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State Of Mind

"The Ever Changing State Of Mind"


Defining State Of Mind

State of Mind is defined here as the quality of your mind at any particular moment in time.

For instance, when someone we love has just broken up with us, we can be in a torn state of mind. 

Or, after winning the lottery, we can be in a cheerful state of mind.

In this article, we will explore the cause of one's happiness and unhappiness through understanding more about the nature of one's state of mind. 

State Of Mind In Depth

The nature of the mind is that it's always changing.

Thus, in every moment, your state of mind is in a state of fluctuation, sometimes so subtle that it can be difficult to detect.

This is because as we experience every moment of life, reactions are happening deep in the mind. And the quality of those reactions will determine our state of mind at that time. 

So, in one moment, one can experience happiness; in another, suffering. The states of mind thus can rise and fall like a roller coaster throughout the day, taking us on a trip towards different spectrums of fear and excitement, peace and happiness. 

One's state of mind can be easily influenced by the events that happen in life. Someone can say something nice to us and that could brighten our day. Or we can lose our wallets and that can bring chaos to the mind. Thus, life experiences can seem to be the causes for one's state of mind. 

However, it's only when we look for the deeper cause, we will realize that we have always been the ones creating the different states of mind, determining the quality of our experience in life in every moment.  

The practice of meditation can help one to develop the knowing of this deeper cause because as one sits in meditation without any external distractions, one will begin to experience all sorts of states of mind: from the bubbling of different emotions to the wanderings of different kinds of thoughts. Through meditation, one will experience that one can be happy one moment but unhappy in another. And by trying to be Still throughout these fluctuating thoughts and emotions, one will realize that they have the power to release chaos within and experience peace and happiness. But if one chooses not to be Still, the chaos will simply continue. Thus with time, meditation, one will realize that one is indeed the Creators of their own state of mind. 

Developing this realization through meditation can be enlightening and transformative. Because the more one can realize oneself as the Creator, the more one will question why one has a lack of control of one's mind, which will take them to see the deeper causes of their self-limitations.

And also, the more one can realize that one's state of mind can be changed, the more optimistic one will be when faces "unhappy" experiences in life. Often when we face dark experiences in life, we can fall into the belief that the darkness will remain with us forever. But by learning about the nature of one's state of mind, one will realize that it can be easily changed, and that the more one is willing to assist in the change, by learning to be Still and Optimistic, the quicker the darkness will disappear.  

Path Of Creator

State Of Mind In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey towards greater happiness is to become happier than the day before.

In life, one can use external stimuli to create happiness within. But such happiness will always be temporary, lasting as long as the experience.

What is the point of developing happiness if it can be so fleeting? 

That is why to truly create greater happiness, one has to learn to transform their unhappiness. The less unhappy one is with their life, the greater happiness one will experience. That is the deeper journey of creating greater happiness in life—to transform the suffering states of the mind. 

So, we are the Creator of our own state of mind. But if we are the Creator, why can't we simply choose to be happy in all moments?

Thus, the journey of creating greater happiness will be a journey of Self-Knowing, of knowing why we can't be happy in all moments, and this will take one to discover their deeply rooted beliefs that they have become attached to that are creating the Sufferings within. 

See Catalyst-Discover Negative Ideas for more details. 

Once the suffering states of mind are addressed, the easier it will become for one to experience the happier states of mind throughout the day. The less chaotic and fluctuating one's state of mind will be as well. 

 The reason why one's state of mind can change so readily and be so volatile is because of one's ability to experience unhappiness. Once the cause of one's unhappiness is addressed, one will be able to be less controlled by one's negativities and more able to remain in the state of Stillness, in the Present Moment. The state of enlightenment could be said to be a state when the mind is no longer fluctuating, able to simply observe with an awareness that pierces through the Present Moment as it is.

The journey will take one to realize that suffering is not permanent unless one decides to hold onto it. And as one practices meditation more and more, one will realize the deeply rooted beliefs they have about the world and themselves that are generating the suffering states of mind, and why they have been subconsciously holding onto these beliefs so tightly.

Thus, the journey of transforming one's state of mind can also be said to be a journey of learning to let go. 

The destination is towards a state of enlightenment where the mind is no longer fluctuating from one state to another, but it is as still as a calm ocean, a gleaming mirror of truth and wisdom. 

Desires In Relation To The State Of Mind

Realize that the decisions we make will always be affected by the state of mind we have in that particular moment.

For instance, when one asks the question,

"What should I do for a living?" 

The answers one will receive will always be influenced by one's state of mind.

For instance, if at that moment one is in a fearful state of mind, one may end up coming with answers that don't involve one facing their fears.

If at that moment one is in a tired state of mind, one may come up with lazy answers.

If at that moment one is in a courageous state of mind, one can be motivated to come up with more daring answers. 

So, realize that the quality of answers that one receives will always be inspired by one's state of mind.

So, by improving one's state of mind, one will be able to receive better answers. 

It's like asking someone to do a favour for you. We all know that it would be better to wait until that person is in a good mood to ask them. Because if we were to ask them for a favour whilst they are angry, the chances of getting declined would be much higher!

That is why it's important to develop the state of Stillness, to calm the mind so that when one has questions for oneself, one can receive clearer answers.

So, if you wish to know clearly about what you wish to do in life, it's important to practice meditation so that you can learn to Still the mind, which will help you to find clearer answers to the more important questions you may have.

Learn to know your desires clearly and early so that you can start paving your way towards the future that your heart desires!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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