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"The beauty of suffering is not to dwell in it, but to overcome it."


Defining Sufferings

To become happier is to become less unhappy.

The journey towards greater happiness thus is a journey of addressing the Suffering states of mind.

But for the suffering states of mind to be addressed, first has to first become aware of them. The more one can understand what the Suffering states of Mind are, the easier for one to become aware of them.

So, what is Suffering?

The more one approaches the definition of Suffering with a simple mind, the easier it will be to understand it. 

Simply speaking then, Suffering is the state of unhappiness.

It's that simple.

Realize that it does not matter whether that Unhappiness is big or small, as long as unhappiness is being experienced, even if it is as subtle as dust falling on the skin or a boulder rolling against our backs, we are suffering.

So, if you are slightly unhappy, you are suffering.

If you are severely depressed, you are suffering.

Often, most people would only see unhappiness in the severe form as Suffering. But it's important to accept that Unhappiness in its subtler forms is suffering as well because it will help one to become more aware of all their suffering states of mind, helping one to address their unhappiness in its entirety. 

Once one understands what Suffering is, one can then gradually become aware of how one is suffering in every moment. 

Yes, in every moment we can be suffering. And this can be the reality for a lot of people! 

Now, let us explore the different types of Suffering so that we can understand it more.

Sufferings are our Negativities

As Suffering is the state of Unhappiness, let us look at some different states of unhappiness one can experience in life.

We can understand the states of unhappiness as the Negative States of the Mind, i.e. the Negative Thoughts and Emotions—Our Negative Reactions. 

These can include the states of impatience, anger, fears, negative judgement, jealousy, loneliness, just to name a few. 

Whenever we experience Negative Physical Sensations such as the hands sweating, a pounding heart—basically any stress and discomfort—we are also "Suffering".

Realize that our Negative Reactions within will always be accompanied by the Negative Physical Sensations on the body. This is because the Mind and Body are interconnected.

However, depending on where one places their awareness during a suffering experience, one may only be aware of either one's reactions or body sensations, or even none of these if one istoo focused on the suffering experience in the world outside.

Suffering In Depth

Outer and Inner Situation

Let us clarify the definition of Suffering even more.

In life, it is common for people to define their happiness and unhappiness through what they have on the outside. 

For example, one may conclude that a man is suffering because he is poor.

One might say an actor is happy because of her fame.

One may perhaps feel that a person is unhappy because he is surrounded by rude people. 

Indeed, the Outer Situations we face in life can sometimes make us Suffer. 

But whether or not we are "Suffering" will always be determined by how we react, perceive the outer experience from the inside.

Realize that without Knowing the Internal State of someone, we will never be able to truly know whether or not that person is suffering.

Perhaps a man can be happy without money. Perhaps a person can find rude people funny. Perhaps, a famous actor is depressed because he's constantly thinking about being judged by the public. 

Thus, Suffering doesn't really exist outside. It is a state of mind, an experience within, so whether an experience is suffering or not will always be determined by our Perception of the experience.

To truly discover our Sufferings then, we have to make a journey inwards into ourselves to understand how we often react and perceive our everyday life experiences. 

It is important to Know that Sufferings comes from our Perception/Reactions because without Knowing this, we can easily point our fingers outwards at whatever we see as the cause of our Sufferings. But realize that life experiences are as innocent as the sun shining in the sky. Some people like the sun; some just don't.

Thus Suffering is not determined by how beautiful or atrocious your life may look on the outside, but rather how you are experiencing the world on the inside.

The more one realizes this truth, the more one will realize that no matter how one showers themselves with "happy things" on the outside, i.e. addressing one's loneliness with entertainment and social distractions, it will never reach the root cause of one's unhappiness, which comes from inside.

So if one wishes to address their Sufferings, one must journey inwards, to know more about their reactions rather than just focusing on their actions.

We can often lie through our actions so it's a less reliable source for Self-Knowing. One can always smile whilst frowning on the inside.

The reactions within will always present the Self in the undisguised state. That is why the practice of meditation can be so helpful for one to discover themselves, especially their Sufferings because as soon as one closes their senses to the world outside, one will begin to experience the reactions bubbling in the world inside, revealing to one their deeper emotions and thoughts—their Rawest Self,

Suffering as moments

Suffering can also last as long as a flashing moment or a lifetime. Remember, as long as one is unhappy, no matter how long, one is suffering! 

Unawareness of our Sufferings

There are many reasons why one may lack awareness of their Sufferings.

Let us look at some of the reasons.

One reason is that we are always focusing our attention on the world outside. This is perfectly natural because that's what our eyes are designed to do—to look outwards!

So, it's can be easy to be distracted by the happenings of the world outside and ignore what is happening in the world inside, the inner world of The Self.

When there is a lack of Self-Awareness, it can be difficult for one to accept that one is suffering inside. Thus, the suffering is ignroed and left unaddressed.

Another reason why it can be difficult to be aware of our sufferings is due to the nature of the Suffering Experience itself.

The experience of suffering can be elusive. It is there but not quite there. For instance, you may carry a lot of Anger and Fears but you will never quite realize it until a life experience brings it out into the light. 

So, just because a person locks himself in his house away, safe from the horrible experiences in life, doesn't mean that he is not suffering. Because deep down inside, there may be suffering states of mind waiting to be discovered. Until he opens the door and allows the world to bombard him with life experiences, he will never know!

That is why life experiences are so precious! Without them, one can never know the deeper negativities that are brimming inside, preventing one from experiencing greater happiness.

The practice of meditation is great because through the practice, one can directly experience what is happening in the world inside and uncover their suffering states of mind. And when coupled with life experiences, the journey of Self-Discovery will be accelerated.

The point of Knowing one's Suffering is so that one can address it. Yes, all suffering states of mind can be released, entirely, so that one does not have to experience them again.

Some people may believe that if one is born with fear, anger issues, impatience, and so forth, one will have to live with it for the rest of one's life. But this belief is far away from the truth.

All suffering states of the mind can be transformed and released! It just requires persistence and effort, to know and work on Oneself!

Path Of Creator

Sufferings In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about Creating Happiness— Everlasting Happiness.

Realize that we can never truly experience Happiness as long as we are experiencing Suffering.

How can you truly be happy if you are impatient?

How can you truly be happy if you are always judging yourself and others Negatively?

To be happy, we have to transform and release our sufferings.

But to do that, we need to first discover them.

That is why it is important to develop Self-Knowing.

As covered in Chapter V - Discovering The Sufferings, we have come to Know that the seed cause of all forms of Sufferings is the Negative Ideas—Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self.

To the deeper mind, all forms of Sufferings whether it is the Fear of heights, the Fear of certain situations, the Negative States of Anger, Anxieties, Impatience, Judgement, and so forth are simply the states of Self-Rejection.

On your journey of getting to know your Sufferings, you will slowly realize that Suffering is really the experience of Self-Rejection.

So yes, Self-Rejection, like an apple can be experienced in various ways and through different angles, that is why there are so many names for Suffering, which really is the state of Self-Rejection.

But at the end of the day, Suffering is Suffering no matter what different kinds of names they may have.

If you are unhappy, then the mind is in the state of Suffering, in the state of Self-Rejection!

And on your journey of discovering your Sufferings, you will slowly realize why the state of Self-Rejection is the state o f Suffering. You will slowly realize that to the deeper mind, there is only One Self. Thus whatever you reject in life, in others, and in yourself, you are simply rejecting yourself, and this will create suffering because there is no greater pain than to Reject The Self!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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