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"People will criticize you as much as you criticize yourself and others"


Defining Judgement

Judgement is the state of mind when we are declaring that there are imperfections / faults in The Self.

Judgement can be directed both ways – inwards and outwards.

This article is about addressing the suffering states of mind concerning judgement and how one can release oneself from the suffering states of mind.

Judgement In Depth

Judgement is often seen as an action – i.e. when someone is pointing their finger at something and commenting on how ugly it is.

Judgement is neither good nor bad when it is not driven by the suffering state of the mind. In fact it is quite natural to develop preferences towards certain things i.e. "I like this more than the other." This is because everyone will all think differently about one thing and will always have different taste and preferences towards different things in life. Thus it is natural for one to judge, i.e. to say that an apple tastes better than a lemon or vice versa.

Judgement however is destructive to the mind when there is negativity driving it.

I.e. when one internally hates the lemon for being bitter, or negatively cursing at the sun for being hot.

This article is is about addressing the Suffering States of Mind that can drive one to judge in a negative way.


Importance Of Addressing Issues Of Judgement

It is important to address the suffering states of judgement because it can limit our experience of happiness and our sense of self-worth.

Judgement can also cause one to criticise and reject certain personalities, certain appearances, habits, cultures and so forth.

When one rejects The Self – whether that judgement is directed outwards to Other Selves or inwards to Oneself it will all bring a great deal of suffering, unhappiness, depression and especially limitations in life.

When one is constantly judging, it will be hard for one to truly realize any beauty that is right in front of them. Thus life may appear ugly, grim and imperfect.

Judgement can also cloud our Judgement. It is only when Judgement is released that we can see all things with clarity i.e. for what it is. For instance, when we judge a person based on their appearance we are simply just believing the illusionary truth in which our imagination has led us to believe. It is by taking the step forward to get to Know them that we can develop the Knowing of that person for who they really are. Perhaps they may be not as bad as we had imagined.

Path Of Creator

Judgement In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about developing greater happiness in our lives. We can never be happy as long as we experience negativity in the mind.

As The Seed Cause for all forms of Sufferings will all recede back to Negative Ideas, let us look at the relationship between Negative Ideas and Judgement.

At The Idea Level

Judgement is the manifestation of a Negative Idea that we have become attached to in the consciousness.


“It is not ok to be fat” “It is not ok to be loud” “It is not ok to be arrogant.”

Thus when we discover these traits in Other Selves or Ourselves we will experience the Negative Judging State of Mind.

And conversely, we will judge ourselves in the same way when we find ourselves with the negative traits as well. Realize that the Deeper Mind only registers One Self.

See Catalyst – Self.

To Transform and release oneself out of the Negative Idea thus will require one to first understand this very nature of the Deeper Mind – that when we reject others, we are in fact rejecting ourselves and that when we reject ourselves we are actually rejecting others.

Thus judgement towards Other Selves will only be sustained if one continues to judge oneself even though one has tried their best to not judge others and vice versa.

Thus to truly transform and release Judgement, one has to develop compassion/Self-Acceptance not just in one direction but also both ways.

It will thus be a spiritual journey full of lessons about Acceptance.

And to discover the spiritual lessons one can catalyze the Knowing by developing Stillness within so that one can simply observe the Deeper Mind when one experiences a Negative State of Judgement rather than simply reacting to it – because when we allow the negative reactions of judgement to overcome us we will fall into the illusion that it is necessary to continue reacting to it rather than simply letting it go.

What one will realize on this journey is that as one releases more and more judgement of oneself, one will be able to accept others more and more for who they are and vice versa.

Within time one will become more and more aware that other people are not really “ugly/bad” but rather they are “ugly/bad” because of our negative perception of who they are.

Thus the more one works on judgement, the more one will begin to see the beauty in others not only on the inside but also on the outside. People who used to look unattractive will gradually become more attractive on the inside and outside.

The destination is towards a Mind which is All-Accepting, a mind which is full of Peace and Stillness. This does not mean that The Self will no longer have preferences for what they like and dislike, but rather to allow their preferences to come from a point of Wisdom and Clarity rather than Fear and Negativity.

Catalysts for stilling the mind from Judgement

When we find ourselves having a Negative Experience from judging others i.e. from being frustrated at their flaws, from cringing at their stupidity and so forth, simply realize that if we look hard enough we can always find things we do not like about someone. And likewise, realize that if we look hard enough we can always find things we like as well. The question here is then “Why are we always allowing our judgement to take us to see the Negative Side of Others?”


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Every time you find yourself judging something i.e. liking or disliking something, observe the Inner World and ask yourself the question,

“Am I experiencing any Negativities?”

This will help one to develop the Knowing of whether or not there are Negative Ideas driving the experience.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

The Practice Of Meditation is an opportunity for one to simply observe oneself for a duration of time. And during that period the themes of Self-Judgement will surface – i.e. it may come from one’s criticism against oneself when one wanders off in the mind rather than being present, it may come from one’s judgement towards oneself when one fails to go through the whole practice by stopping the practice half-way and so forth

To Transform and Release Judgement in the meditation, one can simply observe everything as is without reacting and seeing it in a negative light. What happens happens. This is how we develop Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion at the deeper level of the mind and this will naturally allow us to release any issues to do with judgement.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and others in a powerful way to create greater happiness within.

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