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"Quieten the mind to bring the Intuition near"


Defining Intuition

We live in both worlds: in the outer world of which the eyes can see, and the inner world which we experience with the mind. 

Let us talk about the world inside. What we often experience in the inner world are the chatters of the thoughts and emotions.

But beyond them, there is actually another voice, almost whispering inaudibly in the background, the voice that is most often ignored—the Intuition.

In this article, we will learn about this faculty of mind and the ways to connect with it. 

Intuition In Depth

Like how learning about the subtleties of colors can help one to become aware of them, the more we learn about what the intuition is, the easier it will be for one to become aware of that inner voice.

One way to understand more about the intuition is through learning what it is not. Doing so, will help one to differentiate its unique voice from those of the emotions and thoughts. 

So, let us observe the many "voices" or "experiences" that can happen within.

Firstly, there is the sort of communication and experience that takes place at the Physical Level, for instance, messages from the body when it requires food and water; when it is aroused, i.e. by someone attractive; when it desires for greater comfort, or when it tries to warn The Self of discomfort through signals of pain. The body will usually communicate to the Self through physical sensations.

Secondly, there is the Emotional Self that communicates through emotions. Happiness and Sadness usually are the easiest emotions for one to understand, but the subtler emotions such as the tinge of self-disappointment and subtle states of apathy can take practice for one to develop the awareness of them. 

Thirdly, there is also the Mental Self that communicates through thoughts. These are usually easier to understand when they come in audible form or images. However, like emotions, they can be subtle too, for instance, they can come in the form of abstract thoughts or metaphors, or like dreams that are composed of subconscious messages.

When we are always looking outwards to experience the world around us, we can lose awareness of the activities that are happening in the world within. It's only when one looks inwards that one can realize how loud it is. 

Sometimes, our emotions and thoughts can even conflict with one another. For instance, the body may want water, but the mind may choose to work instead, whilst the emotions can be declaring pain. 

Thus, if one wishes to understand the inner dialogues clearer, one needs to learn to think and react less. Otherwise, with so many voices happening, one can either end up confused and onlyend up hearing the loudest one. That is why the practice of meditation can be so helpful as it will help one to bring Stillness to one's mind so that one can become aware of the reasons for the conversations that are happening inside.

Once the chattering mind quietens, the subtler voices of the intuition will come through. The intuition is the voice of The Deeper Self. Compared to the Other levels of The Self, the intuition is full of wisdom. From a spiritual perspective, the Intuitional Self is there to guide one to complete their spiritual journey in the straightest line. It sees from a perspective that is not locked in the Present Moment, but rather, aware of all future possibilities. So, its messages can often be difficult to decipher and accept to the intellectual mind whose awareness is limited only to the Present Moment. 

To generalize, the way the Intuitional Self communicates is through a form of Knowing, which can be differentiated from the "feelings" of the Emotional Self, the "thinking" of the Mental Self, and the "physical sensations" of the Physical Self.

Some messages that the Intuitional Self will often want to raise will concern about the choices one is about to make that can affect one's life path in a drastic way, i.e. towards greater suffering or stagnation.  

The intuitional Self will often guide one to know their true nature, which is of unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. Thus it's subtle voice can nudge one to do greater good. The voices of the spiritual heart (not the physical or the metaphorical) and the Intuitional Self speak of the same things. Actually, it can even be termed as one's Higher Self, or even better, one's Deeper Self. 

The Intuitional Self has become the most neglected part of The Self because the Mental and Emotional Self can dominate the inner world with their busy thoughts and intense reactions. 

To connect with the Intuitional Self then is to learn to quieten and still the mind. This can be done by engaging in less stimulating activities throughout the day, for instance, from playing fewer video games, less shopping, less partying and drinking, less fearing, less worrying, less working, less daydreaming, and so forth.

For most, this can seem to remove a big chunk of "fun" out of one's life, which all the more explains why the Intuitional Self is the least known and most ignored part of The Self!

Path Of Creator

Intuition In Relation To The Path Of Creator

From a spiritual perspective, the bigger journey of life is the journey towards greater happiness, greater enlightenment, greater expansion of the soul.

If one wishes to accelerate their progress, they can learn to connect with their Intuitional Self, The Self that contains all the wisdom required for one to reach their destination in the most efficient manner.

But this may not be what one wants because to travel in the straightest line can present some intense and traumatic experiences as it's through these kinds of experiences that the mind can be unsettled, shifted, transformed into new states. Thus, such a path is mostly reserved for the most ambitious, those who are ready to accelerate their life journey and are alright with taking on more challenging life experiences.

But in saying this, it doesn't hurt to connect with the Intuitional Self to let it challenge one's way of living!

By connecting with the Intuitional Self, one will be drawn to suffering experiences of the mind because it is there where one's learning awaits, where one can discover the spiritual lessons they have taken into this life journey.

Learning to hear the intuitional Self can be both easy and difficult as it will communicate in the form that is unique to the individual's constitution, i.e, visually, aurally, knowingly, and so forth. 

As communications of the mind can seem to form from the head, and emotions from the gut, one can place their awareness on the area of the spiritual heart (the place in the middle of one's chest) and just carry the awareness of that place throughout the day. This is usually the place of "Knowing".

Some questions one can ask throughout the day to help them connect to this area of The Self is to ask for the Heart's input into one's decision making instead of just letting one's emotions and thoughts make the decisions.

Such questions can be, "Is this the right decision for me?"

And then feel, tune into the heart to see if you can "know" or "experience" any messages coming through.

When one cannot hear any messages, one can end up trying too hard. But there's no need to force oneself. I mean, if one cannot run a marathon, what's the point of forcing oneself to run it? Better to take the journey step by step by prepping oneself to be ready to run when the time comes.

Similarly, to prepare yourself to communicate with your heart, you can incorporate the practice of meditation into your life every day and use it to Still your mind, to become aware of what's happening inside, to let go of all your thoughts and desires so that deeper messages can come forth.

There's no need to overanalyze the communication. For instance, to question whether this is the heart or this is the mind or this is the thought. When one does this, one will end up over-thinking. Simply try and leave it as is. Just try to hear the intuition, and if nothing comes, and let it be. 

If one thinks that they've heard the Intuitional Self speaking, one can even follow its advice, even though it may seem strange, and see where it takes them. If it takes them to a better place (which usually will take time to know) then it may be that one has successfully accessed their Intuitional Self.

What is the best way to connect with your Intuitional Self?

Just work on your suffering states of mind!

Instead of craving to connect to your Intuitional Self, just focus your work on removing the blockages that are causing the disconnection. These will be your fears, your worries, your anger, your impatience, and so forth. The suffering states of the mind will always make the mind and emotions too loud, so as you transform your suffering states of mind, you will naturally connect with your Intuitional Self.

The destination is to develop a Still Mind so that one can know the world inside clearly—to know the World of The Self.  

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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