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"To accept is to accept all there is."


Defining Acceptance

What is Acceptance?

Acceptance is defined here as the state of Love

But as the definition of Love can differ greatly from one mind to another, we will define Acceptance through the perspective of nature; it is there where one can find undistorted Truths.

So in this article, we will learn about Acceptance through the eyes of the Universe. 

Acceptance In Depth

In nature, we can find the states of Acceptance existing in every moment.

For instance, a falling leaf that simply accepts where it will land. The sun rising and falling in time with the cosmic clockwork. The streams carrying the water towards their destined place.

Everything in nature is simply in the state of Acceptance. This is why it's called nature—everything is natural. Nature will never try to change the personalities of Fire or Water, Light or Darkness. Everything knows their roles and their place, in a state of unconditional acceptance. 

So, Nature is constantly teaching us what Acceptance really is, through its elements, through the way it flows and unfolds.

Observing nature thus can help one to remember what Acceptance is. It can be a state that is easily forgotten and misunderstood because unlike nature—we have the power to make choices. And often, the choices we make can bring us to the unnatural states of The Self.

For instance, we can choose to not eat food when we are hungry. We can choose to not fulfil our desires to avoid the fears of failing. We can make choices to stress our minds with more and more work, never allowing the mind to rest and return to its natural state of Stillness.

Now, why would one want to learn about the state of Acceptance?

The more the mind is its natural state, which is of Acceptance, the more one will be able to experience happiness. 

For example, observe a person who is faced with a problem in his life. If he is constantly rejecting that problem by judging it and stressing about it, he will never be happy.

If that person can learn to be like nature and simply Accept that the problem is there, happiness will naturally come. And in that state of mind, one can then solve the problems much easier. 

So, unlike nature, we can choose to reject things rather than accept things for what it is.

The more we do this, the less more unnatural one's state of mind will become, becoming confused, fearful, hateful, judgemental—Suffering. 

So, it's important to become aware of how we are rejecting the world. 

Do you usually reject people when they have a different opinion than yours?

Do you reject ugly people?

Do you reject yourself when you underperform?

Do you reject your loved ones for not loving you in the way you wish?

The journey towards greater happiness is to learn to develop Acceptance. 

And what things are we learning to accept?

All there is, even all the things we cannot accept. 

Of course, it won't be an easy journey because the idea of accepting all there is can sound ridiculous to the mind which is used to rejecting all the time. 

But if you wish for greater happiness, then you can begin to learn about what Acceptance really is from observing nature. 

Learn from the tree, from the wind, leaves, water, air, sun, from the planets, from the flow of the galaxies, from the Universe.

Yes, there is no greater teacher than the Universe!

Path Of Creator

Acceptance In Relation To The Path Of Creator

We are all on a journey towards Happiness. And how close we can reach our destination will greatly depend on how much we can refine the Knowing of what Acceptance is, what Love is.

At first, one can understand and practice Acceptance at the level of actions. One can try to come up with their ideas as to how to express unconditional love and acceptance to others, i.e. how to be compassionate and forgiving through the level of actions. 

Then one can then go even deeper to understand Acceptance at the level of the Mind. This will be the more difficult journey, to reach compassion and forgiveness inside. This is the journey of Self-Transformation, where we learn to transform the mind.

Notice the action of acceptance and the state of acceptance. Only the latter can guarantee happiness. Without the latter and only the former, one will still experience unhappiness, much like a person smiling at someone whilst the hate is still boiling inside.

As one makes progress on the journey of Self-Transformation, one will begin to develop wisdom about the Truth of the world. One will realize that the more one can accept others, the more happiness one will experience. And similarly, the more one can accept oneself, the more happiness one will experience happiness too.

With the fullness of time, one will begin to realize that the state of Accepting others is the same as Accepting oneself. And that state of Accepting oneself is the same as Accepting others. Ultimately, one will realize that the mind naturally does not differentiate different Selves, because to the deeper Mind, all is The Self. 

That is why Acceptance can be called Self-Acceptance. Because the Self means all there is.

And it's by developing this wisdom that one can develop refine their knowing of Self-Acceptance. So, as you make your journey of Self-Transformation, remember to accept not only others but also yourself and vice versa. This is how one can make great progress.

To direct Acceptance only in one direction will only take one halfway.


The practice of meditation will allow one to develop the state of Self-Acceptance even quicker. Because through the practice, one will be able to naturally let go of one's thoughts and reactions so that the mind can recede into the state of Stillness, which is the state of Acceptance. 

When one is simply observing the Present Moment as is, one is Accepting the Present Moment as is. 

And the more one can experience this natural state of Acceptance, the more one will be able to know whether or not one has fully accepted a person or a situation in life. Thus, without the practice of meditation, one will never truly know. So the practice of meditation is the greatest compass one can use to guide themselves on the straightest path towards greater Happiness. 

If one wishes to know more about how to develop Self-Acceptance, one can explore Catalyst - Transforming The Negative Ideas.  

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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