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8. Summary For Self-Transformation


Hi I'm Jonny John

So, in the last seven videos, we have been talking about the importance of Happiness in life and the ways to create it, mainly, the ways to address the unhappiness within.

So, today let's summarize the main points covered in the last seven videos.

In the first video, we learnt that creating Happiness is important. That is our purpose in life, and we all know this deep down inside.

In the next video, we looked at the ways to accomplish that purpose. We learnt that there are two ways that we can create Happiness. The first way is to do the things or depend on a thing that make us happy. But this is only half the equation because this will only create Happiness which is temporary.

The second way to create Happiness is to address the unhappiness within so that we don't have to experience it again. This is about transforming sufferings— the Negative States of the mind which creates Unhappiness such as our fears, anger, impatience, and so forth. Creating Happiness this way, will create everlasting Happiness, Happiness which stays, Happiness which can be expanded.

And the ways to address the Suffering states of the mind became the main focus of the next videos.

We learnt that to make progress on that journey, we have to develop the Knowing of The Self, to know how our mind works.

And for the Knowing to happen, we need to develop Stillness.

Developing Stillness is about learning how to put the thinking aside and simply observe what is happening in the mind.

Stillness allows the mind to simply observe. That is how Knowing is developed—through the state of Observation rather than thinking, analysis, imagination.

And this will lead to Transformati because Stillness and Knowing will allow us to penetrate deep into the mind so that we can find the seed cause of our Sufferings and address it at the deepest level of the mind so we don't have to experience it again.

Then later, we learnt that the Seed Cause for all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas

Negative Ideas are the Ideas which promote Self-Rejection.

These can be said to be Self-Declarations which begin with it "Is not ok..."

For instance, "It is not ok to fail""It is not ok to be embarrassed", and so forth.

Negative Ideas can create Negative emotions, Negative thoughts, negative physical sensation, disease.

We learnt later that to transform our Sufferings, we have to go on the journey of releasing the attachment towards the Negative Ideas.

And the process of releasing attachment towards the Negative Ideas is the same as transforming the Negative Ideas into what it is—Which are Potentiating Ideas: Ideas which promote Self-Acceptance.

So, Self-Transformation can be said to be about developing Stillness, Knowing, the journey of developing Self-Acceptance.

And later, we learnt how to accelerate the process with Catalysts.

The Catalyst for Self-Transformation is Knowledge (and life experience), And you can find various catalysts on my website, which talks in more detail about how to address all forms of Sufferings so that we can release our fears, negativities, so we can live without limitations and in Happiness.

So in summary:

These 7 videos were created for those who wish to accomplish their greater purpose in life, which is to create greater Happiness.

We are all aware of the importance of creating Happiness.

And we will all start out by subconsciously or consciously doing things or depending on things which makes us happy—Maybe aim for the job which makes us happy, go out traveling or make new friends. This is great.

But time will eventually make us aware of the importance of addressing our unhappiness, our suffering states of mind as well because what we will eventually discover that without doing so, no matter how much Happiness we create on the outside, money, fame, relationships, power, we can still feel empty and unsatisfied on the inside if we do not address the suffering states of the mind.

That is why I made these videos because the unhappiness side of the equation is the side that most people are often confused about.

How to deal with a particular fear?

How to deal with stress of the mind?

Without a proper answer to these questions, the Sufferings will continue.

So these videos have been a bit technical as we have been talking about steps for the consciousness to undergo transformation.

The later videos will be simpler, and (more) relatable because I will be talking more transforming the mind in actual life situations.

If you are interested in the topic of The Self-Transformation, you can (use) my website

And I'll see you in the next video.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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