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Transforming Diseases

"Disease is the communication from the body telling us that we are doing something wrong"


Defining Disease

The "Natural State" of the physical body is a Healthy one.

A Healthy body means a body which is working optimally/efficiently.

Disease is basically a condition of the body when it's functions are jeopardized.
I.e. when we have a blocked nose, when we have a cough, when we have a flu, when we feel tired and stressed, when we have itchy skin, when our heart is not operating as efficiently as it should be - basically whenever when our body is not working optimally we are in a state of Disease.

Realize that the state of "Disease" is not only experienced by the Physical body but also by the Finer Energetic Selves. So The Self can also experience Mental/Emotional Disease when we are not treating our mind well, i.e. being pessimistic, judging, criticising, reacing negatively all the time etc.

Disease In Depth

"The body never lies - listen to the body rather than your mind."

To understand what Disease really is we have to first understand the natural mechanics of the Physical Body in relation to Disease.

Realize that in every moment we are actually subjecting our physical body to things which are greatly detrimental to our health whether it is walking through millions of bacteria and viruses in our rooms, walking through the polluted air of the outside world, from eating food laced with unhealthy additives or from being blasted by the radioactive waves from all directions.

It is only when we look and analyze all the things that we are doing which are harmful to our body that we realize just how long that list is. And it is only when we realize just how much we are doing to harm the body that we may become curious and ask ourselves the following question - "How is it even possible that we are even alive?"

The Healing Body

This is when we will realize the nature of our Physical Body.

The Physical Body is designed to naturally heal itself in every moment.

If you cut your fingers, it will start healing. And it will heal with intelligence - even replicating your fingerprints if you suffer a wound at the fingertips.

Catch a cold/flu, the body will know how to initiate all sorts of programs to start the healing process - inducing mucus to flush out the viruses, and perhaps starting a fever to increase the body's temperature up to a level where bacteria will find it hard to propagate. The body thus is intelligent with all sorts of "anti-viral software" installed within.

The Physical Body thus is intelligent.
So Intelligent in fact it has the potential to heal itself of all forms of disease whether it be a Physical Disease or Mental Disease etc. Your body and mind is actually in the process of healing itself right now at this very moment!

If the Body is always Healing, Then why are we still bugged with diseases?

In life, when we do too much work, it will be at the cost of our energy.

And with less energy, less work will be done.

Likewise, when we give our body too long of a list of things to handle similarly the body will not have enough resources to heal everything it needs to heal. Eventually the body will not have enough energy to defend itself properly from invasive bacterias and viruses or to undo the damages that we have done to ourselves through unhealthy lifestyle/diet/thinking and so forth.

When that list of the things to do becomes too long for the body to go through the body will no longer be at ease and become "stressed." This is what a dis-ease really is.

Facilitating Healing

Thus realize that there are two ways to Create Healing.

Firstly, we can do things to facilitate the body to heal itself by assisting it through the list of things it has to handle.

For instance, if your body needs sunlight then go out and get sunlight.

If your body needs water, replenish it with water, If your body is lacking nutrition, then replenish it with nutritious food.

Secondly, we can assist the healing process by learning to stop doing things which damage the body.

For instance, to clean our room of dirt and mould so we are surrounded by less bacteria and viruses.
For instance, to stay away from pollution, i.e. smoke from cars and factories and away from second hand smoke or from smoking ourselves.
For instance, to eat more natural food that are absent of chemicals.

The things in which we can do thus are plenty.

Thus developing a knowledge of what is healthy and what is not can greatly accelerate our journey towards improving our health and this knowledge can be gained through Unexperienced Knowledge, i.e. from books and advices from Health Gurus. And the important thing here is to validate the Truth from one's own experience. So always test different methods out to see which one works best as everyone's body will vary slightly due to lifestyle/ecological/bloodline etc. factors. This is how you develop Experienced Knowledge which will be valuable for your journey towards greater health.

How to approach a disease

Often when we have a particular disease we can focus too much on the symptoms of the disease, i.e. the pain, the discomfort, the sensations etc and as a result we can end up only addressing the symptoms of the Disease.

However, when we only address the symptoms with ointments and medication and so forth, we can forget to address the underlying cause as well. As a result, one can forget to ask the following important questions-

i.e. "What caused the symptoms in the first place?"

"What caused our body to not defend itself properly against Bacteria and Germs?"

