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Transforming Diseases

"The body can communicate to us in mobid ways!"


Defining Disease

The body in its most Natural State is actually a healthy one.

A body is defined as healthy when it can work optimally, i.e. without disease. 

Disease of the body is defined here as when the body has conditions that jeopardize its functions.

For instance, sinus infections, blocked nose, the flu, a rash, blood pressure problems, fatigue issues, and so forth.

In this article we will explore the causes of disease from the Self-Transformative perspective to see how one can fall into such an unnatural state and the ways to revert it.

Disease In Depth

Realize that the state of "Disease" is not a condition that is confined only to the body, but it can also exist at the level of the Emotional and Mental Self. 

There are thus "diseases" of the emotions and mind. For instance, depression, PTSD, ADHD, bullimia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and so forth, just to name a few that has been classified as mental diseases by the medical professions. 

But in the context of this article, as long as one is experiencing some sort of unhappiness or the inability to control one's mind, one is experiencing disease. Realize that the Mind at its most natural state is a happy one (and this can be experienced easily through the practice of meditation when one lets go of their thoughts to allow the mind to reach Stillness). So any condition that pulls one away from this natural state is unnatural and thus need to be addressed.

So the fears we have, the self-destructive habits, anger issues, and so forth—basically any Suffering states of mind—are can be termed diseases, though it may offend someone if you tell them that! 

But realize that the intention to see disease in this way is not for the purpose of self-criticism but rather as a means to address it more thoroughly. A negative condition of the mind can often be traced back to the branches of other conditions, some of which can be milder in form thus carelessly ignored.

So if one wishes to address one's disease, it's helpful to be thorough; not to just address the symptoms or the conditions that are "severe" but also all other negative and dehibilitating conditions even if they are not classified as "mental diseases" by the health community.

The Unnatural State

It's also interesting to note that we are not all be born in our most natural state. For instance, we can be born with a mind filled with anger issues. We can be born with a body with health problems.

It's only when one can see their life journey from a spiritual perspective that they can see that these unnatural states are the result of the spiritual lessons that we have chosen to explore before birth. These lessons will always allow one to explore the suffering states of the mind so that the soul can refine one's knowing of love even more. 

But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether one accepts such a perspective because a disease does not care what religious or spiritual beliefs one follows; as long as one is doing things to cause disease, it will manifest itself!

So let us look at some of the causes of disease and the ways to address it. 

But before we begin, the ways of addressing diseases introduced by this article are not the "only ways." So, see that this article is simply showing you other perspectives to deal with your diseases. This can be helpful because the more ways one knows to diagnose and treat oneself, the more wholly the diseases can be addressed. 

The body never lies

To understand what Disease is and why it is there, we can first observe the natural mechanics of the way our body has been divinely designed.

Realize that in every moment, we are in the act of subjecting our physical body to things that are detrimental to our health. For instance, right now in your room, you may be sitting with millions of bacterias and viruses around you. And as you walk on the street, you can be breathing in lungfuls of polluted air, smoke and debris. And throughout the day, you may be blasted with all sorts of electromagnetic radiation around you. I wouldn't even want to start with the kinds of cancer-causing foods we can eat every day! 

It is only when we pause and look at all the things that we are doing to ourselves, we realize just how much we are harming the body, and perhaps at the same time, wonder how we are still even alive!

Realize, the body is always in the state of healing itself!

The Healing Body

The Physical Body is naturally designed to heal itself in every moment.

If you cut your fingers, the body will know something is wrong and it will start healing itself right away!

Your body is intelligent, and given it enough time, it will even heal your cut finger entirely, even the fingerprints!

Likewise, if you catch a cold or flu, the body will know how to initiate all sorts of programs to initiate the healing process, inducing mucus for flushing out the viruses, and starting a fever, if necessary, to eliminate all the nasty viruses with heat. 

The Physical body is prepared to face anything. 

And why is this?

Because the body loves you.

It wants you to survive and experience your physical journey for as long as possible. That is what it's designed for. 

So, in every moment, your body is healing. 

Healing your Mind and Emotions too!

If the Body is always Healing, why can we still be riddled with disease?

Let us use an analogy.

In life, when we do too much work, it will come at the cost of our energy.

And as we keep doing more work, more energy will be depleted, and thus, less work will be done.

Likewise, when we keep giving the body things to heal, more and more, it will eventually become overburdened with work. 

Once we "over-stress" the body, then this is when the bacterias and viruses can begin their reign. That is why when you are sick, you will be tired. The body is basically begging you to stop doing things so it can do its thing!

Yes, when you keep making putting the body at unease, the body will become diseased. 

