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"Inspirations are the guides to our Deeper Desires"


Defining Inspiration

When we are inspired, we are being moved by an outside experience to do something meaningful in our life. For instance, a tear-dropping piece of art can make one want to paint something beautiful of their own; a moving speech about animal abuse can inspire one to eat less meat; witnessing the death of someone close can inspire one to live their life to the fullest, and so forth. 

In this article, we will explore this special state of mind to know the deeper meaning behind the experience of being inspired. 

Inspiration In Depth

Everyone are inspired by different things. A piece of art that could make one cry of joy could make the other shed tears of boredom. Thus, it's not so much the experience itself that is special but rather the way one is perceiving the experience that makes it special.

What makes one perceive an experience as an inspiring experience?

Realize that when an experience inspires us, our deeper desires are being unveiled, granting us a glimpse of the things that we've always wanted to do or the things that we never thought was possible to do.

For instance, a person can discover their deeper desires to write music upon hearing a heart-moving symphony.

And likewise, one can also discover their deeper desires to be a more loving person when they see others do compassionate things.

Or another example, one can be inspired to be more courageous in life after watching a movie of someone climbing Mt Everest. 

Thus, if one allows more variety of experiences to flow into their lives, it can help one to uncover their deeper desires quicker: through seeing what other people are doing and discovering the possibilities this world has to offer, one can know what kind of life they want even more.

Often, one can be unaware of their desires when there are fears of pursuing one's dreams. The inspirational experiences in life can help one to momentarily lift their fears to allow one a glimpse of their deeper desires before it's clouded again.

So, try new experiences! Meet new people! Try different things! 

And when you feel moments of inspiration, it means that you are discovering something more about yourself!

Path Of Creator

Inspiration In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey towards greater happiness is a journey of Self-Knowing. If one doesn't know oneself, then one will not know their desires, thus one will not have a destination towards fulfilment. 

The more one knows oneself, the more meaning one can make out of one's life. It's a truly joyous feeling when one can live a life that resonates with their heart. Without striving towards a meaningful life, the moments of happiness can be random, dispersed, and superficial rather than experienced in every moment.

Inspiring experiences are like angels that can nudge us towards what we truly desire. And what we desire may not be what the inspiring experiences show us, i.e. just because we were inspired by a movie star does not necessarily mean that we want to be one, but deeper in the mind, it can be more to do with what the things the movie star have that we don't have. Perhaps it's money or fame. Perhaps it's courage or creativity. Or it may a desire for a more interesting life.

Realize that deeper in the mind, inspiring experiences will always show us our desires for things that we don't currently have. From a spiritual perspective, these are the things we lack. For instance, the lack of courage and creativity. The lack of money or fame. Because if we already have what others have, then we wouldn't be inspired as such since everything needed has been achieved.

Thus the journey of Self-Transformation is about discovering our deeper desires; not only the desires on the surface but also the desires within, the things we want to achieve to fill the lack. 

And to go on a deeper journey, one can ask oneself the question:

"Why have I not yet fulfilled my desires?"

Upon asking this question then, one will be taken to face their suffering states of the mind, the fears, the lack of self-belief, the negativities, the self-limitations within. 

The easiest way to live a fulfilling life thus is to know one's deeper desires and to pursue it, which will ultimately be a journey of working through the fears and limitations of the mind.

A truly enlightening journey!

Perhaps after one has journeyed through one's darkness, one can then be a beacon of inspiration for others to do the same.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you encounter an inspiring experience, use it as clues to know more about your deeper desires.

You can ask the following questions to develop Self-Knowing

"What desires is this inspiring experience bringing out of me?"

And even deeper, 

"Why do I desire these things?"

And even deeper, 

"What am I lacking in life that is making me desire these things?'

And even deeper,

"What is holding me back from fulfilling this lack?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

The Creator's Meditation is a Vipassana type of practice that teaches one to observe Reality as is.

Thus, as one sits in meditation more and more, one will be able to realize their deeper Self as they release themselves from the chaotic states of the mind into the state of Stillness.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to realize who you really are within through meditation. With time you will come to know your deepest desires so that you can live a fulfilled life.

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