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"Find the Diet that is perfect just for You"


Defining Diet

Choosing a diet is a about choosing what kinds of food to eat on a habitual basis.

Diets often are adopted by people for health reasons in the belief that certain foods, and certain ways of preparing them are more healthy than others.

There are many types of Diet that we can adopt.

For instance, a vegetarian or a vegan diet, a fruitarian or a raw food diet. New diets are coming out all the time such as the Paleo Diet, a Macrobiotic diet, Atkins etc.

In addition to the popular diets as mentioned previously, a person may also have their own particular diet that is native to their environment / country / family / culture etc.

Thus there are many diets that exist in the world.


"Which Diet is The Best?"

This is the question that this article will try to address.

Diet In Depth

Instead of asking which diet is the best, one should really be asking "Which Diet is the Best For Me?"

Because although everyone's stomach is fundamentally the same, each one is actually unique in their constitution. For instance the flora make-up of each gut will be different due to biological, ecological, habitual reasons.

So every one has an unique gut. And this will determine how well we absorb different kinds of foods. For instance it can easier for those to digest foods that are more native to one's bloodline / what one’s ancestors used to eat i.e. it can be easier for an Asian to eat rice than to eat a Mexican taco, and likewise it will be easier for an European to eat their food that is native to their bloodline rather than rice i.e. Pasta etc.

It is important to know this because what happens when we begin to eat food that is outside of our gut flora is that it can create a confusion to the stomach which is not used to the food and as a result indigestion and a lack of assimilation/malnutrition can result.

The good side is that the gut flora can change to adapt and create the environment suitable to one's chosen Diet. But this adaptation can take a length of time.

The point here is that it is often not a wise idea to jump straight into a new diet because it will create a lot of difficulties and confusions for the stomach. It is by slowly integrating and transitioning into the new Diet that can make the journey much smoother.

Thus if one wishes to truly test whether or not a diet is good for them, one will have to do it in graduating steps. Then after giving the stomach enough time to adapt to the new diet, stick with it for some time so that one has the ample experience to justify whether or not it will work with them.

So to know which Diet is best for oneself begins with developing Experienced Knowledge of having gone through different Diets. Thus it is done through the trial and error of many Diets rather than relying strictly from testimonials from other people that have gone through certain diets that one can find the Diet that are best for them. And of course it will take several years for one to discover the diet that is most beneficial for them, although it may seem that a lot of effort will have to be invested into doing so, it will pay off greatly in the long run.

Path Of Creator

Diet In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about transforming and releasing oneself from their Sufferings. Like with all type of journeys one can take in life, the better one’s health, the faster and more efficient one’s journey will be.

Thus it obviously is better to choose the type of food that will help assist one on the Path rather than the type of food that will hold one back.

Whether or not a food is beneficial to The Self will be developed from Experiential Knowing.

And such Knowing is developed from eating foods and becoming aware of the different sensations and effects it creates on one's Body. One can do this by observing how each food can affect the quality of one’s Emotion and Mind and also their physical energy.

Different foods will affect the state of the body and mind differently.

For example, spicy foods can create fiery sensations in one’s body and excite /stimulate one's mind. This can be beneficial for some who is lacking fire "energy / passion / drive / motivation" but may be unbeneficial for some who is already hyper-active i.e. ADHD.

Some foods can make the body cold which may not be beneficial for skinny people due to them more susceptible to cold and over-thinking, and some foods can make the body hot which may not be beneficial for some people with anger problems. And some food can make one lethargic (heavy) which may not be beneficial for a person with low energy and so forth.

Thus develop the Knowing of what combinations of food are best for you.

Study and try different type of foods and diets until you find one that belongs to “you.” And this will often take many years of Self-Discovery.

Practices which develop Self-Awareness will help one greatly on such a journey such as meditation and yoga.

The destination is towards developing the wisdom of Knowing what diet is suitable for one's journey towards greater happiness.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Puzzle Diet

(extract taken from Catalyst - Food )

Use your own Knowing and Awareness to Create a Diet that is Best for You.

To develop the Knowing you can try different foods one by one rather than in combinations in the beginning so that you may know clearly which one can give your more energy and which one takes away energy.

As you eat,

Become aware of the Negative Sensations

Become aware of the Positive Sensations.

And ask yourself the question

”Is this food beneficial for me?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

As you Meditate you will begin to experience different kind of Physical Sensations throughout the body. Within time you will begin to be able to discern the “qualities” of each different physical sensations i.e. some physical sensations will be “fiery” whilst others will be “cold” whilst others will be “heavy” “floating” “big / small” etc.

The more you develop the awareness of the different physical sensations experienced in your meditations the more you will become aware of the different physical sensations felt when you take in different foods in your daily life– which will help you to develop the discernment of what foods are the best for you.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to develop awareness of the body and mind. This will help you to become aware of what food is good for you by becoming aware of how different types of food affect your body and mind.

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