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"The Heart teaches no laws, but rather the nature of Unconditional Love. "


Defining Authority

Some of us can experience an unpleasant feeling of fear and discomfort when we see a figure of authority i.e. a policeman, a teacher, boss, a legal setting and so forth.

On the surface it may appear that we are in fear of the authority because they have the power to prosecute us thus making them appear “higher” than us.

But if we have done nothing wrong then why would we still experience the fear?

Let us look at the fear of authority in depth to see where the fear is really coming from.

Authority In Depth

As we look deeper into the consciousness to understand how the deeper mind registers the Idea of an authority, what we will come across on our journey are the themes of the ideas of Right and Wrong. Because it is from the attachment to these Ideas that creates the fear of the authority.

The Ideas of Right and Wrong has been instilled in our mind since the beginning of time. From a psychological point of view the Ideas of right and wrong can be said to have come mostly from our parents - been our earliest authority figures.

More ideas would have later been introduced into our life by other people who such as our friends, our teachers, our bosses and so forth. Through them we would have enforced and refined the Ideas of right and wrong.

The fear of authority can be deeper in those who have been judged heavily in life - whether it is from this life or previous lives. As one uncovers the workings of the mind, one will realize is that the fears of authority was already there before birth, and the experiences that one went through in life simply have brought them out into light.

Let us explore the cause of attachments to these Ideas so that we can properly address the fear.


Importance Of Addressing Authority

Remember that to address the fear of authority, the focus is on addressing the "State" rather than the "Action."

Thus to address the fear is not about breaking all rules in life or to ignore and see that all laws are wrong and bad but rather it is about addressing the experience of that state of fear towards authority figures.

As with all Suffering States of Mind, to address the fear we first have to have the intention of addressing it so let us look at the negative impacts the Fear can have in our life and happiness.

Negative Impacts

The Fear of authority can make one feel guilty when they don’t follow the rules or when they accidently break a rule.

It can also make one regret having done something that did not produce a “correct” result.

Are you often extremly critical of yourself in doing things exactly right and fear doing them wrong?

The Fear of authority can also create unhealthy relationships. It can make one feel inferior or imperfect when there is a more “authoritive” or "powerful" person standing in front of them.

In terms of Creativity, there will also be an impediment in one's Creativity as one will be in fear from being too unique and original from the norm.

Also, it can produce great fears of expressing one’s own opinion/disagreement with others especially in situations where the authority i.e. a boss has done something unjust.

The fear of authority can also drive one to enforce what is “right and wrong” onto others. This can lead to the "Control" of other Selves. See Catalyst - Control.

Do you often feel angered when someone has not done something exact to the rules?

When one is so focused on following laws and regulations one can also forget to listen to their “heart” and become stuck in the analytical / intellectual thoughts of the mind.

Path Of Creator

Authority In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about creating greater happiness in our lives.

And to create greater happiness all forms of fears must be addressed.

So let us look at the various ways we can address the fear of authority.

At The Idea Level

The Seed Cause to all forms of Sufferings including our fears will always recede to Negative Ideas – Ideas which promote the rejection of The Self.

The reason why one has a fear of prosecution is because one has become attached to the Negative Ideas in the Mind. And these Negative Ideas in particular will all share the same theme.

“It is not ok to be wrong”


“"It is not ok to love oneself more than others"

“"It is not ok to not fulfil the dream of our parents"

“"It is not ok to disobey any orders given by authorities"

“"It is not ok to do things differently"


The Negative Ideas will then manifest as Fears in the Self because it is “not ok” to do certain things and likewise The Self will also reject Other Selves when they do something wrong because it is “not ok.” So the fear is of being judged by others is simply the reflection of how we judge The Self.

To release oneself from the attachment to the Negative Ideas will require one to understand that the Fears will continue to be sustained the more one negatively judges oneself/others when The Self (including Other Selves) have done something wrong. Because doing such will only fuel the attachment towards the Negative Idea.

Thus to transform and release such Idea will require one to develop Self-Acceptance. And this means to develop compassion/forgiveness towards oneself and others when one has done something wrong.

Often it can take The Self many years of experience to realize that right and wrong are just Ideas which are unique to each mind. Once The Self reaches the realization that the ideas of right and wrong are never absolute and ever changing, one can then begin to release their attachment towards Ideas created by Others and oneself and go forward in discovering what they truly believe is right and wrong from their own heart. Because it is there where the deeper law of the Universe lies - Unconditional Love.

Whether to Punish or to Cherish oneself or others will thus be the dark questions that one will have to illuminate in one's journey in releasing their fears of authority. And the key to illumination will be to develop Self-Acceptance.

The Path to release the fear thus can be a challenging and dark one. Because to progress, one will have to learn to let go of one’s attachment to the Ideas of Right and Wrong and this can create a sense of losing the Self.

This experience is perfectly natural because as one releases the attachment towards the Ideas of Right and Wrong one will finally give oneself the opportunity to finally question one’s own beliefs of what is right and wrong from the heart rather than from just the mind – and because one has never asked the question in this way it will take some time for one to develop Self-Knowing. The Heart will always help one to question The Self with "Who Am I?" rather than "Who I Should Be?" So the more one can connect with their hearts the easier it will be to make progress on refining the Self-Knowing and dispelling the confusion from within.

Let us look at one of the possible Negative Ideas that are deeply connected with the Fear of Authority to see various ways we can direct Acceptance to release our attachment towards the Negative Ideas.

"It is not ok to not follow rules"

The following is the positive declaration.

"It is ok to not follow rules"

The transition towards the positive declaration can begin through the greater acceptance of other "law-breakers" at the level of the mind and this will help The Self release their grip on the ideas of right and wrong.

Acceptance here is described as a State, thus it is about accepting others for who they are on the level at the level of the state of mind. What one chooses to do at the “Action” level will always be based on one’s own choice.

Remember we are trying to develop Happiness within, rather than to develop a "Perfect Action."

So releasing the fear of prosecution is not about becoming a “law breaker.” Realize that every action we make will always have a consequence whether it is at the level of the action or at the level of the state of mind. The focus here is on addressing the negative state of the mind, the negative judgement we have towards ourselves and others - the focus is in developing unconditional love.

To transform and release the fear can thus be understood as more more about becoming enlightened to the fact that if other people can have their own ideas of right and wrong then why can we not accept that it's ok for us to have our own as well. As one develop acceptance towards the part of The Self which one cannot accept then one will be able to gradually develop Self-Belief and live and act as honestly as one can to reflect who they really are.

For the mind which carries the positive declaration, the person will be able to accept other people’s ideas of right and wrong and also one’s ideas of right and wrong. The Self without the fear of authority will have the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to follow rules and ideas set by others - basically to live and make choices not out of fear but out of wisdom.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When experiencing a sense of unease in front of an authority simply realize that one is currently experiencing a state of fear whether or not that is subtle or intense. Then simply ask yourself the question, "What is it that I am in fear of?" "What is not ok?" to develop the Knowing.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Developing Stillness through meditation will help one greatly to see through the fear of what one is fearing when confronted by an authority. Without Stillness, one can simply over-react and thus no Self-Knowing is developed.

Know and Transform The Self!

The more forgiving we are towards others, the less fears we will experience in others punishing us.

Try the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and others in a powerful way to create greater happiness within.

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