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"You may be a professor of everything. But how much do you know about yourself?"


Defining Knowing

The Knowledge that one has of themselves is the most powerful thing one can have because Self-knowing has the Power to Transform the Mind.

So if one wishes to be happy, to release all things that limit their ability to experience life to their fullest, i.e. to release their fears and negativities, Self-Knowing will grant one the power to fulfil one's innermost desires!

Knowing In Depth

When we develop Self-Knowing, it's not just about developing the Knowing of what we do not know about ourselves. It is also about deepening the Knowing of what we already know.

Realize that Self-Knowing will come to you in degrees—The Deeper you develop Self-Knowing, the more Transformative it will be.

Let expand Self-Knowing into varying degrees to explore it deeper

The Degrees Of Self-Knowing

Unexperienced Knowledge

Let us examine Self-Knowing at the surface level. 

Suppose we want to know what an apple is. Let us look at how one can develop the Knowing of an apple. 

1. Imagining / Book Knowledge

We can learn about the apple through the act of imagining, hearing, reading about it. Without experiencing it, onewill only know the apple at the surface level. 

Experienced Knowledge

2. Experiencing 

Once we have seen the apple, touched it, or even taken a bite of it, we will have gained some experienced knowledge about the apple. This is when the Knowing of an apple begins to develop even deeper. The more we experience the apple, the more we can develop that Knowing.

3. Relating

After experiencing the apple, we can also deepen the Knowing by experiencing "what is not an apple."

For instance, by tasting a sour lemon or a sweet juicy orange, it can help us to deepen the Knowing of what we already know about the apple through our experiences. 

4. Realizing 

We can develop the Knowing even deeper by learning how an apple is Created. By harnessing this knowledge, we can learn ways to grow the apple in various ways. In other words, we can become the Creator of the apple. 

5. Enlightenment 

Enlightenment is when one realizes why the Apple is there in the first place. Essentially, this is about knowing the purpose and origin of the apple. The Knowing of its existence. Why was it created? 


These are just some examples of how the degrees of Self-Knowing can be scaled, which can help one to understand about the journey of Self-Knowing.

Path Of Creator

Knowing In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Through your life journey, you will have learnt many things. You would have spent much time in school learning about various subjects to pass exams, in your spare time at home learning about subjects that interest you, or in University learning about what to do for your future career.

But throughout your life, how much time have you put into learning about yourself? 

It's only when we look back at our lives that we realize just how little time we have spent learning about ourselves.

When there is a lack of Self-Knowing, we will lack the knowledge of why we are unhappy, why we have fears, stress, diseases—why we are suffering.

If everyone spends time to know themselves, there wouldn't be a need for psychologists or doctors to exist.

The world has demands for these kinds of occupations because of the lack of Knowing people have of themselves. Without Self-Knowing, it's impossible for one to diagnose and heal themselves.

In an ideal world where true happiness was the goal, Self-Knowing would be encouraged. But unfortunately, we don't live in such a world. When was the last time you saw a poster that encourages people to know themselves, to meditate?

Thus the journey towards greater happiness will require the learning of Self-Responsibility.

How does developing Self-Knowing help with addressing the "problems" of the mind?

First, let us define the word "problem". 

The word problem is simply defined here as the experience of unhappiness (without the connotation that something is unworthy of love). Because if something can give you happiness without suffering, then that certainly is not a problem! But if there is something that makes you unhappy, then that is certainly something that needs to be addressed! 

So what do we need to address if we wish to be happy?

We need to address the Suffering states of the mind. For instance, our fears, our anger, our impatience—whatever beliefs or negativities we are carring that is making us unhappy.

But to do so will require one to become aware of them, to know one's negativities, to know one's sufferings—to Know One Self. Because how can one work on their sufferings if they are not even aware of their presence?

And there is a lot of darkness waiting to be discovered from within! 

The practice of meditation will help you to really discover yourself. Because it is only when you close your senses from the outside world and look inwards that you can go deep within to discover the Inner Sufferings, the repressed traumas, the buried anger, the forgotten pains.

Without meditation, instead of Self-Knowing, one will end up Self-Guessing. 

And the deeper you develop Self-Knowing, the more you will be able to transform the mind. Because the deeper you become aware of what beliefs you hold within that is making you unhappy, the more your mind will naturally find the inclination to let it go. Without developing such realization, one will find it difficult to release themselves from the grips of their Mind's long-established belief patterns. 

So, instead of developing unexperienced Knowledge about yourself from books, pick up the practice of meditation and begin Knowing yourself through Direct Experience!

This is not to say that book knowledge is bad. This is just to say that Experienced Knowledge is more transformative. So always validate what you read and hear from others through your own experiences!

Self-knowing is a journey. It is about Knowing The Self in Totality, from the Physical Self/Emotional/Mental/Intuitive to the Subtler Energetic Selves from actual experience.

To develop the Knowing about the Infinite Self—That is Self-Knowing!

Knowing in relation to the path of Self-Transformation

Previously, we have used an apple to understand the different degrees of Self-Knowing. 

Now let us use The Self as an example. 

1. Experiencing 

This is the stage when we start to become aware of the suffering states of the mind happening within, becoming aware of our anger, our fears, our wandering thoughts, becoming aware of the Darkness, the Chaos within.

2. Relating 

The more we develop Self-knowing, the more we will be able to understand how our suffering states of mind can affect our daily lives. For instance, we can slowly realize that all forms of negativities within—fears, judgement, anger, impatience, and so forth—all work to make an experience miserable! The more we realize this, the more we will develop the natural intention to address it.

3. Realizing 

By developing the Knowing even deeper, we will gradually realize the cause of our suffering states of mind—which is the attachment towards Negative Ideas, the ideas that promote Self-Rejection.

We will slowly realize that to transform the mind, we would have to release our attachment towards the Negative Ideas through developing Self-Acceptance. The more we realize this, the more we will realize that we are the Creator of our own reality, becoming our True Selves. 

4. Enlightenment 

Why is the mind created in such a way?

Why were we created to experiencesuffering in this reality?

The more we develop Self-Knowing, the more we will learn about our existential purpose, which can be enlightening and transformative indeed! 


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Always validate the truth of book knowledge from your own experiences!

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Simply remain in the state of observation rather than the state of reaction and imagination during the Creator’s Meditation. This is how we learn to see Reality as is, which is the purest and most direct way to develop Self-Knowing.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are from direct experience, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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