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"There is no need to reject the Infinite Self"


Defining Self-Rejection

Let us explore the state of mind that is Self-Rejection.

In this state, one is rejecting something, i.e. oneself, other selves, an object, an idea, and so forth.

To shorten the name for this state of mind, the word Self means all there is; the reason for this will be explained in more detail later. 

How does one know when one has fallen into such a state of Mind?

Whenever one is experiencing Unhappiness, one is experiencing the states of Self-Rejection. This is because Self-Rejection is the seed cause for all forms of Sufferings, however big or small, so these can include the fears, the anger, the impatience—any negative states of mind you can experience in life.

As long as you are experiencing any unhappiness, you are experiencing the state of Self-Rejection. 

Understanding the state of Self-Rejection further

And to understand the state of Self-Rejection even further, one can examine the opposite of it—The state of Self-Acceptance.

From this angle, we can view Self-Rejection as a state of Non-Acceptance, a state where we find the mind unable to accept something about the world outside or something about ourselves.

For instance, these experiences could be moments of hating someone for being a certain way, being frustrated about a situation at hand, running away from something we fear, criticizing ourselves for having certain traits, and so forth.

As the seed cause for unhappiness is Self-Rejection, we will explore this state of mind in this article to learn the ways of transforming it to create greater happiness in our lives. 

Self-Rejection In Depth

To understand what Self-Rejection is, one can begin by understanding what The Self is.

What is The Self?

To answer this question, we will can begin by answering another question:

"Who are we?"

We are the mind, the consciousness that is currently occupying a physical body. 

The body is simply a vehicle you use to experience this reality. Realize that the Mind is You experiencing this world.

Knowing this then, where does the experience of happiness originate? From the world? From the body? Or the mind? 

If you think about it, it would be the latter, for two bodies will always experience the same experience differently.


Because they are of two different Minds!

To understand The Self thus is to understand that we are the mind. And as we are consciousness being in essence; we are infinite by nature; what we believe, we become. 

Realize that you have the choice to believe in anything. 

In this reality, you can believe yourself to be a soaring bird even if physics prove you wrong. 

You can even believe yourself to be popular when everyone hates you. 

Realize that you are the Creator of your own reality. You can choose to believe whether the earth is flat or round, whether something is true or false, whether you are happy or unhappy. 

Thus, you can be anything, even nothing, if that's what you desire. 

So, you are infinite in potential. And The Deeper Mind knows of this Truth. As a result, the deeper Mind will see that everything you experience in life as you experiencing the infinite possibilities of yourself: in short, whatever you experience in life, you are simply experiencing yourself, even though your eyes may tell you otherwise.

To the deeper mind, you are all there is, thus, everything you experience is yourself. That is why the word Self is used in the word Self-Rejection because it implies that when you are in the state of rejecting something, you are in fact, rejecting yourself. 

Why is it important to know this?

It's important to realize how the Deeper Mind sees the world because it is from there where our experiences originate. 

The Truth that there is really only One Self to the deeper mind can be difficult for those who have not meditated, not known the mind through direct experience because religions, philosophies, scientists, psychologists will all have their own spin on how the mind works and what it is.

The best way to understand how the mind works is to simply meditate and earn the knowledge from one's experience rather than from books or from what I say. 

Otherwise, one will never know the Truth.

There are many free guided meditation on the courses page for one to start developing their own Truth.

How Rejection Causes Suffering

If one looks deep into the mind, one will realize that all negative states of the mind—i.e. fears, impatience, anger, guilt, hate, and so forth—are simply different types of inward and outward states of Self-Rejection.

For instance, fear can be form of Self-Rejection directed outwards to a situation that we cannot accept. 

Guilt can be a form of Self-Rejection directed inwards to a part of The Self we cannot accept. 

Anger can be a form of Self-Rejection towards parts of Other Selves that we cannot accept. 

Thus, although there are many names given for different types of negative mental states of the mind, they are simply a disguise for what Suffering really is—Self-Rejection.

Knowing this truth will help you to realize the importance of Self-Acceptance, because if Self-Rejection is the cause for all Sufferings, then the opposite would provide its remedy!

To know more about Self-Acceptance, you can read the Catalyst-Self-Acceptance.

Path Of Creator

Self-Rejection In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about developing the awareness of the cause for one's Sufferings, i.e. to realize Self-Rejection as the root cause.

The journey is progressed by developing the Knowing of this cause through one's experience. Practising meditation can help one to develop such knowledge directly. Meditation will help one develop the awareness and sensitivity needed to detect the activities of their negative emotions and thoughts in every moment throughout the day so that they can become aware of moments when they are rejecting something.

And with time, one will realize the deeper cause for one to reject The Self—Negative Ideas

At The Idea Level

To understand why Self-Rejection happens, we can view The Self at the Idea level, which is the place for all beginnings in the world of the mind.

Negative Ideas are ideas we have created that promote the Rejection of The Self. 

When we become attached to such Ideas, it will drive one to reject oneself and others in various ways.

Negative Ideas can be understood as Self-Declarations beginning with "It is not ok.."

I.e. "It is not ok to be embarassed"

Let us observe the mind of one who has become attached to such a Negative Idea.

Because it is not ok to be embarrassed, one will judge oneself and others negatively when one is in an embarrassing experience. 

This idea will also generate a fear of being embarrassed by Other Selves.

To understand Negative Ideas in detail, one can explore the Catalyst - Negative Ideas.

The deeper destination in life is greater happiness. And such journey will be enlightening because as one makes their way there, one will gradually refine their knowing of love, which will guide them to accept all there is unconditionally, ultimately taking one to see one's own reflection in all things.  


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To develop the Knowing of the relationship between the suffering states of the mind and the state of Self-Rejection, one can ask themselves the following question whenever they experience unhappiness:

"What is it that I am rejecting at the moment?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

In the Creator's Meditation, whenever you are out of the state of Stillness— i.e. in the state of chaos, negativity, impatience, dwelling in wandering thoughts etc.—realize that the Unstillness you are experiencing is simply a projection of the state of Self-Rejection happening within.

What to do when this happens? 

Simply cultivate Self-Acceptance by trying to accept what is happening in the Present Moment, i.e. the present experience, situation, breath, body journey, and so forth.

This is one of the ways one can develop Self-Acceptance through meditation. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and others in a powerful way to create greater happiness within.

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