Facilitating Healing

We can facilitate the healing process by working with the body to heal ourselves rather than against it. 

For instance, if your body needs sunlight, then go out and get sunlight.

If your body needs water, replenish it with water. 

If your body is lacking nutrition, then replenish it with nutritious food.

Of course, it will take time and effort for one to develop the awareness of what one's body needs. The practice of meditation can actually help one to develop such awareness because it can help one to become more sensitive to the physical sensations happening on one's body, which is how the body communicates.

Secondly, we can assist the healing process by learning to stop doing things that harm the body.

For instance, we can stop living in a dirty environment by cleaning our move to a cleaner place to live.

We can avoid the smoke from cars or cigarettes.

We can also try to avoid foods that are over-processed because they may contain chemicals or just avoid junk food in general.

The thing we can do for the body is plenty. By just doing less harmful things, the body will begin to heal. You will be surprised just how eager your body wants to heal!

What you can do accelerate your journey towards greater health is to develop knowledge of what is healthy and what is not. This will help you to become aware of the things you can do in life to improve your health and the things you should stop doing. 

So, you can read more books or listen to advice from doctors or health gurus. It doesn't hurt to listen to other people's opinions and learn different perspectives on the same matter. The more ways of healing you learn, the more things you can dtry to improve your health. And then from experience, figure out which one works best!

How to approach a disease

Often, when we have a particular disease, we can focus too much on the symptoms of the disease, i.e. the pain, the discomfort, the sensations etc. 

This is natural because they are certainly annoying!

But as a result, we can end up only addressing the symptoms rather than their cause. 

So, some good questions to ask to explore the cause:

"What caused the symptoms in the first place?"

"What are we doing in life that is going stressing the body?"

Realize that all diseases can be healed by the body, that is if we learn to work with it rather than against it.

Thus the learning of Self-Healing will require Self-Knowing—Learning what we can do to assist the body to heal and the things we should stop doing.

Now, let us talk about one of the greatest thing one can do to accelerate the healing process of the body—addressing the Suffering States of the mind. 

Path Of Creator

Disease in relation To The Path Of Creator

It is important to address our diseases because they do much to limit our experience of Happiness and Mobility in our everyday life. 

Let us look at the Deeper Cause of Diseases from the level of consciousness to see how the cause of diseases can begin within the mind. 

Before we begin, you can explore the Catalyst - Negative Ideas for a recap of what Negative Ideas are.

When we Create a Negative Idea in our consciousness, we will experience Suffering. 

And that Suffering will be experienced in all levels of The Self as Negative Emotions, Negative Thoughts, and Negative Sensations on the Physical Body.

The Suffering States of the mind can be said to be the Cause of Disease because these negative states will add stress to the Physical Body. 

For example, our fears can negatively affect our health, disturbing our heart rate, making our hands sweat, making our body tense.

For example, the feeling guilt can suffocate the heart.

For example, when you are angry, your blood vessels can tighten, releasing hormones that can increase your heart rate, your blood can also become acidified by your bodily reactions to your angry emotions.

So yes, your negative reactions can do a great deal of harm to the health of your body. 

Have you ever seen people's hair go grey after they've gone through a stressful period? 

Have you ever noticed how tired you are when you are stressed with worries and negativities?

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are sick, it's often during a period of stress or a period when you are stressing the body? For instance, during periods of exams, social commitments, meeting deadlines, eating too much junk foods, not sleeping enough, and so forth, 

The more you observe the state of mind around the time of sickness, the more you will be able to develop experienced knowledge of the relationship between disease and stress.

So in a sense, although it is the flu virus that causes the flu, The Suffering states of the mind are the cause for one's experience of the disease. Because if the body was not stressed enough, the viruses could have easily been fought off.

Furthermore, the negative states of the mind, if prolonged for long periods, will ultimately manifest themselves as diseases on the body. This is because there will always be a body-mind connection. Also, it's part of the body's design to communicate to The Self that there is something deep within that needs to be addressed. Because that's really the deeper purpose of your journey, to discover and complete your spiritual lessons!

Some examples of diseases that can be caused by the negativities of the mind can include sinus problems, which are often a manifestation of emotional sensitivity. Or back problems, which are manifestations of a lack of Self-Support. Of course, it's always a case by case scenario. So if you have a disease that cannot be explained or treated by doctors, then you may want to look at what kinds of negative emotions and thoughts you are always carrying throughout the day.

So the journey towards greater health is a journey of learning to love ourselves, externally and internally. 

The destination is to reach the natural state of The Self, the state of peace and happiness without being limited by... by who? 

By ourselves!

Learn to Love yourself, that is the secret of healing!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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