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*When we doubt that we will succeed, we have already failed.”


Defining Doubt

Doubt is the lack of belief in The Self to succeed. When one experiences doubt, a fear of uncertainty will be experienced.

The fear can be experienced in times when we have to make big decisions such as starting a new business. Doubt can also be experienced when we make small decisions such as ordering food off the menu.

The state of doubt can make us question -

"Am I doing the right thing?" "Will everything be alright?"

“I don't think I will make the right decision?”

"I don't think I will succeed?”

"I don't think they are right?"

These are the sort of questions that often surfaces in the mind when we are in the state of doubt.

Doubt In Depth

When we experience doubt we are in the state of Suffering. We will experience a state of fear / negativity / confusion that a Negative Outcome may result out of the decisions that we make.

That fear is experienced more intensely the more one lacks trust in oneself. See Catalyst – Trust in more details.

The fear is also exacerbated the more one desires for a “particular” outcome to result which often happens in people who set too high expectations of themselves or others.


Importance Of Addressing Doubt

Let us look at the negative effects of doubt so that we can develop the intention to address it.

Whereas Trust brings light into the mind, doubt brings in darkness. Doubt can make it blindingly difficult for one to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Doubt can make us indecisive in times of making decisions.

Are you often indecisive when trying to make a decision?

When we carry a lot of doubt in our abilities it can make us fear and run away from positions which require higher responsibilities.

Do you often let other people decide for you?

When one is in doubt, one is no longer in the Present State. One will be convinced by the Fear to over-think things - for instance, thinking about a future that has not happened yet. Thus the state of doubt can create the unnecessarily drain of mental energy by over-stimulating the mental senses. Doubt thus can create states of confusion and fatigue which can make it even harder for one to reach their goals in life. Thus the state of doubt is one of the greatest impediment to success.

*When we doubt that we will succeed, we have already failed.”

Doubt towards The Self takes away Self-Confidence and Inner Power.

Doubt towards the Other Selves can destroy relationships as it can make one view all things in a pessimistic light rather than seeing reality clearly.

When we carry doubt the effect is that it can make other people doubt us. Because when we speak out of doubt people will intuitively pick up our self-negativity through our body language. Thus when we doubt ourselves we are in fact inspiring other people to doubt us. As a result we can be surrounded by people who are doubting us all the time which make it even more difficult for one to develop self-confidence and address the state of doubt.

Doubt also blocks the Knowing Of ourselves because the fear can turs us away from realizing our deeper desires. It can also blocks the Knowing of Other Selves because the fear can make us dwell in negative imagination.

Doubt is one of the biggest blockages in the Path of Self-Knowing.

Path Of Creator

Doubt In Relation To The Path Of Creator

When one looks for the outward causes to address doubt, one may think that the lessons that one will have to go through to release it will concern lessons of how to make the “right” decisions and how to develop the right “skills” to succeed.

Although developing this area of knowledge can be beneficial, such a solution will only provide temporary relief. To truly address doubt at the core one has to look inwards and address it from the level of Reaction.

And this is by understanding where Doubt is really coming from.

At The Idea Level

As all forms of sufferings will all recede back to Negative Ideas, there are many Negative Ideas which can promote the state of Doubt. So lets look at one of the possible Negative Ideas that can drive one to experience the state of Doubt.

“It is not ok to Fail”

The theme of the fears within the Negative Idea are often themes to do with Self-Judgement and a lack of trust. One can develop the Knowing by declaring in the mind "It is ok to fail." when one has a reach state of Stillness while practicing the Creator's Meditation and observe the cause for the Inner Resistance that comes up.

The spiritual lessons that one will usually encounter in their journey of addressing Self-Doubt will be lessons involving the development of compassion towards The Self i.e. to develop acceptance of oneself no matter if it succeeds or fails and to develop the Trust, Self-Confidence that one can succeed in life - the latter will come naturally when one is no longer in fear of failing.

The destination thus is not so much about learning how and make the "right" decisions to succeed, but rather to develop a state where we can trust ourselves when we make a decision and to accept The Self even if a negative outcome results.

Thus the destination is towards the state of unconditional acceptance of all outcomes. In such a state, The Self will be able to love oneself and others no matter what the outcome of one's decisions may bring.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

A way to develop a deeper Knowing of Doubt is simply to do things to bring it out from the depths of the mind. This can be done by begin making more decisions in life. This can be done by trying new experiences in life. This can also be done by trying to pursue one's dreams in life. This can be done by expressing one's opinions more in life.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

One can transform and release the state of Doubt by simply Trusting that one is able to complete the practice with ease. And this is done by observing the body journey with a calm and Still Mind and if the mind is agitated and unstill. This can be difficult, but by simply aiming for Stillness will help to turn the wheel of transformation

Know and Transform The Self!

There are many free practices to help you release your fears and self-doubt in the Courses page.

For example, the Meditation For Balancing Energy And Fear will help you to balance and still the fearful state of mind.

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