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"Are you tired of being tired?"


Defining Tiredness

Tiredness is a state we can experience when we are low in energy.

When we are tired/fatigued, one can say that we are in a Negative State. In this state we can lack the focus / will-power / momentum to do the things we want to do which can affect our wellbeing/happiness in a negative way.

Here we will look at the primary causes for tiredness and try to address them at the seed level.

Tiredness In Depth

The cause of our tiredness can come from external and internal factors.

Physical Tiredness

The external factors are the things we do with the physical body. I.e. when we train our body too hard, when we stay up too late at night, when we work too hard without rest, when we stress our body with unhealthy food or not giving it enough rest and so forth. I.e. when we do too much then we can experience physical tiredness.

Mental Tiredness

The internal factors are the things we do with ourselves at the mental/emotional level. I.e. when we use too much of our mental energy in trying to solve a problem, when we worry too much, when we use too much of our creative energy to create piece of art and so forth. Simply speaking, when we "react" too much then we will experience mental tiredness.

Without addressing Fatigue at these two levels we will continue to experience fatigue throughout our life.


Importance Of Addressing Tiredness

It is important to address the state of Tiredness in life because such a state can be said to be a suffering state.

When one lacks the Knowing of the Deeper Causes of one's Tiredness then one will only be able to address it at a surface level which is the physical level. And here the most common solutions for most people is to grab a cup coffee / energy drink to boost one’s energy levels throughout the day.

How much coffee or soft drink do you drink a day?

A better solution however is to simply eat better and take more rests. Although this can appear to be a simple solution but to actually do it will be difficult as people these days have habit patterns that is already deeply rooted.

It is important to develop the Knowing of the cause of fatigue at an even deeper level i.e. at the level beyond the physical. Without addressing the cause of the internal cause of fatigue i.e. mental fatigue one can still continue to feel fatigued even after one has properly addressed their daily life and diet.

The natural state of The Self is in fact a state full of energy / will power / intention / creativity. In fact, tiredness is a state of Mind that is not natural – though it has become natural in the sense that it has become the normal state for people to experience it every day.

When we are experiencing a state of low energy in the extreme it can also bring about negative states such as depression and negativity towards oneself and others. Realize how easy it is to be negative when you had a lack of sleep the night before. Without a good night's sleep, everything can appear dark - the future can seem bleak and the drive to achieve can plummet.

Do you often have a good night's sleep?

It is thus important to address the issues of Tiredness at the surface and root level if one wishes to expand their experience of Happiness. Once it is addressed then one can then fully utilize their mind and body without experiencing the state of tiredness.

Path Of Creator

Tiredness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is a journey towards greater happiness.

And it will be difficult to make that journey when we are experiencing tiredness all the time. Thus any issues to do with fatigue must be addressed.

The easiest way to address tiredness is through a step by step process.

The journey can begin with developing the awareness of what is actually causing the fatigue. In the beginning, One can begin by addressing Physical Tiredness at the surface level i.e. by addressing one’s lifestyle – balancing work and rest, and addressing one’s diet – i.e. eating the right foods.

Then one can slowly move towards addressing Tiredness at the deeper level which is at the level of the Mind/Emotions. This is a very important step, because one may discover that more than 80% of their Physical Tiredness come from their Mental/Emotional tiredness.

To elaborate this point. Let us use an example by looking at the difference in the state of mind when we are doing something that we are “passionate” about for instance playing soccer for an hour about compared to sitting in a boring lecture for an hour. Although in the former we are using the physical body a lot more, a lot of us can find the boring lecture more tiring.

Thus we are actually able to do more than we think we are capable of at the physical level if we fully address the causes of our mental and emotional tiredness.

We can also become more and more emotional/mental tired the more we experience negative reactions throughout the day. For instance, when we are in a state of worry, impatience, anger, fear and so forth. In those states of mind it is easy for those suffering to drive us into over-thinking and this can greatly drain out energy.

Suffering is the most energy-draining state of mind that we can be in. Thus naturally as one work to transform and release their Sufferings their energy levels will come back more and more.

Thus addressing the issues of tiredness can be a lifelong journey. But we can always apply effort to speed it up, step by step.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Try to improve your energy levels everyday by trying different ways to improve it. Never settle for what you have, always try to improve it. Because once you settle for what you have believing that it is "enough" you will throw away all opportunities for yourself to improve it.

Some examples : One can aim for higher energy by begin taking more rests, by becoming more positive, by addressing one’s Sufferings, by addressing one’s diet and so forth.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Whenever one feels that one is too tired to carry on in a meditation, simply tell oneself that one can do it. Instead of “I’m tired” one can try to invert the declaration to “I’m energetic / happy.” It is by trying to “overcome” the experience of “tiredness” in The Creator’s Meditation that one can develop Experienced Knowledge of just how much our Belief and our Negative Reactions can affect our levels of energy.

And also observe your energy levels on days without meditation and days with meditation to see just how much of a difference meditation/stillness can make.

Know and Transform The Self!

There are many free Meditation Practices on the website that you can use to help better your health!

For example, the Meditation To Accelerate Health will guide you to learn how to improve your health by simply meditating.

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