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"Knowledge gained from Inner Sight"


Defining Insight

Through observing the world that one is living in, one can learn many things about it. For instance, if one observes the rising and falling of the sun, one can come to know its cycles. Likewise, if one observes the phases of the moon, one will gradually see that it takes the moon roughly 29 times longer to complete its cycle compared to the sun. And if one watches the stars in the moving sky, one will notice that the sky 365 sun cycles for its stars to return to their original alignment. Thus, through simply observing and observing, one can learn the clockwork of the Universe. 

Similarly, if one turns their sight inwards, one will be able to understand the workings of that world. Through observation, one will come to know the patterns of one's happiness and unhappiness, their nature and origins.

When one develops knowledge through inward observation, one is developing Insight. 

In this article, we will explore how to develop insight and how valuable such knowledge can be.

Insight In Depth

Insight is to Know what one does not yet know, and to know more about what one already knows.

Insight can be called by many names: Inner Sight, Inner Knowing, Self-Knowing, Self-Realization, and so forth. 

This type of knowing is developed through Observation rather than thinking and analysis. Although the latter can help one to piece the puzzles together, thinking too much can block one from seeing the Truth.

To know is to Observe and Know from Experience, rather than intellectualizing and guessing what one thinks the Truth is.

It's much like asking ourselves the question: "How do I feel at this moment?"

The answer to that question will be found in one's feelings rather than in one's thinkings. Thus instead of intellectualizing the experience, the answer can be discovered through simply observing how one is feeling. However, the thinking mind can interfere with the Knowing when one is struggling with the answer, which can be caused by one's lack of awareness of their feelings.  

Thus, when one is trying to develop insight, the thinking mind can step in when one encounters darkness and confusion. Such is the tendency of the mind to fill in the blanks with thoughts. That is why the journey of developing Self-Knowing can be challenging because when one tries to know themselves, for instance, the cause of their fears, instead of simply observing inwards for answers, the intellectual mind can kick in and start to make guesses when no answers are found. So, to develop Insight can require one to place a lot of trust in oneself, to trust that by simply observing the darkness within, one will come to know about the world inside in the same way as one can learn about the Universe from simply observing the benighted sky. 

So, do we just close our eyes to observe the world inside to develop insight?

That's right. But there are techniques these days to formalize the practice such as meditation. 

That is why if one wishes to learn how to properly observe the world within, one can pick up the practice of meditation. But as there are many forms of meditation these days, one can become confused as to which one to approach. So, if you are not sure, you can simply browse the course page of this website and try the meditation practices there as they have all been designed with the purpose for developing Insight and transforming the mind. 

Letting the mind observe is enough to develop insight?

To develop insight, all one needs to do is to observe oneself through meditation? 

But that task will be thoroughly challenging to the thinking mind. A complicated mind will always feel uncomfortable doing too simple things. So, as one tries to simply observe the world within, many questions may arise from the mind—

"Am I meditating correctly?"

"Nothing is happening?"

"Am I doing enough?"

"Why is my mind so chaotic?"

"This is uncomfortable!"

"My jacket is too hot!"

"What will I have for dinner tonight?"

Thus on paper, meditation can seem simple but in practice extremely challenging. 

To Still the mind is like asking a loud person to be quiet, an angry person to forgive, or persuading a hungry person to stop eating. As you can see, telling the thinking mind to stop thinking certainly won't be easy because that's what we've been using the mind for every day!

Doing nothing thus can be quite challenging. And that is essentially what meditation is: the practice of putting one's mind aside so that it can do nothing but observe one's internal experiences. Thus, the busier you like to be, the more difficult it would be to meditate, to do nothing. 

That is why meditation is often avoided by those who need it the most!

Although doing nothing may seem like one is achieving nothing, but through Stilling the Mind, one can know themselves more, and this can be a truly transformative experience!

Who knew that one can achieve so many great things from doing nothing!

Path Of Creator

Insight In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To create greater happiness in life, we have to know more about the origins of our unhappiness. 

For instance,

Why do we have certain fears?

Why do we get angry at some particular things?

Why can't we accept some types of personalities?

Developing insight is how one can discover the answers to these questions—not through intellectualizing, thinking, guessing, but through one's direct experience. That is how one can know the Truth and see ourselves clearly.

Thus, the journey of developing insight will be your own journey. No one else will be able to provide answers to the questions you seek, for all the answers you need are contained within you, waiting to be discovered inside. 

On the journey of developing insight, you will learn many things about yourself.

You will learn about your surface thoughts and emotions. Through those, you will be able to uncover the personality, thee ego, the beliefs of who you think you should be and how others should see you—there are many many things about yourself waiting to be discovered!

See Catalyst - Ego / Personality for more detail.

Then the deeper you penetrate into the mind, the more you will discover the deeper reactions, your fears and cravings, and their causes. 

And even deeper, you will discover the deeply rooted beliefs that you have become attached to that has created the world of your mind. 

Thus with time, you will gradually learn more and more about yourself through meditation. You may not learn much about yourself in every sitting. On some days, you may feel like you are learning nothing from your meditation practices, leaving you somewhat confused. But every moment you spend time observing the world within is like gathering droplets of water; with time, you will have develop an ocean full of insight into yourself.

The best time to develop insight is in the mornings. Because by meditating in the morning, it will help to align the mind in an optimal state for developing insight throughout the day. Realize that the bigger practice will always be life, for the experiences in life can always give us insights into who we are, our deeper fears, revealing our personalities. However, without a still mind, one will simply react to life experiences and learn nothing from them. That is why meditation is so helpful: it can transform life into a meditation journey; that is how one will be able to accelerate their journey towards Knowing themselves, helping them to discover even the Person behind the Personality.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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