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"Reality is as you believe"


Defining Reality

Looking at the world around us, one can see the clouds hovering in the sky.

But as one closes one's eyes, one can bring up the clouds in one's mind.

Which Reality is real?

The world inside, or the world outside?

In this article, we will explore the different realities that one can experience in life. 

Reality In Depth

Some can believe that Reality is something that can be touched with the hands and seen with the eyes. 

Some may say that Reality is something that can be experienced.

Some may say that Reality is something that never changes. 

As everyone will define what Reality is differently, confusion can arise when the question of "what is real?" arises in one's mind.

So, what is real?

Some spiritual traditions can teach that the physical reality we live in is not real: that all is an illusion. This truth can resonate with one's heart when one is seeking spirituality. But as one walks headfirst into the door to find that it's as real as the pain they are feeling, they will find that the door is not an illusion at all! 

Then, what is real?

Confusion will only arise when one tries to find the "realness" of Reality with the intention to label what is Real and what is not. Clarity will arise when one can simply see that everything is real, but that there are also higher realities. Much like the Knowing of truth: There will always be higher truths, but it does not mean a lower truth is not true.

Thus, the sun above us is very real. Stay under it too long and you'll get sunburnt. The car that is travelling on the road is very real, step into it and you'll get injured.

And the higher reality is that the world that you are experiencing within is as real as the world outside, if not more real. For instance, if you believe that you are poor even when you have a million dollars in your bank account, then that will become your reality. If you are angry inside even though you try to hide it with a smile outside, the inner reality will always dominate the reality you present on the outside. That is why it's called a higher reality.

And beyond the realities of presented by the world of reactions of thoughts and emotions, there are also higher realities: realities concerning higher dimensions, higher states of mind, higher perspectives. For instance, Your Higher Selves are living in their own realities in this very moment, experiencing different dimensions of time and space, different stories, different journeys.  

Thus, to simplify, just see that everything is real and that higher realities exist. 

Becoming Aware Of Other Realities

One will only experience as much of the infinite realities possible in this world one's ability to be aware of them. 

It can be difficult to be aware of the inner reality that is happening inside when we are so distracted by the things happening in the world outside. Thus, learning to let go of your attachment towards the outer reality can help you to see the higher and sutbler realities that are happening within.

It can be difficult to become aware of the subtler realities that are happening inside when we are so distracted by our wandering thoughts and fluctuating emotions. That is why by learning to let go of your attachment towards your reactions can help you to become aware of even subtler realities.

Like this, the more one can let go of the distractions that are preventing one from being ever more aware of higher realities, the more one will be able to experience these higher realities. 

Path Of Creator

Reality In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey of Self-Transformation is a journey towards greater happiness. And to create greater happiness, we can learn to use our time wisely in the reality that we are currently experiencing to transform our unhappiness, to work on ourselves.

Thus, there is really no need to be overly concerned about developing the ability to see all the possible realities of the Infinite Universe.

So, if one wishes for enlightenment, for self-transformation, for greater happiness, all one needs to do is to work on themselves, face their challenges, work on becoming more loving accepting, and so forth.

The ability to see higher realities is not necessarily a measure of how far you are on your journey towards enlightenment. For instance, some people can see ghosts or communicate with higher beings. But this is not necessarily a measure of one's progress towards enlightenment as it's simply a skill that one can activate and develop upon, and some will have more talent in this area than the other. 

So, instead of striving to see higher realities, just realize that after this life journey when you become a spirit, you'll be able to see them anyways. So, no point striving to live like a spirit when you are living. Use your time wisely here to discover the reason why you have chosen to occupy a solid reality, a reality where you cannot just float through the door. 

So, the only realities that one only really needs to be concerned about on their journey of Self-Transformation are the world outside and the world inside of themselves. The journey thus is about looking for ways to improve the quality of your life in the world outside and inside.

So, you can earn to become aware of the habit patterns in your life that are leading you to suffering. See what kinds of food you are putting into your system, see what activities that is causing you stress, discover ways to improve your health and workflow.

Learn to become aware of the habit patterns of the mind. Observe to discover the negative reactions you are experiencing inside and why they are there. Discover the beliefs that you have become attached to that is causing you to see your experiences in a negative light. Discover ways to improve your mind.

The practice of meditation will help one greatly to understand their realities. Through the practice, one will be able to bring Stillness to the mind, allowing their awareness to expand to see all that is happening around them and within.

Developing the awareness of one's realities this way will help one to trace the cause of one's unhappiness. For instance, one may first think that one's anger is caused by the rude remarks of the person that is in front of them. But upon becoming aware of one's inner reality, one can discover the cause to be their perception of the experience. And even further, to find that it's their reactions that have driven them to perceive the outer experience as a negative one. And even further, to discover that the cause of their reactions are their beliefs they have become attached to about the world and themselves. And even further, to see the reason for generating these beliefs is because one refuses to accept the Other Self to be worthy of love. And like this, as one becomes aware of higher realities, one will find deeper causes. And whatever causes one finds can bring transformative effects to one's mind because it will allow one to understand how one has generated the suffering within and consequently helping one to find the ways to reverse it. 

The destination is towards greater happiness through using our experiences in the current reality to its fullest potential.

Compared to other realities, the reality that we are currently occupying now is quite dark as sometimes it can present a reality that is lacking in love. But realize that there are no greater and tougher lessons to be found for the learning of Light than to learn about it in darkness. 

So, realize the potential you have to grow in this current reality!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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