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"Misfortune is simply fortune misunderstood"


Defining Misfortune

Undesirable things can sometimes happen in life. We can lose our wallet, trip up on the curb, serve an ill-tempered customer at work, miss the bus, and so forth. When these kinds of "bad" events happen in our life, we can feel "unlucky" or "misfortunate."

In this article, we will explore the experience of bad luck from the spiritual lens to see what it really is and how one can use such experiences to develop greater Self-Knowing. 

Misfortune In Depth

Causes for Misfortunate Experiences

From the spiritual perspective, there really is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. Everything happens for a reason just as there is a cause and effect.

Thus, what is bad luck?

It can be many things.

For instance, it can be the accumulated result of the choices one has made in the past in this lifetime; or from past lifetimes if one believes in reincarnation.

And if one believes in reincarnation, "bad luck" is not so much a punishment but rather experiences that we have chosen to experience before coming into this life as lessons to learn more about what we wish to learn.

And if one believes in the laws of attraction, one can see bad luck as the cause of one's beliefs, i.e. it's one's inner negativity that is drawing the negative experiences to them.

But, in this article, we will just explore the "misfortunate" experiences as opportunities to know themselves. Because what is the point of spending time and effort on the cause of one's bad luck when one can use that energy to learn and grow from the experience?

Using Misfortunate Experiences To Grow

To use "misfortunate" experiences to grow, one can start with the following question:

"Why have I perceived the experience as negative?"

For instance,

"Why does this experience bother me so much?"

"Why does this experience stir my mind up?"

"Why can't I be happy in this experience?"

Realize that "misfortunate" experiences will always be particular to an individual's mind. Someone's misfortune may be someone else's fortune. For instance, one can feel like bad luck for getting fired. Another person may see it as a great opportunity to move to something new. Or someone can feel like they got punished from above for getting into a car accident. Someone else might thank the heavens that no injuries had occurred in such an accident. 

So, the quality of experiences will always be subject, unique to an individual's mind. 

Thus, by figuring out why one has viewed such an experience as negative, one can discover that the deeper cause for one to perceive such experiences as negative lies in one's mind. 


Importance Of Addressing Misfortune

“Why have I perceived that experience as Negative?”

Without exploring the answers to this question, one may never find a true solution to their unhappiness. That is why if one feels like bad luck is following them all the time, one can pose the question to the mind as to why it can't simply accept the experience as is. What is it that's causing one to feel so negative towards the experience? It's by discovering the reasons and addressing them that one can experience greater happiness.

Some other questions that may help one to discover the cause of their "misfortune":

"Why am I always seeing the glass as half empty than half full?"

"What is this experience showing me about myself?"

"How can I learn from this experience rather than just react negatively to it?

Sometimes, it may be our inability to see the good within the bad that can make us veer towards seeing only the negative side of the experience. 

When one carries beliefs that one is not loved then this can also make one perceive their experiences in a grim light, even though they may be surrounded by people who love them. 

It is by transforming the darkness within that we can enjoy all experiences in life whether they can be labelled as fortunate or misfortunate. 

How suffering it is to only pray for "good" experiences to come into one's life whilst fearing the "bad" ones!

Path Of Creator

Misfortune In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about learning to learn from our "negative" experiences.

When one only react negatively to "bad" experiences without learning from them, then that can be quite misfortunate. Because that's a missed opportunity to learn more about oneself!

Realize the power of misfortunate experiences. It can help to bring the dark states of the mind into light, allowing one to see the cause of their unhappiness easier, i.e. their fears, their anger, their frustration, and so forth. 

What a great opportunity it is when an experience brings out the worst in us. This is when we can get to know ourselves more and to understand more about what is preventing us from experiencing greater happiness. 

If one looks back at their life to see all the experiences they've ever had, they would realize that the experiences that have helped them grow the most would have been their "worst" experiences, which are those chapters in their life that is filled with stories of anger, hate, fears, negativities. Those were the stories that helped to stir our minds so that it can see the world in a different perspective, to know more about the world, to know more about ourselves, making us question the way we've been living, nudging us to change our habit patterns. 

From a spiritual perspective, positive experiences are to be enjoyed but negative experiences are to be learnt from. Thus, the catalyst for growth is much greater in negative experiences. 

Misfortune thus is simply fortune misunderstood!

The destination is to simply accept everything as is. To not care for whether this experience belongs to good luck or that belongs to bad luck. 

An experience is simply an experience. 

Will you see it as garbage and try to avoid it? 

Or will you learn to treasure it and make it a rewarding experience? 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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