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7. Using Catalysts For Self-Transformation


Hi, I am Jonny John Liu.

In the last video, we have talked about how to transform the suffering states of mind so that we do not have to experience them again—It is by transforming the Negative Ideas into Potentiating Ideas, transforming the Ideas of (Self-Rejection) towards the Ideas of (Self-Acceptance).

Today we are looking at the ways to accelerate this process.

And that is through Catalysts.

Now what is a Catalyst?

A catalyst is something which can be used to accelerate a process.

Take for example, there's a heavy wheel lying flat on the ground. A person can spend their whole lifetime trying to push that stone towards their desired destination the wrong way. But when someone with a better knowledge of how to push that wheel comes along and shares his Knowledge with the person—to push the wheel upright—that is when the process will be accelerated.

With proper Knowledge, the person will be able to push that wheel towards his desired destination in much less time. Perhaps just a few years, instead a lifetime, with less energy wasted!

So Knowledge is a Catalyst because if you are given the right Knowledge, you will be able to use your energy wisely to transforming your sufferings.

These videos can be seen as catalysts, (showing) you the proper way to push that wheel of transformation.

Without proper Knowledge, we can spend our lifetime addressing our sufferings like trying to put candles by attacking the flames rather than extinguishing it from the wick.

You know, for (many) years I tried to address my anger and impatience my fears the wrong way. I simply tried to hide it, suppress it. At times I tried to let it blow up. It was only when I realized how to address my Sufferings properly, that my time and effort began to pay off.

Without Knowing where our fears and anger are really from, we can use a lot of effort and achieving no transformation.

Well, now that you know the Seed Cause of all your Sufferings are created by Negative Ideas, you at least have a grasp of where to begin to address the inner cause.

For instance, if someone said something to you and that made you angry, you can begin to question:

what are the Negative Ideas behind this experience?

Maybe you will find "It is not ok to be rude."And that will be your starting point.

And then you can Invert the Negative Idea into the Potentiated Ideas --> "It is ok to be rude."

And that will be your destination.

From "It is not ok to be rude" → "It is ok to be rude."

And this will give you an idea of the spiritual journey of Self-Acceptance you'll have to make to transform and release that particular Suffering.

And Stillness and Knowing will help you to discover the Negative Ideas and Transform them.

And to make that journey, you will meet many challenges outside and inside.

For instance, although you know that the journey is towards accepting the idea that it is ok to be rude, the mind, out of the habit of being so attached to the Negative Ideas, will experience a great confusion. 

"Why is it ok to be rude?"

"It's not ok to be rude!!!"

"how dare they speak to me like that!!!!"

And then most likely, you'll just abandon the journey.

And if you do, the mind will win again, and the Suffering will continue. That's how attachment repeats itself.

You will thus experience a lot of confusions and challenges (on your journey), which will slow down your progress.

Developing Stillness will help you because this will silence the mind from having pointless dialogues and allow you to develop the Knowing of the Negative Ideas and why they are there, leading to Wisdom and Transformation.

Knowing that people will experience confusion is also one of the reasons I created a website for this particular journey—The Path of Creator: The Path of Self Realization and Transformation.

There (here) I will put hundreds of articles to deal with particular sufferings. These will guide you out of your confusions, and you will learn what kind of techniques you can use and what kind of life experiences you can fill your life with to accelerate the process of Self-Transformation!

In the next video we will look at the summary at what we have covered for the last 7 videos.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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