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State Of Mind

"The Ever Changing State Of Mind"


Defining State Of Mind

State of Mindis defined here as the way we feel and think at a particular moment in time. State of Mind can also be understood as how we are reacting in the present moment.

In this article we will explore what creates the different States Of The Mind

State Of Mind In Depth

It is important to understand the nature of the State Of Mind – that is it is ever-changing.

In one moment one can experience happiness and in another moment one can experience sadness. The state of mind within us is always in a state of flux and can be easily influenced by our exterior situation / surroundings.

Although the changing environment can influence us to experience different states of the mind, ultimately you are the Creator of your own State Of Mind.


Importance Of Understanding The State Of Mind

It is important to understand the nature of the Mind.

Because if we do not understanding that the nature of Mind can change from one state to another, one can easily fall into the illusion that whatever emotions that one is experiencing is going to be permanent whether it be a happy state or an unhappy state.

For example, when one lacks such knowing this can make someone who is experiencing depression or lonliness at the time believe that the misery they are experiencing will last forever. Or that when one encounters a problem which makes them worry they may fall into the illusion that the stress and problem will always be there haunting them. And it is actually quite common to fall into such a pessimistic belief in moments when we are overcome by the negative states of the mind. When one experience such dark states of the mind it can make one feel hopeless, and instead of taking the steps to let it go one can simply dwell in it.

To release oneself out of the Suffering States of Mind one has to understand that our State of Mind can be changed, to realize that one is ultimately the Creator of one's own state of mind. At first one can understand this intellectually by learning that the states of mind are always changing. This understanding can be accumulated from life experiences by simply carrying awareness of the inner world through every moment.

Path Of Creator

State Of Mind In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Our destination is towards Greater Happiness.

But what greater happiness is there if the happiness we obtain is not ever-lasting i.e. shifting from happiness to sadness to the next then from happiness to sadness again and again?

The Path Of Creator address this question by taking us to understand the Cause of the Suffering State of Mind. By understand the cause of the Suffering States of Mind then we can then address it and release it. And the more the suffering states of the mind are released the less our mind will shift towards the negative states of reality.

The journey begins by understanding that nothing is permanent in the world inside. Everything is always changing, our thoughts, our emotions - our states of mind. Once one realizes this from an internal level then one will be able to let go of suffering experiences in life more and more because of the realization that painful experiences will never last - and the pain will only last as long as we allow it to.

The journey progresses with developing such Self-Knowing, and can progress also even further the more one develops the Knowing that one is actually the Creator of their own States of Mind.

This Knowing can be developed through simply working on one's suffering states of mind i.e. one's anger, one's fears, one's impatience and so forth.

Naturally the more one releases their sufferings, the less one will experience it when the same situations in life arises. So through working on one's sufferings, one will realize that it's actually one's own perception of life experiences that is generating the states of mind happening from within. So by transforming one's perception of the world, one will be able to be the master of their own states of mind.

The destination is towards the state of accepting all there is. In this state of mind, one is in the state of infinite happiness and potential, no matter how one's surroundings change, no matter how one's life changes.

When All is acceptable, then All will be well.

Desires In Relation To The State Of Mind

We can find out our desires by asking ourselves questions. For instance, "What should I do for a living?" Then from that question one will receive the answers from one's mind.

However the quality of the answers that one receives will be dependant on the depth of one's awareness of The Self, thus when one only has surface awareness one will only receive superficial answers.

Realize that when our surface emotions/thinking is too strong then it can block ourselves from becoming aware of our deeper selves. In this situation our surface emotions/thinking can make us believe that these emotions and thoughts are our "true desires” and drive us to live in a way that may not reflect our Deeper Selves.

For instance, when one questions out of anger, one will be inspired by the answers to sustain the anger, i.e. with thoughts about how to control or punish the other person.

For instance, when one questions out of doubt, one will be inspired by the answers to sustain the doubt, i.e. with the thoughts of failure.

Thus to get a clearer answer to one's desires, one will have to learn how to declare a desire without it being colored by one's thinking or emotion.

This is why the practice of Stillness is important because it allows our state of mind to be disturbed by thoughts and emotions so that we can observe for deeper answers to the questions that we ask. Otherwise, we will only be stuck with surface answers which only reflect the surface thoughts and emotions of our being.

The Destination is towards becoming the Masters of Our Mind naturally. And this is done through developing the Knowing of The Self and transforming our Suffering States Of Mind.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Simply be aware of the level of your happiness throughout the day. This will allow one to develop experienced knowledge of how our States of Mind can change from one moment to the next

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Simply observe and continue the meditation even when one experiences the urge to stop the practice. Often, by persisting to let go of the negativity, it is then that suffering feeling will slowly disappear and one will begin to be able to perhaps “enjoy” the practice rather than “suffer” and this will take one to the deeper realization of the Truth that we are the Creator of our own State of Mind.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to realize who you really are within and learn the relationship between the different states of mind and the wandering thoughts experienced in meditation.

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