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"Fear is The Darkness Within. Illuminate that Darkness with Knowing"


Defining Fear

Fear is something that we all experience. So we know very well how it feels to experience Fear.

However, most of us only know Fear in its extreme form i.e. when we are faced with an experience which make our hearts pound and our hands sweat. Maybe it's from jumping off an airplane, confessing to someone our love, giving speeches in front of strangers in public etc.

But there are all kinds of Fears ranging from really subtle fears to extremely big Fears.

i.e. Fears of trying new food, Fears of connecting with certain people, Fears of doing something wrong, Fear of the Present Moment, Fear of the Past, Fear of the Future, And so forth.

The list of possible Fears are infinite. And within us are all sorts of fears waiting to be discovered.

Fear In Depth

As we look within to find the deeper causes of Fear, what we will find is that our Fears begin first with our Negative Reactions i.e. the negative perceptions we have towards our outer experiences.

For instance some of us are scared of clowns whilst some of us are not. Some of us are scared of travelling whilst some of us are not.

So Fears comes from our Negative/Reactions/Perceptions.

And to develop Experienced Knowledge in this area we have to become aware of the Negative Reactions/Negative Body Sensations that crop up everytime we experience something Fearful - And this awareness can be developed through the Creator's Meditation.

It's important to develop such awareness because without knowing that the Deeper Cause of Fear comes from within we can live our life pointing fingers in the wrong directions, to blame the job interviews for making us fearful, to blame the person for making us fearful, to blame the future for making us fearful.

It is thus important to know the Deeper Cause of Fear. Because without Knowing is Deeper Cause we will only be able to address our Fears outwardly i.e. to run away from the things we fear.

Or worst, when we do not know the Deeper Causes of our Fears we can simply submit to the Idea that our Fears cannot be addressed as if it is an incurable disease. And when we fall into such a belief/illusion that there our Fears cannot be released we can end up doing nothing about it and live with the fears - in the end fulfilling our own negative belief

Realize that everything can be addressed/healed/transformed - That is if we Know the Cause of its Creation.

That is why it is important to develop the Knowing of The Self. So that we can come to Know the Seed Cause of our Fears - and then from that point we can truly start to address our fears directly rather than trying to throw rocks at a shadow.

Without developing the Knowing of our fears, our fears would simply continue to torture us, mysteriously popping in and popping out of our lives whenever it pleases. So it's important to develop the Knowing of where it really lives/i.e. how it exists/ how it is created in the consciousness...and why it is there!

Thus the very step to addressing our Fears is to develop the belief that it is possible for a fear to be addressed - no matter how big the fear is.

Then developing the Knowing of it.


Importance Of Addressing Fears

It is important to address our Fears because our Fears can greatly limit our ability to experience happiness in life.

Fears are the limiters of our potential - i.e. limiting the ways and the extent to which we can express and be ourselves.

It is only when we realize the Negative Impacts that our Fears has on our consciousness we realize that we have not yet fully experienced true happiness. We rarely have the chance to experience the blissful state of mind that is without the fears of judgement, without the fears of strangers, without the fears of failing, without the fear of trying new things and so forth.

Thus it is important to address our Fears if we wish to create Greater and Greater Happiness in our Lives.

But how do we address our fears?

To this day Fear is not something that can be easily addressed. Because it is not like addressing something tangible like a broken pipe.

Like with all forms of sufferings such as anger, our fears nests deep within the consciousness and only surfaces when it is triggered by a particular experience. That is why we can often fall into the illusion that The Cause of fear comes from outer experiences.

Path Of Creator

Fear In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about Creating Everlasting Happiness in our life and to do so requires us to expand our Happiness through the release of our Sufferings and this includes our Fears.

From Chapter 5 - Discovering The Sufferings - we have come to know that all forms of sufferings will always recede back to Negative Ideas.

I.e. "It is not ok to fail."

I.e. "It is not be vulnerable"

I.e. "It is not ok to be embarassed"

And so forth..

Fear in Relation to Negative Ideas

Fear can be said to be the experience of those Negative Ideas through a particular angle. In this case, "Fear" is experienced when we desire the Negative Ideas that we have become attached to to not happen.

The Creation of the experience called "Fear" thus can be understood as caused by the Negative Ideas that we have become attached to. And because we have become so attached to them we do not wish them to manifest.

One thing to realize is that just because we have not yet experienced a particular fear does not mean that it's not there because they are often only brought out into the light when we go through particular experiences, i.e. having encountered a situation in the Outer World.

Let us look at the relationship between Negative Ideas and Fears to understand it more closely.

