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"Pain is a signal that something needs to be addressed"


Defining Pain

Pain is defined here as a mental or physical sensation of discomfort.

The cause of the sensation can be external – i.e. by someone hitting us.

The cause can also be internal—i.e. arising from the suffering states of the mind.

In this article, we will explore what the sensation of pain really is and how it can be used as a Catalyst to transform the mind.

Pain In Depth

The ability to experience pain is a good sense to have. Without such an ability, it can be easy to meet an early demise as one would not know when their foot is on fire or the dangers of an incoming car. Thus, pain is there to help The Self survive through the physical journey of life.

At the same time, the divine design of pain is to serve as a catalyst for one to develop greater Love. Without the catalyst of pain, one would not learn the pain of guilt, the pain of judgment, the pain of heartbreak and so forth. From the spiritual perspective, the experience of pain is a study of what to do and what not to do—lessons of how to Love The Self, Opportunities to reassess one's life patterns.

Thus through the signals of pain, one can realize the needs of one's body and mind, which are always calling to be loved.

Path Of Creator

Pain In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about expanding our ability to experience Happiness.

The journey can be accelerated by using pain as a Catalyst.

Firstly, we can use external pains as indicators of our health issues. I.e. if we experience painful sensations on the back, it may mean that we need to do more exercises, address our lifestyles; or address it at the emotional level, if one has developed enough awareness to know the mental stress that is causing the bodily stress.

Of course, if the pain is caused by someone hitting us, then the solution is to simply remove ourselves from their fists.

Secondly, we can use Internal Pain as an indicator of what Sufferings States of the mind we need to address.

Realize, all negative states of the mind will always manifest themselves through some sort of Physical Sensations on the body. For instance, when one experiences anger, heat and stress can be experienced; when one experiences guilt, dreadful feelings in the tummy can ensue; when one experiences fear, the heartbeat can quicken, and so forth.

By developing the awareness of what kind of physical sensations are produced by what kinds of mental activities, one can develop the Knowing of their Mind-Body relationship. Such awareness can help one see how their emotions and thoughts can impact the quality of their health.

To catalyze the Knowing, one can practice Stillness. By carrying Stillness throughout the day, the Unstillness caused by the stirring emotions and thoughts can be much easier noticed and observed. One can use the guided meditations in the courses page to begin developing Stilness.

Let us now look at the ways of how pain can be used as a catalyst to develop greater power over the mind. One way to do so is by learning to overcome pain each time one experiences it.

Also, instead of waiting for painful experiences to come into one's life, one can go towards painful experiences deliberately to trigger the pains so that one can study it more. For example, this can mean to try experiences one fears, overcoming the anxiety of talking to strangers, being brutally honest with one's true feelings and so forth.

The act of going towards pain can help one to train their mind to become even more Still; much like a ropewalker learning to balance himself more through facing greater imbalance. By making the rope thinner and less stable, the ropewalker can then can correct deeper imbalances. Likewise, the facing of one's greater pains can help one to bring even greater balance to their mind.

Of course, this method of catalyzing The Self-Knowing is not encouraged unless one knows what one is doing. Without Stillness, painful experiences can simply stimulate the mind, which can make one suffer without reaping any rewards.

The safest way to catalyze The Self-Knowing for a beginner is to go towards experiences that will not harm The Self. Such experiences can include practising Meditation and Yoga as both practices can offer excruciating pain without long-term consequences. Through these practices, hidden pains can be uncovered and studied from within, which can help one to refine their Knowing of Love, release their pains so that they can experience greater happiness—which really, is the true goal of pain.

The Creator's Meditation is a great practice for developing such Self-Knowing. In the 22 days of pain, you will be offered insight and opportunities to balance your pains

The more Pain one can overcome, the more deeper the Stillness one will develop, which will allow one to dive even deeper into their Mind to discover deeper pains; like this, until one arrives at the seed cause of all their pains—Self-Rejection.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Instead of reacting to pain when you experience it throughout your day, simply observe it as you would do in the Creator’s Meditation – i.e. with a Still Mind.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

The internal and outer pain we experience in the meditation practice can reveal the habit in which we react to suffering situations. Thus the longer we sit in the Creator’s Meditation, the more insight we will gain into our habit patterns because long sits can bring out painful sensations on the body and in the mind. One can then use these pains as resistances, as a means to develop greater Stillness and Insight.

Of course, the pain will always rise and fall in the meditation practices. Naturally, you will experience moments of pain and moments of Stillness, as long as you try to let the experiences come and go, just observing every moment as it is.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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