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Action & Reaction

"Your reactions will always show you your true personality."


Defining Actions and Reactions

Action is defined here as the act of expressing ourselves using physical means, for instance, through the use of words and body. 

Reactions are the thoughts and emotions we experience in every moment. So our reactions are the sum of how we are perceiving our experiences. 

Whilst actions can be seen, reactions cannot be seen.

One may think that reactions are only composed of emotions and thoughts that are "intense". However, on the journey of Self-Transformation, subtle reactions are also reactions. So, as long as you are experiencing thoughts or emotions, you are reacting.

And as one develops Self-Awareness, one will become aware that one is in fact reacting in one way or form in every moment. Even in complete silence, there can be subtle thoughts and emotions that are happening at the back of one's mind.

Throughout the day, our focus will mostly be placed on the actions happening in the world outside as our focus usual go where the eyes go. So, to develop awareness of our reactions, one needs to learn how to look inwards as one experiences the outside world. The practice of meditation can help one to develop such Self-Awareness.

In this article, we will learn more about action and reaction so that one can develop greater Knowing of oneself.

Action & Reaction In Depth

Action and Reaction in relation to The Self

Why did you move your hand?

Why did you eat?

Why did you run?

As you observe the cause of your actions, you will find that there will always be some thoughts, beliefs, emotions before our actions.

Our actions will always be driven by our reactions.

So our actions are the representation of our reactions?

That "can" be correct but not quite because one can always lie about one's reactions through actions. For instance, one can choose to maintain a smile even if one is furiously reacting on the inside. For instance, one can always act brave when they are scared inside. 

So at the end of the day, how one manifests one's reactions will always be dependent on how one chooses to appear to others. 

Though, sometimes the reactions inside can be so intense that one simply cannot hide it through their actions. For instance, it can be difficult to not cry after experiencing a painful breakup with someone, or stop a laughter when we see something funny. 

So, if one wishes to know their true personality, one can observe their reactions rather than their actions if they wish to see themselves truthfully.

Action and Reaction in relation to The Self

In life, we would have picked up many ideas on how to "Act." 

For instance, being taught ideas on what good manners and behaviours are from our parents, teachers, workplace, and so forth.

Society will always influence us with ideas on how we should act to be the perfect friend, student, partner, work colleague and all other roles the world has to offer. And depending on the country you're in, the religion, cultures and traditions you follow etc., the ideas on how to act perfectly will be different.

The influence of these ideas can make one live life like an actor on the stage, trying to meet expectations and striving to round up applauses from our audience. So it's easy to lose ourselves on the stage that is life. We can act to please and we can fear being ourselves.

And the more we hide our True Personality, the more masks we will put on the Self, burying it deeper and deeper. With time, one can become disconnected from one's true emotions and thoughts. 

When this happens, questions and confusions will arise. 

Why am I unhappy? 

Why am I angry?

Am I angry?

Am I unhappy?

So, to rediscover oneself is to connect back with ourselves, to develop Self-Knowing. 

Instead of knowing oneself through their actions, one will need to learn about themselves through studying their reactions, to know why they are there, to know what is really happening in the world inside. 

Let go of the cosmetic layers so you can see yourself clearer.

In life, it can certainly be quite difficult to develop The Knowing of The Self.

This is because society will always prefer you to assimilate to its system rather than encourage you to be just you. So, it can be common for one to experience the social pressures and need to meet expectations and put on a perfect appearance all the time.

So, as you try to be yourself, you will be met with a lot of resistance. People can be agitated when you start being honest and disagree with their ideas. People can judge you for not working as hard as you should do when you feel like taking more breaks than them. People can refuse to support you when you start to have opinions that differ from the mainstream.

To reconnect with yourself thus won't be an easy path. You will meet many resistances. But most of the resistance will be inside. Your fears of being rejected by others will make the situation worse than it really is. People may not be judging you but your fears may tell you so.

So, the journey of Self-Knowing will take you to learn much about your deeper fears, which will help you to understand why you feel the need to be someone else rather than simply yourself. 

At the end of the day, there really only two main Paths you can take in life.

You can either be great at being an actor or you can be great at being yourself.

Path Of Creator

Action And Reaction In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Journey of Self-Transformation is about Creating Everlasting Happiness through Transforming and Releasing our Sufferings.

To address our Sufferings, we need to begin looking at ourselves from the level of the Reaction rather than the level of Action.

The normal tendency for people to address their Suffering States of Mind is often with actions. For instance, when someone is angry, the solution will always be to implement some kind of action, i.e. to prepare an apology, a talk, to avoid them, to report the matter, and so forth.

As a result, whenever there is a problem to do Suffering, the solutions most people will look for will most often be external ones.

That is why if someone is angry at you, and you tell them that they should look within for the cause, they will be confused, if not infuriated by your remark!

But people have their own journeys. How they wish to deal with their suffering states of mind will always be up to their free-will. But, if you wish to address your suffering states of mind, then instead of only looking for external solutions, you have to look within to address the negative reactions that are happening inside, by studying them, understanding them, so that you can know the cause.

Once the cause is known, then the solutions will naturally come. And the cause will always revolve around the theme of Self-Rejection.

If you wish to know more about how to find the cause and transforming the mind, you can read Catalyst - Transforming The Negative Ideas

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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