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Doing Your Best

"The more you try your best, the more your mind will respect you."


Defining Doing Your Best

Do you always try your best in everything you do in life?

In this article, we will explore how developing the mentality of always doing things wholeheartedly can accelerate one’s journey of Self-Transformation. 

Doing Your Best In Depth

Every day, there will always be things to do. 

These things can be small tasks such as brushing the teeth or making breakfast to tackling bigger things such as accomplishing tasks at work or achieving personal goals. The things we do in life can also include the acts of waiting, thinking, making choices, problem solving, and so forth. So, in a given day, there can be many things to do!

How we approach our daily tasks will always be determined by the habit patterns we have developed throughout the years, for instance, some people like to rush through things, some like to take their time, some will approach the tasks apathetically whilst others, enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. 

Through observing the way we approach things, we can develop an awareness of our desires, aversions, weaknesses, and strengths.

For instance, through observing our habit patterns, we can become aware of what makes us excited, bored, fearful, angry, and so forth, and also why we are always reacting in such a way.

And the best practice to developing such Self-Awareness is meditation. 

Meditation can help one to put their thinking mind aside so that they can simply observe the flow of their life and learn from what they discover rather than just being carried away by it. 

Sometimes, simply realizing one’s patterns can be enough to cause slight shifts in one’s beliefs, thus meditation is a great transformative tool and there are many free meditation practices you can find in the course page of this website.

The following questions can also be used to help one develop such self-awareness:

Do I usually rush through things just to reach the end of them?

Do I usually try to enjoy what I am doing or do I often feel that I am doing it out of expectation and obligation?

Do I usually put minimal effort into completing tasks or do I try to go above and beyond?

What are the negativities and fears I have when completing a task?

If you wish to develop greater happiness in life, then you need to become aware of your deeper desires and aversions.

But sometimes questioning our habit patterns for answers intellectually can end up as a guessing game that is why the practice of meditation is strongly suggested as one will be able to develop Self-Knowing from direct experience.

In addition, to accelerate your journey of Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation, you can also use the Catalyst of doing your best in everything you do, which is what we will now explore.

Path Of Creator

Doing Your Best In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Developing a mentality of always trying one’s best is a great catalyst to develop Self-Knowing and transform the mind because when you try your best all the time, all the hidden negativities and beliefs that are subconsciously preventing you from trying your best will slowly reveal themselves. 

For instance, by trying your best all the time, even when you do things that seem insignificant, the hidden states of impatience can reveal itself. Setting a condition to do your best will help you to properly assess whether you are rushing through things in life from the moments when you find yourself unable to slow down and properly do certain tasks.

For instance, by trying your best in accomplishing your goals, even when you are continuously failing, your self-doubt and self-judgement will slowly surface.

For instance, by trying your best when doing something meaningful to you, it can bring the deeper fears of failing even more. This is great because the more you allow yourself to experience the feelings of failing more vividly, the more opportunities you will be giving yourself to know and release this state of mind.

Also, by trying your best all the time, you will come to know your deeper desires. You will start to notice how doing some things can give you greater happiness even though your intellectual mind may think that you don’t like it.

So, by trying your best all the time, this catalyst can help you to discover many things about yourself and give you plenty of opportunities to uncover and challenge your negativities, fears so that you can transform your habit patterns. 

Realize that if you always do things by following your usual habit patterns, then it will be difficult for you to change because you will simply be repeating the same habit patterns again and again.

By trying your best all the time, you will be sending instructions to your mind to behave according to your will rather than the other way round; through the process, this will help you to uncover your habit patterns from the inner-resistance faced as you try to apply this catalyst, the inner-resistance being the moments when your mind is resisting against your desires to do your best.

So, whether it’s writing or reading a book, expressing yourself, completing a task at the workplace, making breakfast, there are plenty of opportunities everyday for you to use this catalyst. 

How to do your best

If you are confused as to how to do your best when faced with a particular task, you can try the following:

1. Try to be focused on what you are doing instead of thinking about something else.

2. Try to take your time with what you are doing rather than just rushing through with it.

3. When you are not succeeding at doing a particular task, instead of giving up, just keep on trying your best.

4. When you feel like it’s pointless to invest your time and effort into doing a task, just do it with the knowing that although you may not be rewarded with the desired outcome, at least you will be rewarded with opportunities for Self-Knowing and Self-transformation. 

Of course, you will always know in your heart whether you are trying your best in doing something or whether you are just doing it half-heartedly so you can just tune into your heart and ask yourself how to properly apply this catalyst. 

In conclusion, by doing our best in everything we do in life, we will be giving ourselves great opportunities for Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation.

This article was not written to talk about the correct way of thinking or doing things or whether we should invest time or effort into doing everything in life, but rather to simply make you aware that there is a catalyst that you can use right now if you wish to accelerate your journey of Self-Transformation.

The destination is towards discovering all our suffering states of mind and transforming them. This journey of Self-Transformation will take you to naturally be in the state of being Present in all moments, which will allow you to effortlessly live every moment of your life to the best of your abilities. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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