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"Look within, that is how one can develop Insight"


Defining Insight

Insight here is defined as Inner Knowing - To develop the Knowing of the World that is inside.

In this article we will explore the ways to develop Insight.

Insight In Depth

"Become more Knowing than what you already Know, and become more Knowing of what you do not yet Know."

Insight can be called the Inner Sight/Knowing. It is developed through the state of awareness / observation rather than analysis. To be in a state of observation requires one to be in a state of Stillness in the mind because when the Mind is stimulated then the Mind will begin to analyze/think/imagine rather than simply observe the Truth as is. Practices such as meditation and yoga can help one to develop this natural state of observation.

Observe rather than React

To know ourselves, we need to be able to become aware of our reactions i.e. our thoughts and emotions in every moment rather than simply reacting to them. To develop Insight / Inner Knowing is not done from reacting but rather it is from observing the reactions. By simply observing the reactions rather than to just react to the reactions will help one to develop insight deeper and deeper until one can see the cause of the reactions.

And it will take a length of time for one to repeatedly observe their reactions to develop the Knowing – deeper and deeper until one can finally realize the cause much like trying to develop the Knowing of a person. So it's much like trying to know someone. To know someone is to spend time with them, and repeatedly observe who they are and naturally we will know more about them, why they behave in a certain way - to know the causes of their actions. Like wise, by spending time with ourselves by just observing the world inside is how we can develop greater Insight into our own being.

Path Of Creator

Insight In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Self-Transformation will always involve the development of Insight.

Insight is about developing the Knowing of ourselves, of discovering ourselves for who we really are, of unveiling our masks and discovering the person behind the personality.

Developing the Knowing of The Self is necessary before any work can be done because we can only address what we are aware.

When we lack Insight we will only ever be able to Know ourselves at the level of the Personality. Our personality are constructed by our thoughts of who we “should” be rather than who we really are – thus it is the very surface definition of The Self. See Catalyst - Ego / Personality.

Often we can define ourselves simply from the actions we do on the outside but the truer reflections of ourselves can only be found through our reactions. I.e. our raw state of being without being filtered by distortion/surpression.

Insight is developed the more we develop the awareness of the world within and this is developed by holding a constant state of awareness of the inner World throughout the day. This will help one to discover all moments when one is experiencing suffering – one’s fears, one’s negativities, one’s judgements, one’s impatience and so forth

It is difficult to develop insight when we are in a “reactive” state of the mind. For instance, when we experience anger it can simply make us react and push us into thoughts of getting revenge and frustration rather than simply taking a step back to observe the Deeper Cause of that Negative Reaction that has happened.

Thus often it can be beneficial for one who is starting on their path of developing Insight to “retreat” temporarily from society to a quieter environment that offers less stimulation so one can develop the strength to be aware. When the mind becomes more present, grounded and stable then one can come back to world to develop deeper Self-Knowing through life experiences. Life experiences will always give deeper insights into our being but that is only if we are able to carry the state of awareness rather to just react to the life experiences. Carrying the state of awareness will allow us to see why we are always reacting in certain ways to certain life experiences and that is how insight is developed. So life experiences and meditation can go hand in hand to create deeper insights about ourselves.

It can certainly be difficult to develop the ability to be aware of oneself without reacting when we are in an environment which promotes such behaviour. That is why practices such as Yoga and Meditation will help because from the practice one will develop the habit of simply observing and always being aware rather than simply reacting to one's reactions. These exercises thus offer one a temporary "retreat" from the outer world into the world within to observe clearer what is happening on the other side.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

In the beginning it can be a bit mentally draining when we try to observe our inner world whilst being aware of the outer world at the same time. But overtime this will become easier and easier as the more we do this the more it will become a healthy habit which will consume less energy. Realize that when you can simply observe rather than react the former will consume less energy than the latter.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Having inner-awareness becomes easier through practice. The progress is accelerated through practices such as meditation. Meditation like Vipassana which focuses purely on one's observation of the reality.

The goal is not to just be in the state of observation during the practice, but to also be in such a state state throughout the whole day.

The practice of meditation and yoga is just thus just an intense reminder of a the state that we have to be in throughout the day.

Know and Transform The Self!

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