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The Ego / Personality

"Discover the Person behind the Personality"


Defining Ego

The Ego is defined here as the image we have created for ourselves out of the thoughts of what we should be and how others should perceive us.

The Ego can be said to be the "Personality" that we have become attached to.

This article will talk about the Ego and how to penetrate it to discover the deeper Self.

Ego/Personality In Depth

"The personality belongs to the Self, but the Self does not belong to the personality."

Like an apple which can be peeled into various layers of itself, the Personality is the outer layer of The Self.

Our Personality is created by our outer thoughts of who we are. And thus this part of ourself is ever-changing so slightly with each passing of time and experience.


Importance Of Addressing The Attachment Towards The Personality

Realize that there is nothing wrong with the Personality. The Personality is useful in that it allows The Self to experience a particular role in life.

However, if we become attached to the Personality then this can create Suffering Experiences - Particularly in times when our image gets hurt. Thus when we become too attached to our personality, we can start to take things personally when our image is hurt.

And When we become attached to the personality we will be unable to see beyond the outer skin of The Self to see who we really are on the outside thus greatly impeding the Knowing of The Self.

Path Of Creator

Ego/Personality In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To create greater happiness in life we have to first become aware that when we become attached to our Personality it can create a great deal of Suffering.

For instance, when we become attached to the Ideas of being Powerful, we can experience suffering when we end up in an experience which make us weak For instance, when we become attached to the ideas of being extraordinary, we can suffer in times when we have to be ordinary.

Realize that attachment to anything is a sign that there is a lack of Acceptance of The Self as is.

The journey begins with the awareness that creating attachments to the personality will only create Suffering and blockages to developing the Knowing of The Self.

It is only by releasing our attachments to the Ego/Personality that we can develop the Deeper Knowing of The Self – to see the Person behind the Personality.

But how do we do this?

The Path indeed will be a difficult and confusing Path. Because in the beginning it will be difficult to discern just what part of ourselves is the Personality / Ego and what part of ourselves is the Deeper Self.

And to make it even more confusing, each time we ask ourselves the question “Is this the part of myself that I need to address and let go?” that part of ourselves will answer “No, I am essential to you and I am part of yourself.” When this happens there will be a hestitation to go forward to deepen the knowing.. Thus questioning ourselves this way will not be very effective.

The Path will become clearer when one simply realizes that the mind is Infinite -We are Infinite. Within the mind, all is The Self. Thus the greater work is to simply release our attachments to the idea that only certain parts are acceptable. Thus we can simply focus our attention on working on our suffering states of the mind. Because the cause of our attachment towards our Personality will always come back to the Negative Ideas we have about ourselves - the parts of The Self that we cannot accept.

For instance, our fears of being humiliated in front of people will make us become attached to the Idea of appearing strong and impenetrable all the time.

For instance, our impatience will always make us attached to the Idea of never getting in a situation where it wastes our time.

For instance, our Negativity towards boringness will make us attached to the Ideas of always being interesting and never boring to other people.

Thus by simply working on our Sufferings, the attachment to the Ego / Personality will naturally disappear and be resolved.

So instead of hating and trying to destroy the ego. Simply embrace it and use it to go deeper to release your attachments and suffering states of mind. Use it to discover what you cannot accept about yourself and others. The Personality is yours, and it it there to serve you on your journey of Self-Transformation rather than the other way round. Realize that from the higher perspective, the Ego / Personality is the role that we have created for ourselves so that we can experience being that role in this life. So use it to explore your life to the fullest, and work on the suffering states of the mind so that you can release your attachments to it to know even deeper the True You - The Self which is of Infinite Possibilities.

At The Idea Level

As The Seed Cause to all forms of Sufferings begin with Negative Ideas, let us look at the cause of the attachment towards the Ego / Personality from the perspective of Negative Ideas.

The Negative Ideas which can drive one to become attached to their personality are generally Ideas that begin with –

“I Should Be...”


  • “I should be popular”
  • “I should have heaps of money”
  • “I Should not be Selfish”
  • “I should not be taken advantage of”
  • “I should not be controlled”
  • “I should not waste my time”

A Catalyst that can be used here is to simply realize that these Self-Declarations are actually registered in the Deeper Mind as –

  • “I will not accept myself if I’m not popular”
  • “I will not accept myself if I don’t have heaps of money”
  • “I will not accept myself if I am Selfish”
  • “I will not accept The Self if I am taken advantage of”
  • “I will not accept The Self if I am being controlled”
  • “I will not accept The Self if my time is wasted”

The destination is to reach an understanding that there is no good or bad about the ego/personality. The importance is in what we do with it. Much like money which can be used for good or used to bad, we can use our personalities/ego to clash with one another each other or to inspire and motivate each other. It is only once we have released our attachment from our personality that we can begin to explore The Self in its Entirety.

Ever-Refining The Self

There is no need to become attached to our Personality which many of us may do, and as a result this can create a great deal of Suffering. It is by Knowing the Truth that the personality is impermanent that one can slowly release their attachment to their personality. And this will require one to accumulate the type of experiences in life which can ultimately teach us that our beliefs are ever in a process of change and ever-refinement.

For instance, if we look back in the past we will always realize how silly we were in our thinking before even though at the time we so believed that we were right. The wisdom learnt from such experiences is to always question the beliefs that we have become attached to as of this very moment because perhaps in the future we will realize just how silly we were. Our wisdom will always be in the process of becoming ever more refined, that is if we release our attachments to what we already know.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Instead of thinking about who you are, simply observe who you are.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Simply observe the Physical Sensations we experience throughout the Body Journey instead of thinking “How we should experience it.” Doing this will help one to develop the foundation to simply Accept the Truth rather than Imagining the Truth. This will help us to go beyond the realm of thinking and develop the Knowing of The Self as is.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and desires so that you can know the person behind the personality.

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