A Negative Idea is an Idea which promotes the Rejection of The Self And these Ideas can be simplified by Self-Declarations which begin with "it is not ok.."

I.e. "It is not ok to be lazy" → creates the fear being lazy or appearing lazy "It is not ok to fail" -→ creates the fear of failing or appearing like a failure

So as an example, because it is not ok to do a certain thing there will be a desire for it not to happen. Thus to address our Fears we have to address it at the Root/Seed Level by discovering Why the Negative Ideas are there and why it was Created/Sustained.

Fear as a State Of Rejection

Whenever we experience Fear we are in a State Of Rejection within. For instance, when we are in fear of bungee jumping, we are in a state of rejection towards Bungee Jumping. Likewise in the case of fearing a person, we are in an act of rejecting that person. And again as we develop the Knowing deeper we will gradually discover the "specifics" of just exactly what it is that we are actually rejecting. And that Knowing can only be developed with a Still/Calm Mind.

Thus the State of Fear can be said to be a State of Rejection. And Negative Ideas are simply a way of transcribing that state of Self-Rejection into words that so we can better understand.

And to penetrate deeper into the Cause of our Fears we have to look deep to see what it is that we are actually Rejecting and then develop the Knowing even deeper from there.

Maybe what we will discover in the case of bungee jumping is that we are fearing/rejecting the idea of being strapped up, or that we are fearing/rejecting the idea of free falling without any support, or perhaps we are fearing/rejecting not Knowing what is going to happen as we take the plunge.

And as one penetrates deeper into one's fear of falling from great heights one will perhaps discover that one of the Negative Ideas involve "It is not ok to not know what will happen."

As an example, if one realizes that a Negative Idea is there because of a lack of Trust in the world then one can simply address one's fears by developing Trust in the World perhaps through developing Trust towards people, towards the future, towards oneself, towards all sorts of possibilities.

So to address the Fears of Bungee Jumping is not so much about doing it a million times until you become numb to it but rather it is to find out just what it is exactly that you fear/reject and work from there.

And because of the complex Nature of Suffering Experiences there can exist many Negative Ideas within one experience it can be difficult for one to know where to even begin.

That is why the safest approach to facing our fears is to do it through a natural progression of step by step i.e. developing Stillness of the mind step by step and developing the Knowing of The Self step by step rather than bungee jumping into the Fears and hoping for the best.

Addressing our negativities in graduating steps is the best way because when we do something too extreme in the mind i.e. jumping straight into the fears which we are most afraid the mind can become so stimulated to the point where we can lack the clarity/room-space in the mind to simply observe the experience to actually develop the Knowing of what is even going on. But in saying that, going into our fears with can be one of the greatest ways to transform and release our Fears if we do it with a Stable mind.

But how do we remain calm and still when we experience Fear?

Yes it does sound impossible. But it is possible with Meditation! So begin to incorporate the practice of meditation into your life if you wish to take the plunge into addressing your fears!

The Birth Of Fear

Sometimes you may wonder why you never experienced this fear or that fear when you were young but you are experiencing that particular fear now.

There are two main reasons.

It is because life experiences will always bring out the hidden negativities onto the surface. When we were young we simply have not yet encountered the sorts of experiences that would bring the negativities out.

The second reason is that as you work on your negativities the deeper negativities will surface.

Some people may wonder - then why should we address our negativities if more are going to come out?

There are again two main reasons for this.

The first reason is because we can't avoid situations for all our life, there is bound to be a day when we will have to face our fears. So without addressing the negativities within then we are just postponing the inevitable.

The second reason is that when you experience the suffering states of mindn the whole suffering experience is made up of all the triggered Negative Ideas together. So many Negative Ideas can be experienced all at once. Once you release a particular negativity then you will experience less negativity in the same suffering experience. So it's actually quite worthwhile to work on our fears as with time as your fears will slowly be released bit by bit until they are all completely released.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

You can start facing your fears step by step.

And always take small steps to maintain stability of the mind. So whatever you Fear you can begin to go towards it, and as you begin to experience the feelings of Fears surfacing all over your body just try your best to come back to a state of Stillness and ask the following questions.

"What it is that I am really rejecting in this experience?" "What is it that I cannot accept in this experience?"

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Practising the Creator's Meditation will allow you to develop a great stability of the mind. And then you can use what you have learnt in the Meditation to maintain Stillness in the Physical/Mental/Emotional level as you go towards your bigger fears to study and transform them.

Know and Transform The Self!

Once you know who you really are, then there is nothing to fear.

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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