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"Read a book to gain knowledge. Experience life to gain wisdom."


Defining Internalization

Internalization is defined here as using life experiences to deepen what one already knows. In this article, we will explore how internalization can be used as a catalyst to transform the mind.

Internalization In Depth

If one desires to transform their mind, for instance, to effectively transform their habit patterns, fears, and so forth, deep changes must take place within the mind, at the level where one's beliefs are rooted. 

It’s common for those who wish to transform their minds to begin their journey by listening to talks given by gurus and experts. Although obtaining "book knowledge" will always be a part of the journey, such knowledge can only impact the mind at the surface level, which at best can leave one with a greater sense of courage and inspiration to pursue one’s desired goals. For some, this push may be enough for what one is looking for to pursue what they desire in the world outside, however, it won't be enough if one's desire is to transform the world inside.

For deep changes to take place within the mind, one must go deeper into the journey by internalizing the truth of what they already know by refining it more and more through the use of life experiences. This is how the truth can be refined and penetrate deep into the mind until it can touch and shift the core of one’s belief system. 

Thus, to internalize the knowledge gained from a book, the reader must find a way to grow the truth from their own life experiences in the same way the author had. This is where one must learn what kinds of experiences will guide them in such a direction. And these experiences can be anything: they can be the moments of meditation, of doing something mundane, going through years of doing a particular thing. These experiences can also be found in the moments of love, hate, pleasure, pain, and so forth. 

The Catalysts section of this website was created to help guide you to discover what experiences you may need to transform different kinds of suffering states of mind. But at the end of the day, this information will always be simply "book knowledge" to you so always treat them as a rough guide. 

The practice of meditation will help you to know yourself so that you can know what life experiences are needed for your journey as no one would know your mind better than yourself. That is why the practice of meditation is highly encouraged and such practices can be found in the Course section of the website. 

The Transformative Power Of Internalization

To the intellectual mind, relearning the same thing over and over again through life experiences can seem like a waste of time. After all, what is the point of relearning something that you already know to be true?

Let us use an analogy.

Imagine that someone has read a book about how to choose friends and was greatly moved by the book to choose to surround oneself with only loving people. After applying the method for a year, that reader now has a happy life full of loving friends.

In this example, the person has successfully created their desired life. 

However, although the transformation is apparent on the outside, it’s questionable whether any transformation has occurred on the inside. 

Has that person been making his life choices through following the wisdom from the book or the heart? 

Now, let us use the example of someone who has realized the wisdom of choosing only loving friends after enduring 20 years of abusive relationships. Although this can seem like an extreme example (though quite common) this person would have accumulated enough life experience for a shift to happen deep within the mind, at the level of beliefs. 

So, as you can see, there is a difference in the transformative power of simply reading a book and earning the wisdom from enduring more unpleasant life experiences. 

Also, a book will not necessarily help one who desires to deeply transform their unhappiness because it will not list down the required experiences that one needs. For example, it would not be able to provide details on all the clashing personalities that one would need to surround themselves with to help one transform one's mind because this knowledge can only be found within oneself. 

The journey of Self-Transformation thus can quite confusing to the intellectual mind. One may conclude that the best path is often the one that appears easy, pleasant, and the best outcome. However, the best paths on the journey of Self-Transformation would often be those that have the most transformative potential, which will be more confusing, painful, and challenging. 

In practical terms, if one wishes to transform their fears at the deepest level, one will have to constantly face their fears (indirectly or directly) in life experiences to internalize the wisdom that the fear is not necessary rather than simply stopping the journey after reading a book.

Another example, if one wishes to transform their impatience, one can constantly place themselves in experiences that can help them internalize that rushing in life is not necessary, and often these will be experiences that can help draw out one's impatience such as the practice of meditation. .

Another example, If one wishes to transform their anger, one can constantly engage with people that can bring out one’s anger so that one can refine the truth of what love really is. 

And the list goes on forth.

These very simplified guides were given to help you understand the importance of accumulating life experiences if you wish to transform the mind. Although book knowledge can be greatly helpful, inevitably, you would want to use it as a way to propel yourself into life experiences to grow the wisdom deep within.

Path Of Creator

Internalization In Relation To The Path Of Creator

There is a great transformative power in life experiences. 

But one may ask, what life experiences?

Realize that you have the power to turn any life experience into a transformative experience.

Take for example that you are ordering food at a restaurant. If you desire, you can use that experience to learn about patience. You can also use the act of deciding what you want from the menu to learn to be more decisive. You can also use the experience of calling a waiter over to develop greater self-confidence. 

So, every moment in life can be used as a transformative opportunity. 

And what you will get out of a given experience will always be determined by the intention that you carry into it. Without the intention to learn from an experience, you will either not learn anything or learn something random that is unrelated to Self-Transformation. 

Instead of looking and waiting for the “perfect” life experiences for Self-Transformation, realize that you have the power to turn even the most mundane of experiences into a life lesson.

The difficulty in using life experiences to transform the mind is that one can be full of doubts as to how to go about the journey. It can certainly be daunting when we decide to navigate through the darkness without someone there to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Thus, self-doubt will always be one of the biggest hindrances on the journey of Self-Transformation. You will constantly be faced with fears that whatever you are doing may not be “correct” or that you may not be achieving the desired results if any.

That is why having persistence on the journey of Self-Transformation is important. 

 See Catalyst-Persistence for more details.

In conclusion, if you wish for greater knowledge, you can read books and attend lectures. If you desire deep transformation to take place within, then begin immersing yourself in life experiences. Use life experiences to shake up your existing beliefs to allow wisdom to grow and blossom through.

The destination of the Self-Transformation journey is to develop greater wisdom from experience. Wisdom acquired from life experiences is what will transform the mind at the deepest level. And often, this does require one to face particular experiences countless of times.

And how to know when one has learnt completely what they need to learn in life?

The answer is simply when one no longer experiences any suffering states of mind. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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