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Being In Control

"Learn to master your mind!"


Defining Being In Control

Being in control is about learning to be the master of the mind, i.e. to be the master of our emotions rather than let our emotions get the best of us, to be the master of our physical desires rather than let our primal urges drive us.

It's only when one has mastered their minds, one can see beyond the superficial desires of the surface thoughts and emotions and become aware of the deeper desires of one's heart, which is the desire to love and be loved unconditionally. 

The more one becomes aware of this deep desire and work towards it, the more one will experience greater happiness.

Realize that when one cannot control their thoughts and emotions, it can be a frustrating and suffering experience. 

This article will explore the ways to master the mind so that one can experience greater joy in their life.

Being In Control In Depth

Learning to be in control is about learning to maintain a peaceful mind, or more precisely, to reach a state of mind so that it is still all the time.

When the mind is chaotic, one will experience wandering thoughts and fluctuating emotions. Such a state can only bring unpleasant experiences. 

When the mind is Still, one will be able to see the world with greater peace and clarity; it is a state of contentment and wisdom.

To master the mind will require one to learn to Still the Mind, or in other words, to ground the mind so that one can be in the Present moment.

Mastering the mind is not so much about forcing the mind into submission. It's not about using the practice of meditation repeatedly whenever the mind is chaotic so that one can experience Stillness. It's not also about escaping experiences that can bring chaos to the mind so that one's inner peace is not disturbed.

Although doing these things can help one on the journey, to attain true Stillness of the mind, true mastery of the mind, will require one to go on a journey of finding the deeper causes as to why there is a lack of control of one's mind in the first place and addressing the inner chaos it at the root.

The practice of meditation is what will be required on the journey of Self-Mastery. Because through the practice, all the inner chaos can be brought out, and through learning to be Still during the chaotic moments of meditation, one will be able to know the cause of one's Unstillness.

Initially on the journey, however, one will indeed feel like one's trying to forcefully control the mind, and the practice of meditation can feel mechanical at times. But as one continues to practice meditation, one will gradually learn more and more about how one's mind works, and why it works in such a way, allowing one to see the deeper causes for the chaos that is within.

A tip here is to carry the intention to Know the Self when one practicces meditation rather than carrying the intention to destroy the chaos within. The chaos will eventually be resolved the more one develops Self-Knowing, so it's best to focus on this particular goal. This is how one can naturally become a master of one's own mind, rather than becoming one that has learnt to be masterful at controlling one's mind. 

Path Of Creator

Being In Control In Relation To The Path Of Creator

We are the Mind.

So, naturally we should be the master of our own minds. It is our mind afterall!

But why is it that our mind can refuse to listen to us?

Why can't we control our thoughts?

Why can't we control our emotions?

Why is the world inside chaotic?

The reason can be simple. 

We have just been making chaotic choices in life.

Instead of desiring to Still the Mind, we have been making the choices to react all the time, filling the mind with stimulating activities, thoughts, worries, and so forth, without allowing it time to rest.

When was the last time when you chose not to do or think about anything?

As our minds have become used to being chaotic all the time, it will require some time for one to regain back control because like a car that has been speeding for a lifetime, it will take some effort for it to slow down to a stop. 

So, from this perspective, one can realize that mastering our mind is not something unnatural. We should have been the masters of our mind all this time. So by mastering the mind, we are simply coming back to our most natural state of being.

It's important to master our mind because when we are not in control of our Emotions/Thoughts, we can lose our powers of being the Creator of our lives.

Instead of making choices out of clarity, we can end up being pushed to make choices out of our chaotic, negative states of the mind, i.e. driven by our fears, anger, impatience instead of acting out of wisdom and clarity.

How challenging has it become to not procrastinate? 

How difficult it has become to forgive when we are angry? 

To be happy when we have nothing? 

To not judge others?

To not judge ourselves?

It is only when we start to look at the way our reactions have been driving our lives, we realize just how little control we have at making decisions without being swayed by them.

So, it's important to "try" to be in control, even if it can feel a bit mechanical at first. By the act of "trying" we are learning how to regain back control of our mind. And the best way to develop control is to simply be Still, choosing to be Still all the time. The practice of meditation will help you to practice Stillness so that you can regain back your powers as the Creator of your life.

To develop greater Stillness and Mastery of the mind, one can also work on their suffering states of the mind—because that is where all the chaos really is coming from. 

How can your mind be chaotic if you are without fears, cravings—Negativities?

So, once the suffering states of the mind are transformed and released, the issues of having a lack of control over the mind will be addressed.

 This is how one can completely master their mind.

The journey is to reach a state of mind where one can live and enjoy the Present Moment.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

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