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"Confrontation without negativities is simply the sharing of honest thoughts"


Defining Confrontation

Confrontation is about bringing someone’s attention to the fact that they have been doing something something wrong.

In this article, we will look at the negative states of mind that one can experience when confronting someone and how to use the experience to uncover the spiritual lessons waiting to be discovered from within.

Confrontation In Depth

This article is not about debating whether or not being confrontational is right or wrong. It is simply about addressing the negative states of mind experienced when confronting someone.

For some, it can be easy to confront someone when someone else is wrong. For some it can be difficult, because it can bring out suffering states of the mind such as anger and fear from within. The focus of transforming the mind will always be in uncovering the negativities within so that one can work on it and experience greater happiness in life. And through the act of confronting someone, one can actually use it as a catalyst to accelerate self-transformation through uncovering the negativities within.


Importance Of Addressing Confrontation

It is important to address the negative states of mind experienced when one is in the act of confronting someone, because when one carries such negative states when confronting someone it can raise the possibility of confusion and argument.

Usually when there are no negativity experienced, The Self can clearly express themselves to the Others about a situation or a problem and this can help others to learn. however when there are negativities experienced in the act of confrontation then this negativity can turn the situation into a judgemental and confrontational one which can bring unhappiness to both sides.

Often we do not realize the subconscious negativities we have until we put ourselves in situations where we have to confront people. For instance, fears of being rejected by others, fears of expressing ourselves honestly, fears of hurting others can surface through the act of confronting someone. It's good to bring these suffering states of mind out into the light so one can become more aware of the cause and the hidden trauma that is waiting to be healed inside.

Negative Ideas ( The Seed Cause for the Suffering States of the mind) can be discovered through observing oneself when there is a desire to confront someone. For instance, the desire to confront others may be driven by our negativity towards other selves, i.e. the Negative Idea “it is not ok to be lazy” can make us confront others when they are lazy or just then they are just taking a break.

Issues to do with confrontation can also be driven by a lack of outward trust or inward trust i.e. because one lacks trust with oneself enough to win the argument with the other person, or one lacks trust in the ability of the other person to understand the situation.

So it's important to address the negativities within such as our fears and anger so that we can express to the other selves clearly and without judgement. When negativities are present, it will be difficult to do so without the other person sensing the negativities within us and this will create a barrier for clear communication.

Path Of Creator

Confrontation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins by understanding that it is ok to be confrontational for you are the Creator of your life and you will always have the free-will to choose how to express yourself. The journey of Self-Transformation is about uncovering the negativities of the mind when one is in the act of confrontation so that it can be brought out into the light for us to transform them. The destination thus is not about becoming a confrontational person but rather than to develop Acceptance of The Self – to accept that it is ok to confront others when we feel the need to. Thus it is about becoming a Clear Self, an honest Self and naturally the more one develops Self-Acceptance one will be able to express themselves clearly without negativities and judgement. When there are negativities within, chaos and confusion will arise and clear communication will undoubtedly fail.

So once the negativities have been released then the choice whether or not to confront others will no longer be decided by our negativities or fears but rather by our wisdom of whether or not it will be a beneficial thing to do. So instead of confronting others out of the desire to reject selves that are doing wrong things, the mind will move naturally to a state of mind where the desire is to help others to know the right way of doing things. Naturally this transition will happen through simply working on our own negativities of the mind.

Usually the journey is accelerated when one works on the specific negativities to do with control, anger, and trust. The more one develops Self-Confidence and support for oneself, the less one will experience the negative states of the mind to do with confrontation.

These catalysts can be found in the website.

One way to accelerate the process of transforming the negativities within is to go towards people who often confront others to learn from them. Learning from them simply means the learning of Self-Acceptance. Learn from them the way in which they accept themselves when they confront others. Learn also how to accept them for who they are when they confront you. In doing so, one will learn how to accept oneself when one needs to share an idea that may conflict with others'. In doing so, one will learn how to develop compassion and forgiveness for The Self through the process.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Everytime you are about to confront someone about doing something wrong, observe within for any negativities or fears that arise. These will give you clues about the work that you will have to do to transform yourself

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Every time you experience wandering thoughts to do with confrontation, just pull yourself out of the negative state of mind as quickly as possible and re-focus on the body journey. Doing this will help you to develop the ability to pull yourself back into the state of Stillness and Observation when you experience negativities in moments of confrontation in life.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and others in a powerful way to create greater happiness within.

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