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"The greatest power you can develop in life is Self-Knowing."


Defining Knowledge

The Knowledge that one has of themselves is the most powerful Knowledge that one can have – because such Knowing has the Power to Transform not only oneself at the physical level, but also at the emotional / mental / spiritual / soul level.

Knowledge In Depth

Knowing the Self is not only about Knowing something one does not Know about oneself. It is also about Deepening one’s Knowing of what one already Knows.

Realize that Knowing comes in degrees – The Deeper The Knowing the more Powerful it is.

Let us scale the degree of Knowing in a linear way to allow our surface mind to understand about it better.

Unexperienced Knowledge

Unexperienced Knowledge is Knowing at the very surface level and it can be categorised as follows.

1. Imagining - Using an apple as an example - i.e. we have heard or read about what an apple is but we have not seen or tasted it yet.

Experienced Knowledge

2. Experiencing i.e. we have experienced the apple from experience i.e. through smelling, seeing, feeling, tasting etc.

3. Relating i.e. we The Knowing of the apple is developed deeper through comparing it with what it is not “I.e. an apple is as crunchy as a pear, it is drier than a watermelon etc.” Such Knowledge helps us to understand the apple in relation to the universe as a whole.

4. Realizing We can develop the Knowing even deeper by realizing the creation aspect of an apple i.e. what makes an apple red, green, sweet, sour, how it grows etc. This level of Knowing is Powerful because it gives us the Knowing of the ways to "re-produce/transform/destroy" the apple.

5. Enlightenment – The Knowing does not finish at Enlightenment, as enlightenment is simply a progress of even deeper Knowing. And such journey takes one to know what an Apple really is, and why it was created in the first place. The journey of Knowing never really ends, as there is really no end to Infinity.

This scale is simply written to show the idea that there are degrees of Knowing. Please remember to develop your own experienced knowledge through your own experience.

Path Of Creator

Knowledge In Relation To The Path Of Creator

In life we have learnt many things but it is only when we look into ourselves that we realize how little we know about ourselves. In life we have have spent most of our time in the world learning about everything – except ourselves.

When there is a lack of Self-Knowing, we will also lack the Knowing of our Sufferings. And because of a lack of Knowing of the deeper causes of our Sufferings/Negativities/Fears, we lack the Knowledge to properly address them, allowing them to negatively affect us moment by moment, life after life. That is why these days it is so easy for mental illnesses to develop and grow in severity. The need for "mental doctors" are out there because of the lack of Self-Knowing one has about themselves, about their minds, about the ways in which the Inner Universe works within.

The Heart of the Path is about Developing Self-Knowing. Because without developing the Knowing there will be no Path. And this Knowing cannot be developed through simply reading books. One has to develop the Knowing themselves. To follow knowledge blindly without validating it with one's own experience is no different than following one's own imagination.

Self-Knowing is about Knowing the Self in Totality.

From the Physical Self/Emotional/Mental/Intuitive to the Subtler Energetic Selves from actual experience - to develop the Knowing of the Infinite Self.

Realize again that anything that has not been experienced yet - is simply imagination.

That is why it is important to develop the Knowing.

Knowing in in relation to the path of Self-Transformation

1. Experiencing Initially we will become aware of the suffering states of the mind. We will begin to become aware of our anger, of our fears, of our wandering thoughts and so forth.

2. Relating From that awareness, we will come to know how it affects our daily lives. We will come to know that all forms of negativities, fears, judgement will all share the same relationship - that is to create Unhappiness within.

3. Realizing By develop the Knowing even deeper, we will come to know the cause of the suffering states of mind, which are the Negative Ideas. The realization will take us to understand that Suffering comes when we become attached to Negative Ideas - Ideas which promote Self-Rejection, and to transform the mind, we have to release our attachment towards the Negative Ideas. The journey will take us to realize that we are the Creator of our own reality.

Enlightenment Slowly we will begin to understand that in the deeper Mind, all is seen as The Self. Everything is a part of us and we are a part of everything. That is why the wisdom needed to transform our suffering states of mind is to develop Self-Acceptance, toward sourselves and others.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Always use book knowledge as just step stones. Validate all truths you have learnt from books or other person through experiences.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Simply Observe rather than react and imagine what is happening during the Creator’s Meditation. This is how we learn how to simply observe the Truth rather than Imagine the Truth. This is how the degree of Knowing can deepen towards Enlightenment.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are from direct experience, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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