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Action & Reaction

"Our Reactions are our Teachers, reminding us constantly of who we really are"


Defining Actions and Reactions


An action is defined here as the act of outwardly expressing ourselves.
i.e. We can use actions to express who we are through the use of words and body language.
We use actions to Create things such as a piece of artwork or to construct a building.

Actions thus is something that can be "seen."


In contrast, a Reaction is something that we cannot "see" but rather "experienced."

Thus it is something which can be a bit harder to understand.

Simply speaking, our Reactions can be said to be composed of our Thoughts/Emotions - Our Inner State.

Although most people can think of reactions as the experience of intense emotions, here we will just keep it simple and define it as an experience of thoughts and emotions whether they are intense or not.

Reaction thus can be as subtle as the mellow reactions we have towards the soft breeze gently blowing against our skin.

And as one develops the Knowing of The Self and deepen the awarenes, one will Realize that in every moment we are all experiencing some sort of Reaction.

Relationship Between Action And Reaction

Behind every action there will always be a Reaction. This is because again in every moment we are experiencing some sort of emotion or thought (however subtle or gross).

I.e. as we yell at someone for doing something wrong, we will be able to find some sort of emotions/thoughts within that experience.

I.e. as we sit there doing nothing, we will also be able to find some sort of emotions/thoughts within that experience.

However a Reaction won't necessarily be accompanied by an Action because whether or not there will be an Action will depend on one's own choice.

Action & Reaction In Depth

Action and Reaction in relation to The Self

Action comes from the verb "to act." And throughout life we have picked up ideas from around us on how to "Act." So sometimes we can act in a way that we think is most "ideal" for the people around us.

In this sense, life is like a stage. And some of us would have learnt different ways of eliciting the applause and avoiding the boos from the audience. As a result, some of us have truly become great actors and actresses. Some of us even have lost ourselves in the process.

It thus has become a routine habit for us to not act exactly as how we feel inside out of the desire of meeting expectations, convenience, greed, fears and so forth.

The point here is not to say that there is any right and wrong in doing all these things but rather to bring to the attention to those who are wishing to develop a Deeper Knowing of The Self that this process of losing oneself can be detrimental. Because that continuous "acting" can block the Knowing - i.e. we can end up fooling ourselves and come to believe that we are the person that we "portray" ourselves to be.

I.e. we can come to believe that we are not an angry person just because we have become an expert in hiding it from view.

I.e.we can come to believe that we like our jobs because we have convinced ourselves that the money is worth it.

To Know the Deeper and Truer Selves will involve the practice of seeing beyond our Actions and begin understand our Deeper Selves at the level of our Reactions.

It is through looking beyond the cosmetic layers that we have put up for ourselves for other people that we can develop The Knowing of The Self even deeper.

And in life it can be quite difficult to develop The Knowing of The Self.

This is because in society much of the focus and emphasis is placed on our Actions rather than our Reactions. For instance no matter how much Love and Compassion you have inside as long as you do not portray it through actions or in an "ideal" manner then it's valueless in the face of society. People will only applaude you if they "see" what they want to see. Thus even if you are always angry to the brink of explosion on the inside as long as you smile all the time people will see you as a calm person.

Self-Transformation thus takes a different path in which the importance/emphasis is placed on the level of the Reaction rather than the Action. This is because to be truly Happy it has to come from our State Of Being.

"You can be great at being an actor or you can be great at being yourself."

Path Of Creator

Action And Reaction In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Journey of Self-Transformation is about Creating Everlasting Happiness through Transforming and Releasing our Sufferings (And this includes all forms of Negativities i.e. our Anger, our Fears, our Worries and so forth).

And to address our Sufferings we need to begin looking at things from the level of the Reaction rather than the level of Action.

In life, much emphasis is placed on the importance of Actions rather than Reactions when we deal with Suffering situations.
As a result, whenever there is a problem to do Suffering, the resolution most people always look for are often always at the level of the Action - an outward solution

I.e. if someone makes us angry, then to address the Suffering our solutions would commonly be either to make them say sorry to us or get them to stop doing what makes us angry. Thus instead of addressing our Anger within we can end up looking for external resolutions/alleviations.

The common tendency for us thus is to always look for outward solutions rather than to address our deeper problems. And this type of mentality can be seen from the ways we deal with our health problems too. i.e. to just treat the symptoms with medicine rather than looking for the cause.

Here, the point is not to say that we should abandon all forms of outward resolution to our Sufferings, i.e. to stop going to the doctors, to stop apologising to each other, to stop running away from our fears.

The point here is to say that when we only address the problem by trimming it at the level of the grass, the Roots/Seed will be left untouched and as a result it will surface again and again no matter how carefully we trim it every time.

Thus without addressing the deeper Cause of our Sufferings, the Sufferings will always be there.

Realize that,
We can "act" forgiving and "happy" every time someone hurts us,
But this won't address the Hurt inside.
We can "be smart" to avoid everything that we Fear,
But this won't address the Fear inside.
We can develop our intellects to always win all arguments.
But this won't address the Anger inside.
And likewise, we can find "quick solutions" to our health problems.
But this won't address the Disease inside.

So use this website and explore the catalysts to help you to start transforming your life from the inside.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One of the ways to develop the Knowing of The Self is by becoming constantly aware of the Reactions behind our Actions.

Question The Self

"What are my Thoughts/Emotions/Intuitions behind my Actions?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

When you sit quietly in Meditation you are in fact putting your Actions aside. What then will happen is that your outward attention will be turned inward, turning away from seeing The Self as the Actions and towards seeing The Self as the Reactions. In that state of Meditation then it is when you begin developing the Knowing of how you really Feel, how you really Think, how you really are Reacting. That experience can be intense and confusing at first as witnessing the reactions come and go can feel like being thrown into a stormy sea. But with time as you develop Stillness and the ability to observe that Sea with a calm mind, all will become clear.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to become aware of the reactions that are happening in every moment within. The more you are aware of your reactions throughout every moment, the more you will realize the Realer You within.

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