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Everlasting Happiness

"The Path Of Creator about becoming happier than the day before."


Defining Happiness

What is Happiness?

Happiness can be said to be a state of joy, a state of bliss or even simply a state of satisfaction/contentment.

When we are happy, the feeling is that all is well.

Achieving the state of Happiness

Many of us have own unique ways of achieving the state of happiness i.e. from earning money, eating ice cream, going out with friends, buying clothes, owning luxurious things, being creative and artistic and so forth.

Thus when it comes to the things which make people happy, what works for some may not work for another. For instance, some people can gain Happiness from fishing whilst some people would not, some people can gain Happiness from watching people play cricket whilst someone of us would cringe at the Idea of watching people chase balls all day.

Thus it is not the "Objects" themselves which creates the Happiness.

It is our "Perception" of the objects which Creates the Happiness within.

I.e. our Perception of cricket, our perception of fishing, our perception of luxurious clothing, our perception of going out with friends.

I.e. a $50 note may give a poor man a great bundle of joy but it may not work as effective when given to a millionaire who is already used to living with a huge amount of fortune.

Thus if one wishes to pursuit True Happiness in their lives they must start with developing the Knowing of

"What Does Happiness Mean To Me?"

Question The Self
"What makes me happy?"
rather than,
"What makes most people/other people happy?"

The Temporary Nature Of Happiness

The most common way for us to create Happiness is through reaching towards specific triggers in life which can bring out the sensation of "Happiness" within us i.e. reaching for money,reaching for reputation, reaching for snacks and so forth.

But when we use outer triggers to achieve the state of Happiness the quality of that Happiness will always be temporary.

This is because with time we can become bored of what we have. And with time we can desire for more than what we currently have.
With time we may even fear losing what we already have.
And what happens when we lose what we have?
What happens if we don't have even the resources to have what we desire?

Thus when we only Know how to create Happiness using external triggers time will eventually reveal the true nature of such happiness - that it is temporary and illusory.

Realize that when we live only to create Happiness through reaching outwards for objects/experiences of our desires can lead us to the craving for more and more objects or the sadness of losing/not having what we desire.

This is not to say whether or not Temporary Happiness is good or wrong.
Because there really is nothing wrong with experiencing fun even if it is just temporary. In fact, having goals for greater Happiness in life even if it is only temporary can motivate us to grow through driving us to venture forth towards new experiences and face bigger challenges.

The point raised here about the Temporary nature of Happiness thus is not about seeing Temporary Happiness in negative light so that we do not pursue it, but rather it is in becoming aware of the Temporary Nature of the Happiness in which we are currently experiencing so that we can re-adjust our attitudes towards it.By developing the awareness of the temporal nature of the happiness we are creating, we can then realize the importance of releasing attachments towards it and not become so fixated on it.

And also it is only when we become less fixated on trying to Create Temporary Happiness in our lives that we can begin to look for something more i.e. Happiness which is even greater and everlasting.

Everlasting Happiness In Depth

Is it possible to Create Everlasting Happiness?

To answer that question we have to first develop the Deeper Knowing of what Happiness really is - i.e. how Happiness is actually Created in the depths of our Consciousness.

We have come to Know that Happiness comes from the quality of our Perception.
Thus if we wish to address any issues to do with Happiness we have to address it at the level of our Perception.

But how can we improve the Quality of our Perception?

To improve the quality of our perception requires us to understand what is currently preventing us from Perceiving all moments of our Experiences as joy i.e. what is destroying/impeding/diminishing the Quality of our Perception. And this will always take us to the cause of our unhappiness.

The Cause Of Unhappiness

What is happening in the Deeper Mind/Consciousness when we are experiencing the Suffering States of Being such as Anger, Jealousy, Impatience, all forms of Fears, all the Negative Emotional and Mental states and so forth?

It is by understanding how Unhappiness is created in the Consciousness that we can ever have a hope of addressing it at the Seed Cause and release ourselves from it. And it is by releasing ourselves from the Seed Cause of our Unhappiness that the quality of our perception of every moment in life can greatly improve and experience even greater happiness in life.

And as we develop the Knowing of the Cause of Unhappiness what we will realize that whenever we are in a state of Suffering we are in a state of Rejection I.e. when we experience Anger, Fear, negativities we are in a state of rejection towards The Self.

Thus is from the State Of Rejection that comes the States of Suffering. By Knowing this, we can turn it around to understand just what State of The Self can create the State of Happiness. And that is the State of Acceptance.

The Power Of Acceptance

The State of Acceptance is what Promotes the States of Happiness, i.e. when we look at the state of mind in moments when we are happy, compassionate, of being content with what we have, of being Patient, of being Trusting, i.e. all the Positive Emotional and Mental states we are actually in the state of acceptance.