"What caused our body to not heal or what is causing our body to heal slowly from the disease?"

Realize that all disease can be healed by the body but that is only if we learn to work with our body to active its inherent powers rather than to work against it.

Thus all forms of healing will have to begin with Knowing -

Knowing what we can do to assist the body to heal.
Knowing what we are doing that is desisting the body from healing.

And what can Greatly accelerate the healing process of the body is in addressing the Negative Ideas from within. Because diseases can not only manifest from Negative Ideas, but also Negative Ideas can have a traumatizing effect to the immune system.

Path Of Creator

Disease in relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about Creating Happiness in our lives.

It is thus important to address Disease because diseases do much to limit our experience of Happiness and Mobility in life.
Thus the journey towards happiness will involve reversing/healing ourselves from all forms of diseases.

Now let us look at the deeper Cause of Disease from the level of the consciousness - at the level of Ideas.

When we Create a Negative Idea in our consciousness, we will experience Suffering.
And that Suffering will be experienced in all levels of the Self as Negative Emotions, Negative Thoughts, Negative Sensations on the Physical Body.

Suffering in itself can be said to be the Cause of Disease because it can create a lot of Stress on the Physical Body.

I.e. when we experience fears, it can affect our health and overall wellbeing in a negative way - increasing our heart rate abnormally, making our hands sweat, making our neck tense.

I.e. when we experience guilt, it can eat away at our heart.

When we experience anger, it can make us tense, restricting proper circulation throughout our body (the fiery energy of anger can contribute much to the groowth of pimples and dry skin).

Thus Negativities of the mind can put the body at a great deal of unease. So from the perspective of Happiness, whenever we experience Unhappiness we are in fact in a state of Disease.

Thus Realize that it is not only the outer environment i.e. pollution and germs that can add to the long list of things that our body has to go through in order to heal itself. Our Negative Emotions and Negative Thoughts actually occupies a big portion of that list. The negative states of mind such as fears, traumas, anger, unhappiness and so forth are all things that are waiting to be healed.

Thus to facilitate and accelerate healing of any disease we have, we must address it both externally and internally.

Thus the journey will also involve us transforming and releasing the Negative Ideas we have from within. And this will help us to rebuild our immune system and release us from this state called Disease.

In fact on your journey of addressing your Negative Ideas you will begin to see how Negative Ideas can create particular diseases, and how different negativities of the mind can create different diseases in certain areas of the body.

So what you will discover is that the more happiness you create in your life through releasing your negative states, the less disease you will have. Often diseases come back because the internal cause is not addressed. But once the immune system has recovered and is working optimally, then disease is highly unlikely to happen.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

The physical body is divinely designed so that it will heal itself in every moment.

If we have disease it means that our healing faculties are jeopardized. The Experience of Disease thus can be seen as the body's own way of communicating to us that something needs to be addressed i.e. that we are doing something "wrong."

Thus if you want to understand more about your diseases, you can examine your lifestyle, your diet, your surroundings right down to your mental and emotional state to find the clues as to the cause of your Disease ( also remember to look for clues "before" the disease).

For example, the common disease is a flu or a cold. If we look back to observe the state of mind just before we got sick what we will realize is that around that time we would have endured some type of stress whether it is physical/emotional and mental that would have jeopardized our natural healing abilities.

By constantly developing this awareness of the Cause of Disease from experience will allow us to become aware of the relationship/link between the state of mind and the disease eventually allowing us to realize that we are the Creator of our Disease - which in turn will allow us the Knowledge to Uncreate all forms of Disease which we have Created for ourselves.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

As Negative Thoughts and Emotions can create Stress on the body, incorporating activities which promote Stillness will help to reduce the Stress on the body to facilitate the body to naturally heal itself.

A lot of us are not aware just how much energy is expended through unnecessary thinking and negative reactions. That is why by simply doing less, think less, react less in life can be a powerful and natural way for one to initiate healing and reverse one's own disease.

That is why The Creator's Meditation is so useful. By simply allowing the Mind to observe everything we experience as we go through the body journey rather than "reacting" and "analyzing," we are giving the Mind a chance to not only rest but also to reverse the habit of always feeding energy into our Negative Reactions.

Know and Transform The Self!

There are many free Courses on the website that you can use to help better your health!

For example, the Meditation To Accelerate Health will guide you to learn how to improve your health by simply meditating.

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