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"What does a tree look like? Depends where you stand!"


Defining Perspective

The beautiful thing about this world is the ability we have to see one thing from our unique point of view. For instance, one can see vanilla ice cream as delicious and the other can see it as bland. One can rate a movie 10 out of 10 whilst one can leave a bad review about it. 

This world allows for many perspectives to exist.

But why?

In this article, we will explore the subject of perspectives and how understanding it can help one know to see the world in a brighter light. 

Perspective In Depth

Everyone will have their own perspective on what they like or dislike, on what is right and wrong, on what is love and what is not. So, it's only natural for everyone to believe in different things. 

And because this world allows for many perspectives, one can even believe in things that are not true. For instance, one can believe that only their perspective is correct whilst others are wrong. When one becomes attached to such a belief, it will only lead one down on the path of suffering because such attachment can drive one to judge others who have different beliefs in a negative way, sometimes even trying to control them. 

And how difficult it is to control someone?

To make them see the world in the same way we do?

Thus, when one is attached to the belief that only one perspective is correct, it can lead one down on a path full of suffering and disappointments.

Thus, to be happy is to see that it's ok for others to have their own opinions and way of doing things. For instance, whether people wish to raise their kids by way of yelling or spoiling, it's really their choice. Whether one thinks that the earth is flat or round, it's their free will to choose how they wish to see the world.

But does that mean that accepting people's perspectives is to agree with them? 

Realize that you can have your own point of view and express them as well. You can educate if you believe that's a loving thing to do. You can ignore them if you think that's what you desire to do. But the most precious thing you can do for yourself is to not let other people's perspectives on the world affect your happiness.

Path Of Creator

Perspective In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Let us explore what "Perspective" is from a spiritual point of view.

We an start with the question:

“Why do perspectives exist in Creation?”

For instance, why has reality been created so that we can have many perspectives? 

Why not just have everyone see through One Perspective so that everything can be agreed upon?

Why is there a need for Infinite number of Perspectives to exist?

When we ask these deep questions, what we will discover is that it only makes sense for infinite perspectives to exist if one wishes to know more about what one is trying to study.

 Let us take the study of Love as an example. 

If there is only One Perspective of what Love is, then the Knowing of that Love will be flat and one-dimensional. Love will always Love. Although one can be sure what it is, nothing new about it would be learnt. 

However, by allowing infinite perspectives of what love is to exist, which will also include what Love is not, the potential to know about it will expand without bounds. Love now can be defined through different perspectives and narratives. What is love can now also be questioned. Is euthanasia a loving act? Is abortion a loving act? Should I home-school my kid or should I let him go to a public school? Should I help the beggar on the street or should I just let him be?

From a spiritual perspective, you are currently in this world learning about love. This reality is like a school where love can be experienced from all angles. Every moment is a lesson of love. But without learning more about it, one will simply be stuck in one narrow perspective. Thus to graduate from this school, one has to expand their knowing of love, to know more than what one already knows rather than becoming attached to what one thinks love is. 

Thus, it can be helpful for one to do things to open their mind to new perspectives. This can be about challenging oneself to do new things, to go towards new experiences, to think differently, to react differently, to listen to other people's perspectives, and so forth. 

And on their journey of expanding their perspective to include others, one will realize that all perspectives are valid in their own special way, and the more one can accept the different possible views of what love is, the more refined the sight of what love is will become.  

And as others can help you to know more about this world through sharing their perspectives, you can also help others by sharing yours. That's how everyone can help each other to complete the Knowing of love, by sharing and accepting each other's perspectives of the same thing. 

It's much like starting a business. The more one allows for different minds to have input into what's best for the business, for instance, sharing ideas of the potential risks and possible paths to success for the business, the easier one can will be able to complete their journey of Love-Knowing. 

The destination is to gain a wider perspective of all things—to continue to know more than what one already knows about oneself and the world. 

This is how we can unravel the infinite mysteries of the Universe.

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