Thus to develop Greater Happiness than what we already have in our lives we have to truly refine and expand our definition of what Acceptance really is.

And that is by working on the things in which we can't accept.

Thus Everlasting Happiness is created when we work on accepting the things which we cannot accept. Because the more we can accept in life, the less unhappiness we will experience. What fears, what anger, what impatience would one experience if one is able to accept all there is? Thus the more we can accept, the more happiness we will experience. Such is the journey of Self-Transformation.

(Look at Catalyst - Acceptance to understand what acceptance really is in detail)

Path Of Creator

Everlasting Happiness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path of Creator is about Creating Greater Happiness.
The Goal thus is to become Happier and Happier than the day before.

The destination is towards Everlasting Happiness.
Thus the journey will take one o address their Sufferings as our experience of happiness will always be limited by our Sufferings.

Thus the more Sufferings we release, the more experience of Happiness will Naturally come and stay in our lives.

But before we can create Happiness in our lives, we have to have the intention to create it. So let us look at the importance of creating Happiness in our lives so that we can develop the intention to work towards it.

The Importance Of Happiness

We all desire Happiness.
And such is the Universal Truth.

And it is a wonderful Truth.
Because in this World it is hard to find something in which All Selves can agree on.
Put a plate of Happiness on the table and see how many people will take it.
Now put a plate of Sadness on the table and see how many people will take it.
Everyone is intuitive and Knows how important Happiness is.
Everyone is intuitive and Knows how important it is to avoid sadness.
Thus we all Know what we desire in life.
And what we do not desire in life.

Why do we have the intuitive sense that Sadness is bad and Happiness is good?
Are these not guides left within us from the Greater Creator to tell us which direction to go in life?

Thus if we look hard enough for the purpose of life all the messages that we find from all around us will be signs pointing us to go towards Happiness - Towards Creating Greater Happiness.

However when we only see one side of that message we can end up trying to answer that message by only creating Temporary Happiness by obtaining things outside to trigger the Happiness within.

But it is only when we learn to look inwards into ourselves that we can see the full picture of such message which is telling us not only to create greater Happiness on the outside, but also on the inside by transforming and releasing our Sufferings.


When we Transform and Release our Sufferings we are in fact Potentiating The Self. This is because as we release our Negative States such as our Fears, Anger, Doubts, impatience and so forth we are in fact expanding our Potential to be - i.e. we are becoming Freer, we are becoming Stronger, we are expanding our potential to to Express, to Experience, to Embrace, to Create, to Live and so forth thus with Potentiation Greater Happiness will Naturally come.

Potentiation is talked more about in the Catalyst - Potentiation.

But how do we address the Cause of our Unhappiness/Sufferings?

The ways to address our Sufferings have been addressed already in the 7 Chapters of the Path Of Creator.

And to summarize briefly, it is by developing the Knowing of The Self that one can progress on their journey towards Everlasting Happiness because we can only address our Sufferings as much as we Know are there.

How long will it take for us to Create Greater Happiness in our Lives?

The journey will be challenging for some.
Because to address our Sufferings, much time and effort will have to be invested in developing the Stillness and Knowing of oneself - for some this can be truly a tedious/boring task to the mind which only wishes to seek for quick results even if it is only short-lasting. But when one approaches the process with a patient mind it can indeed be an enjoyable/enlightening journey!

Thus how much effort you put into your life to develop the Knowing and address your Sufferings will determine how much of a result you will get out. Likewise, how many steps you take in your life to develop Happiness will determine how far you will reach in your journey towards Everlasting Happiness.

And the development of Happiness will seem slow in the beginning. Because to create life-changing transformations of The Self will take a lot more work and the process will be gradual. But like the unnoticeable ticking of the seconds of the clock, with each step you take you are moving ever more forward into expanding your Happiness, the closer you will reach towards your goal. It is only when you look back in your journey in life that you will realize how far you have come.

In Summary, Creating Happiness in life is important - even if it is just temporary.

Creating even Greater Happiness on the inside is even more important - Because it is from transforming the quality of our perception of the world that we can experience greater happiness.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To Create Greater Happiness in life one can ask the following question -
"How can I become Happier than the day before?"

And then look for ways to create Greater Happiness on the outside - (Temporary Happiness) and list them down.

And then look for ways to create Greater Happiness on the inside - (Listing down all the Sufferings/fears/negativities you have in wish you can address) and list them down.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Use The Creator's Meditation to develop the Knowing of The Self so that you can transform yourself from within.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to experience what true happiness really is through direct experience. In these 10 days you will be taken to transform the states of Self-Rejection within with Self-Acceptance.

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