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"All forms of unhappiness comes from the state of Self-Rejection"


Defining Self-Rejection

To understand what Self-Rejection is we can look at the opposite of it. The Opposite of Self-Rejection is Self-Acceptance.

So when we are in a state of Rejection, we are in the state of non-Acceptance. For instance, When we are in a state of hating someone for being a certain way, or when we are in a state of fear, we are in a state of Self-Rejection.

The state of Self-Rejection is the state of Suffering, Unhappiness. This article will look at the relationship between the state of Self-Rejection and the state of the Suffering States of the mind.

Self-Rejection In Depth

If we look deep into the mind what we will realize is that all forms of negative states of the mind which brings unhappiness, whether it is a fear, impatience, anger, guilt, judgement and so forth, is a form of Self-Rejection directed either inwards or outwards.

For instance, fear is a form of self-rejection directed outwards. Guilt is a form of Self-Rejection directed inwards. No matter what the direction, as long as one is in a state of Self-Rejection one is in a negative state of mind. We simply call these negative states of the mind the Suffering States of the Mind.

It is important to know what kind of state of mind will promote unhappiness because this then will give us the clues to transform and release it - and that is through developing Self-Acceptance. See Catalyst - Self-Acceptance.

Path Of Creator

Self-Rejection In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with the awareness that all forms of unhappiness experienced in the mind comes from the state of Self-Rejection. Different forms of Self-Rejection creates different forms of negative emotions and thoughts, i.e. jealousy is a type of self-rejection, fear of failing is a type of self-rejection.

The journey is to develop the Knowing of the different forms of Self-Rejection (Suffering States of the Mind) that one needs to work on. The destination is towards transforming and releasing these states of the mind, and this is done through developing Self-Acceptance.

At The Idea Level

To understand how the state of Rejection is created in the mind we can look at it at the Idea level of the mind.

When we become attached to Negative Ideas i.e Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self then we can experience the state of Self-Rejection each time these Negative Ideas are triggered.

Negative Ideas can be understood as Self-Declarations beginning with

"It is not ok.."

I.e. "It is not ok to be embarassed"

Because it is not ok to be embarassed, then one will be in negative judgement when one is embarassed by other selves, this will also generate an inner fear of being embarassed by other selves, this will also generate self-judgement towards other selves when they are doing an embarassing act.

So the Negative Ideas can be triggered in various ways, by an outside situation or an inner situation. For instance, someone can call us stupid and that can trigger the Negative Idea to surface. For instance, our imagination that people will laugh at our ideas can also trigger the Negative Ideas to surface. And when it does, we will experience suffering states of the mind and body - See Catalyst - Negative Ideas in more detail.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To develop the Knowing of the relationship between the suffering states of the mind and the state of Self-Rejection, simply ask yourself the question every time you experience unhappiness

"What is it that I am rejecting at the moment?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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In the Creator's Meditation, whenever you are out of the state of Stillness, i.e. in the state of chaos, negativity, impatience, dwelling in wandering thoughts etc. realize that every time you are being pulled away from the state of Stillness you are being pulled into the state of Self-Rejection.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and others in a powerful way to create greater happiness within.

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