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"Quieten The Mind To Hear The Intuition"


Defining Intuition

Intuition is different from the state of “Thinking.” Rather, intuition can be better understood as the state of "Knowing."

And this Knowing is communicated from the Deeper Self to the Surface Self. The Deeper Self can also be defined as the "Soul" and communication with it can only happen when the bridge towards the Surface Self is clear – i.e. not blocked by a mind cluttered with thoughts / emotions.

To clarify the differences between the Heart Self / Intuition Self / Higher Self, it's easier to just see them as One because any Inner Selves that is beyond the Personality Self will always communicate in a way to help one to Know Oneself / Oneness even more.

Intuition In Depth

The Self can receive communication from the Physical Self – I.e. messages from the physical body as to what it desires – food when hungry, water when thirsty, sex, relationship, rest and so forth.

The Self can also receive communication from the Emotional Self – i.e. when it’s angry, when it is happy, when it is frustrated and so forth.

The Self can also receive communication from the Mental Self – I.e when it has thoughts about what to eat for lunch, when it has thoughts about what to do for the rest of the day.

Beyond them The Self can also receive communication from the Intuitional Self.

The desires, wisdom and advice given by the Intuitional Self will always be of a greater good and often what is expressed can be in conflict with what the surface mind needs. For example the Intuitional Self may ask The Self to be compassionate towards others but the Mental/Emotional Self may rather choose to stay in anger and hurt others.

Thus when the Other Selves Within are too loud and out of control then the voice of the Intuitional Self will not be heard. So communication with the Intuitional Self can be drowned out the more we stimulate our minds and emotions i.e. from playing video games, from partying and drinking, from engaging in our fears, wandering thoughts and so forth.

Path Of Creator

Intuition In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about developing greater happiness.

And to do this requires one to develop the Knowing of The Self - at all levels.

The Knowing of the Intuitional Self is important because the desires of the Intuitional Self is always to develop greater happiness and thus the Intuitional Self will always guide The Self to go towards one’s negativities, fears in order to explore and expand the Knowing of The Self so one can fully transform their Sufferings. In short, the Intuition Self will always take one to complete their spiritual lessons.

The Intuitional Self can communicate to The Self through physical sensations, feelings or words. But it’s primary means of expression is through “Knowing.” And this knowing can be sensed physically at the heart/chest area that one is doing the “right” thing which is a different sensation from the mind that thinks it is doing the “right” thing. Realize again the difference between "Knowing" and "Thinking."

A question to ask to trigger the Intuitional Self is to ask the question, "Is this right for me?"

And then become aware of the subtle waves of Knowing that comes through.

However communicating with the Intuitional Self can be difficult when one over-thinks because one will become confused as to whether one is communicate with the Mental Self, Emotional Self or with the Intuitional Self.

Realize that the Intuitional Self will only be heard when the Mind and Emotions are quietened.

Thus instead of focusing on trying to hear the Intuitional Self, by simply working on transforming and releasing your Sufferings then the connection will gradually come - because through the process you will become more Still and Aware of what is happening Within, and the difference between hearing the intuition and your fears will become clear.

So instead of learning techniques to connect oneself with one's intuition, the best and safest way is to simply working on one's Sufferings, on what is "preventing" you from hearing your intuitional voice.

Negative Reactions

Sometimes we can come to the belief that we are communicating with our intuition when we ask our intuition whether or not we should do something. When negative reactions are experienced within we can come to the belief that it is our intuition communicating to us.

Realize that this "feeling" can come from our Emotional Self. I.e. telling us that we won’t enjoy it if we do it. And if it does come from the Intuition Self, it can be that the Intuition is telling you from a future perspective as to how you will enjoy the experience. But these communications does not necessarily mean for you to avoid such experiences.

Thus realize how confusing this can be. Thus simply work to transform your Sufferings if you wish to connect with the Intuitional Self because when one has a lot of self-doubts, fears, self-judgement, and negativities, chaos in the mind one will become confused when one tries to communicate with the Intuitional Self. Once the chaos in the mind is clear, then it can be easier to distinguish the different Selves. So it's better to just focus on releasing one's suffering states of the mind so that one can naturally develop the Self-Knowing step by step.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you have a question, you can simply observe for answers with a clear Mind. I.e. this is not to tell the mind to “space-out” but to tell the Mind to be acutely sharp and aware, ready to observe and receive any messages that may come from within.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Use the Creator’s Meditation to quieten all the levels of The Self by simply observing and focusing on the body journey.

Know and Transform The Self!

Once you put the mind aside, it is then you can truly hear the finer messages coming from within

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to clear your mind and connect with your heart.

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