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"Are you tired of being tired?"


Defining Tiredness

Tiredness / Fatigue is a state we can experience when we are low on energy.

It is a negative state. In such a state, we can lack the focus, willpower, and motivation to accomplish our goals. When we are tired, it can also affect our levels of happiness.

In this article, we will look at the primary causes for tiredness and the things one can do to regain back their energy levels. 

Tiredness In Depth

There are external and internal causes for tiredness.

Physical Tiredness

When we use the body too much without giving it enough rest, we can become tired.

This obvious cause has an obvious solution—just do less and get more rest!

Some examples of how we can use our body too much: When we exercise and train our body too hard, when we continue to stay up late past our bedtime, when we work in the office without taking enough rest, eating too much junk food or eating too much in general, and so forth. 

Mental Tiredness

There are internal causes for fatigue and this happens when we use our minds too much.

For instance, when we dwell endlessly in our wandering thoughts or on a problem; when we are in the state of worry, anger, fear; when we are constantly using the mind for creative work, and so forth.

When it comes down to it, it really depends on how much one is reacting to an experience that determines whether or not one's using one's mind too much.

For instance, some can constantly use their mind to solve a problem and not feel tired. But for those who often experience reactions—such as fears, anger, impatience etc when faced with a problem, they will feel become more easily tired.

So using the mind too much means reacting too much to an experience. 

We have just looked at the internal and external causes of fatigue.

If one wishes to live without feeling tired all the time, one must address both sides of its cause. 


Importance Of Addressing Tiredness

Why should one look into the cause of their tiredness and address it?

When one does not know the cause of one's tiredness, one will only be able to address it at the surface level. Such solutions will always be short-lived. For instance, using cups of coffee or cans of energy drinks to boost one's energy level.

How much coffee or soft drink do you drink a day?

A better solution, however, is to simply eat better and learn to rest more. 

Although this can appear to be a simple solution, to actually follow it through and change one's lifestyle can prove to be difficult; deeply rooted habit patterns can be difficult to break.

In addition to addressing the cause of one's tiredness externally, it's also important to develop the Knowing of the internal cause as well.

Without addressing the internal causes, no matter how one changes their lifestyle on the outside, one will still experience tiredness even if they have been getting adequate rest on the outside. So, it's important to address one's fears, worries, anger—any negative states of the mind. 

The natural state of The Self is actually a state that is full of energy. Tiredness is a state of Mind that is not natural, though it is natural in the sense that it has now become common for people to experience such a state every day.

When we live in a prolonged state of low energy, it can also invite some negative states into the mind such as depression and negativity towards oneself and others. 

Realize how easy it is to be negative when you didn't sleep well the night before.

Do you often have a good night's sleep?

It is thus important to address the issues of Tiredness at the surface and root level if one wishes to expand their experience of Happiness and their abilities to be productive.

Path Of Creator

Tiredness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The deeper purpose of life is to develop greater happiness.

It can be difficult for one to make that journey when one is tired all the time.

What motivation will there be to achieve one's dreams when one doesn't even have the energy to?

Thus any issues to do with fatigue must be addressed.

The easiest way to address the cause of one's tiredness is by addressing it step by step. 

One can begin by developing awareness of the cause of one's tiredness.

One can begin by addressing their tiredness at the Physical level. I.e. by addressing one’s lifestyle through learning to balance work and rest, working on improving one's diet, sleeping well, and so forth.

One can then move towards addressing Tiredness at the deeper level at the level of the Mind / Emotions. 

To address one's tiredness at this level is the most difficult but most rewarding. Realize that, usually, more than 80% of one's Physical Tiredness is caused by one's Mental / Emotional tiredness.

To elaborate on this point, we can look at two different scenarios to understand the point clearer.

Let us use first an example of a person who is passionate about playing soccer and has been kicking balls happily for hours on end. 

And another person who has been sitting in a lecture room for hours, becoming bored with every passing minute.

 Although in the former example, the person has used their physical body more, they will experience less fatigue than the person who has been doing nothing but listening to a boring lecture.

Why is this?

Because the wandering thoughts and reactions we generate inside can do much to drain our energy levels. When we are bored, we can feel tired and yawn a lot because so much negative reactions are happening within.

So it's important to develop Self-Awareness—to become aware of how one is using one's mind.

The practice of meditation will be helpful for one to develop such Self-Knowing.

By practising to be Self-Aware every day through the practice of meditation, one can carry that Self-Awareness throughout the day and discover just how much they are excessively stressing the mind with unnecessary thoughts and emotions, which do much to drain one's energy away.

The journey of regaining one's energy is thus a spiritual journey of learning to not waste it.

It is the journey of letting go of unnecessary thoughts, of unnecessary fears.

A spiritual journey of learning to love oneself!

Naturally, as one works on their Suffering states of mind, the issues to do with tiredness will be indirectly solved.

Because there's nothing more draining than to be unhappy!

Thus, the destination is towards greater happiness!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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