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"Reality is shaped by your Belief"


Defining Reality

As one looks outwards one will be able to see the clouds in the sky.

And then as one looks into their minds one will also be able to see the clouds that they just saw.

Which Reality is real?

This article is about addressing the nature of Reality and the ways our perception of Reality can create Suffering Within.

Reality In Depth

"What we see on the outside is perceived by the Mind inside"

Some may say that Reality is something that can be seen.

Some may say that Reality is something that can be touched.

Some may say that Reality is something that never changes.

So iff we were to analyze religiously which things are “real” and what things are “not real” we can simply end up on a path of Confusion.

Clarity comes when we simply realize that there is an external reality and an internal reality.

External Reality is the physical world that we can touch and see. It is where the streets, the people, the buildings, the trees and sky are. The air you breathe are very real. The fire that you put your hand through is very real and it can hurt you.

Internal Reality is the conscious world within composed of our thoughts and emotions where the place of ideas, the finer senses, the reactions are. These are very real too, for example the feeling of boredom and sadness is very real! Imagining that someone had betrayed you even if they hadn't can also feel very real!

Relationship between Inner and Outer World

Our internal reality can be created through our interaction with the external reality (Perception). And each person will perceive their external reality differently.

For instance, our loved ones gave us a chocolate cake for a birthday present and that has made us happy.

But that same cake can make someone else upset because they may think “Did they not know that I don’t like chocolate cake?”

Thus the quality of our experience in the Outer World will depend on our inner reality rather than what is actually happening on the outside.

Thus it can be easy to come to the belief that it is the cash in front of our eyes that is making us happy but when we look inwards what we will discover is that it is precisely our perception of the cash that created the happiness within.

So realize that a person can be surrounded by billion dollars worth of gold and beautiful women but still feel worthless and lonely. Thus it matters not whether you are a prince, a king or a celebrity, the quality of your experience will all recede back to your inner reality.

Thus when we want to address the issues of unhappiness at the root level we need to make the inward journey to address the cause of our inner reality / Perception.

It is easy to not be aware of this because it is much easier to look and point at the external reality as the cause for our suffering, for instance to blame the person who has just said something that made us angry rather than looking inwards. But realize that the external reality that we experience are actually there to help us bring our awareness to what is waiting to be addressed inside.

If we do not address the internal cause as to why we are always reacting negatively to this and that we will continue to experience the suffering experience when the same external situations arise again and again.

Thus it is important to address our internal Reality if we wish to live a happy life. But this is not to say to ignore the External Reality – both sides has to be addressed i.e. It is important to eat well and to live well in a healthy environment.

Path Of Creator

Reality In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding the difference between external and internal reality.

The journey is about building awareness the relationship between one's internal and external reality so one can develop the Knowing of their relationship with each other. The relationship is learnt through observing one's reaction (internal world) whilst in their external experiences (external world). Through such observation one will be able to understand how one's perception of the external world can affect the quality of one's internal world.

The journey is about transforming the Negative Ideas within which are creating Suffering in the depths of the Mind. These Negative Ideas are brought out into Light through experiencing the Outer Reality.

Realize that our experiences in the World Outside can only be as positive as our negativity within allows us to experience. For instance, if we dislike being judged, then the quality of our experience will be a negative one whenever we are around a person who seems "judging" even though they may not be. And it is only when we work towards finding the Deeper Causes of our Negative Reactions towards being judged and addressing it i.e. releasing the fear of being judged by becoming more self-confident, then we can begin to Realize how much we are often "over-reacting."

As one ventures even deeper into oneself, one will also be able to see the reality of the different layers of The Self, i.e. surface thoughts, deeper thoughts, surface emotions, deeper emotions and then develop the awareness to distinguish the difference between the reality of one's own personality created by one's thoughts and the Deeper Self that is observed through their core reactions. And as one deepens their awareness they will be able to begin observing the deeper reality, the reality of the Heart - the reality of the Soul, the reality of the Truth within - that All Is The Self.

The destination is towards the ability to see different realities, in all depths, as is without judgement and without imagination. It is only when one can see into the ocean without tides then one can see their deeper reflections / reality with full clarity. The clearer the Mind, the clearer the Truth will be seen.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Maintain awareness of what is happening within the inner world in every moment. This will allow you to observe all sorts of reactions that arise as you go through your day. This will help you to understand the relationship between the external and internal reality.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

By practising the Creator's Meditation, it will greatly help you to develop self-awareness because through the practice one will develop the foundation to be ever more Still than before.

Through the practice of letting the emotions and thoughts come and go as is, one will begin to experience the temporariness of the Suffering Reality as one's Negative Ideas begin to dissolve as they arise.

When one experiences such a dissolution of Reality each time they arise and fall they will begin to realize the nature of the inner reality - which is ever changing and temporary and the reason why suffering stays is because we allow it to stay, and it can disappear as quickly as we change the quality of perception. Such realization is powerful, because it will make us realize that we are the Creators of our own Reality.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to realize how you really think and how the inner world affects your happiness in the outer world.

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