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"If you focus on too many things, you will no longer be focused!"


Defining Focus

To develop a focused mind is to develop the ability to stay on a task, a thought, an idea without the mind wandering off thinking about something else.

In short, it's about developing an unwavering mind, a Still mind, a mind that one is in control of.

Indeed, it can be difficult in our daily lives to "focus" only on one task at a time when there can be so many other things for us to worry about: the groceries, the social commitments, the deadlines we have to meet, the shortage of money, the desire for a partner, and so forth. When the mind is wandering all the time, one can end up doing bits of this and that and achieving only little results and much frustration and unhappiness. 

In this article, we will learn how to develop a focused mind so for not only greater productivity but also happiness.

Focus In Depth

A focused mind is a powerful mind.

The mind is like light; in its scattered form, it can disperse and reach many things, but it would lack intensity and power. The more focused it is, the more powerful and bright it will become, carrying even the potential to ignite all it touches.

The Mind works in the same way. Focus is what gives us power in the realm of consciousness. When the mind is focused, the mind is strong, carrying the potential to achieve any goals one desires.

How strong is your focus?

See how long you can stay in a task without thinking of doing something else.

See how long you can commit to one thing, or carry an intent in your mind.

See how long you can close your eyes without experiencing a thought!

It's only when one tries to remain focused for long periods of time that one can learn more about the nature of one's mind.  


Importance Of Addressing Un-focused Mind.

Let us look at some reasons to develop a focused mind.

When one's mind is wandering all the time, one can end up with half-completed projects. A Chinese proverb can be used to describe this: "only heads but no tails" 

When the mind is always in the state of wandering, it will come at the cost of one's mental and physical energy. Thus, the state of worrying, regretting, daydreaming can be very draining on one's energy, which can lead one to experience states of fatigue and lethargy, and if prolonged, poor health.

Do you often do many tasks at once instead of just focusing on one task?

An unfocused, wandering mind can also create states of depression. Realize that when the mind is cluttered with thoughts, it will no longer be able to appreciate the Present Moment as Is. In fact, with an unfocused mind, every experience can seem clouded, dark, boring, and worthless.

A Wandering Mind can also affect one's quality of sleep.

How hard is it to sleep when the mind is constantly chatting away, right inside you?

It is by developing Focus that one can gain back power and clarity in one’s Life. If you often experience states of confusion, slow reaction times, difficulty in understanding what is going on around you or the conversations you have with people, the cause may be a wandering mind—a mind that is thinking too much.

Developing a focused mind will help you to stay in the Present Moment, preventing the wandering thoughts and emotions from making you underreact and overreact to your experiences in life.

Path Of Creator

Focus In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Creating greater happiness is a journey. And the more one can focus on one's destination, the straighter and faster that journey will be; without focus, one can end up wandering around in circles and getting nowhere!

Thus, if one wishes to accelerate their journey towards greater happiness, developing a a focused mind will be extremely helpful.

There are many things that one can do to develop a focused mind: to simply focus on one thing at a time, to not fill their days up to the brim with activities to do, take on less work and responsibilities, learn how to rest and take breaks, don't have too many windows open on their computer, to not rush in life, to try to enjoy what they are doing in front of them rather than seeing it as a problem, and so forth.

The list of things one can do in life to develop a focused mind is plenty. But the most effective way will be to practice meditation as it will help one learn how to remain focused on the Present Moment and to learn about the nature of one's mind.

On the journey of developing a focused mind, one will gradually realize that an Unfocused Mind is actually a Suffering State of Mind. Because once one has tasted the joyous and peaceful moments of Stillness, one will realize that any state of the mind that is without Stillness is a suffering one.

And the deeper one progresses on their journey, the more one will realize the cause for their unfocused mind, which are the suffering states of the mind!

What one will eventually discover is that that the mind will tend to wander when one is experiencing some form of unhappiness: fear, pain, negativities, and so forth. The mind wanders to reject the Present Moment as a way to escape the suffering.

Thus, by working on Transforming one's suffering states of mind, the issues of an unfocused mind will naturally resolve themselves. Because when the mind is without suffering, the mind will be naturally remain focused on the present moment. 

If one wishes to learn how to transform the suffering mind, one can see the Catalyst - Transforming The Negative Ideas for more detail.

The destination is towards liberating oneself from their suffering states of the mind so that the one can joyfully remain focused in the present moment without any reasons to escape it!


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When one has a highly unfocused mind, one can face many confusions on one's journey of developing focus.

A common question one may encounter is—“What to focus?” when one is doing a particular task. 

"Should I focus on what I am doing and ignoring everything else?"

"Should I only focus on the Present moment and not the Future?"

"How long should I remain in this focus for?"

A tip is to just try one's best rather than questioning whether one is doing something right or wrong.

The best thing to do is to just take things easy and focus on one task at a time. If the mind wanders, it wanders. It simply means that you currently have an unfocused mind. It's like, no matter how well one tries to balance themselves walking on a tightrope, if one's balance is not good enough, one will keep falling. Thus instead of questioning whether one's balancing oneself properly, one can simply work on improving one's balance.

So, simply try your best to teach the mind to be focused throughout the day. The practice of meditation is the most efficient at doing this so try meditation today! And with time as you develop focus through your life and meditation practices, the ability to focus will naturally come to you.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

In the Creator's Meditation, you may experience wandering thoughts when you are doing the body journey.

Use this experience as an opportunity to develop more focus. The more you can maintain Stillness in the pracctice, the more you are learning to be focused.

The more you pull yourself back into Stillness when your mind wanders off, the more you are learning to be focused.

The more you learn to not dwell in your reactions and emotions, simply letting them come and go, the more you are learning to be focused.

So, you'll find many opportunities in the Creator's Meditation to develop a more focused mind!

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop greater focus and clarity of the mind. In these 22 days you will learn how to be Still, and focused through the practice of Vipassana Meditation. And what you practice in meditation will eventually flow into your daily life

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