can use the analogy of learning about love through anger. For example, if you were born without anger or unhappiness, then there would be fewer opportunities for you to learn about love. But if you were born with anger, then your ability to love will be truly tested. The inner-resistance that goes against your ability to love yourself and others will allow you to explore the lessons of love even more, and through the experience of darkness you will be able to emerge with greater Wisdom and Self-Acceptance.  

So, to complete your desired experiences / spiritual lessons is to transform your suffering states of mind. And in turn, as you go complete the lessons generated by the Ego, the Ego will slowly dissolve as you come ever closer to remembering your Truer Self—The Self that is Infinite in potential. 

The Journey Of The Personality

Life is a great journey of Self-Exploration. Through Life, we can come to know more about ourselves through the experiences of joy and sadness. Whether life experience will give you happiness or suffering, it will always be determined by the quality of your perception, which will be driven by your ego. 

You are currently having a unique experience. Even if everyone is doing the same thing as you in this very moment, you will still experience that moment differently to everyone else. This is the catalyst of the Ego working, allowing you to see life through the lens that you have designed. 

That is why life is precious and should not be taken for granted. At times, the suffering experiences that you encounter may compel you to hate certain aspects about life. But when this happens, try to see that it’s the catalyst of the Ego / Personality working to give you the vivid experience that you have always desired. 

You can use your Ego to discover and fulfil all your desires. Use the experience of Suffering and Happiness as clues to see your bigger journey. See your Sufferings as the lessons you've always wanted to learn about. And happiness can be seen as a reminder of who you really are, what you desired to work towards to, for the more you overcome your lessons, the greater happiness you will experience.

Remember that happiness is simply the experience when you are able to live in a state of Acceptance, which is your truer state as All is You. So whenever you experience suffering, which is when you encounter things you cannot accept, remember that the key to overcoming these lessons is to develop the wisdom to accept what you cannot accept. Developing this wisdom is the way to see through your spiritual lessons.

Use your Ego / Personality to discover clues about the purpose of your life journey. Are you here to explore more about anger? Are you here to explore more about attachments possessing objects of desire? Are you here to explore about lust, addiction, betrayal, power, subservience, slavishness, indulgence, etc? 

Use meditation to develop Self-Awareness so that you can become aware of your personality. Meditation is such a powerful tool because instead of being told the truth by someone else, meditation allows you to experience the truth directly. That is why there are many free Meditation Courses on this website to help you on your journey of Self-Discovery.

And as you develop self-awareness, you will no doubt face confusion. For instance, you may become aware that when you are angry, you don’t want to be angry. You may become aware that you have fears that doesn’t make sense to you. You may become aware that there are habit patterns that you cannot seem to control. You may find that you don't like certain things but at the same time you don't mind them. This is a natural reaction when you begin to observe your ego from the perspective of your Deeper Self. 

With time, you will slowly realize that as there are deeper thoughts behind thoughts and deeper desires behind desires, you will realize that there is a Deeper Self behind the Self. Without becoming aware of your deeper Self, you can be constantly driven by the Ego to believe that you are the Personality, which can drive you towards the same habit patterns in your life journey again and again, life after life, without learning anything new.

From a higher perspective, this is neither good nor bad. Because a lifetime is only like a second in the grander scheme of things. So, after a few hundred years, thousands, millions, and so forth, your heart will eventually become bored of exploring the same things. So it's inevitable that you will approach your life journey differently until you have fulfilled the deeper purpose of your spiritual journey. 

Why is this journey seemingly long and difficult? 

That is the catalyst working. The only way to know the Light further is through exploring Darkness. If there's no darkness, then there will be little catalyst for further Self-Knowing.

To accelerate your journey of Self-Transformation, just develop Self-Awareness every day so that you can know more about yourself from direct internal experience. The only way to achieve greater Self-Knowing is through Meditation. Listening to other's wisdom and reading books can help only very little. And then by simply working towards becoming happier than the day before, you will naturally be aligned towards completing all the experiences and lessons you have always desired to explore.

So, the journey of Self-Transformation is really not complicated; it's just challenging because you will be constantly challenged by your Egoic Mind to keep you in the illusion (which is what it's designed to do). Ilusion in this sense is about your beliefs—of what you believe to be true and not. The more you practice meditation, the more you will be able to put the mind aside so that you can see Reality as is.

To simplify the journey of Self-Transformation—just aim to become happier than the day before! What you will discover is that the more happiness you create within, the more your attachments to your Ego will disappear. That is the relationship. The more you liberate yourself from the illusion of the ego, the greater the happiness you will experience. And with time as your Ego dissolves, you will truly realize your Infinite Potential and at the same time your Uniqueness.

-Jonny John Liu

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