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"Embrace The Stranger Within"


Defining Awkwardness

Awkwardness is defined here as a feeling that something is strange, weird, not normal, and difficult to handle.

Often, we can experience this state of mind when we are in a setting that is unusual to us, or faced with a situation we are not unfamiliar in dealing with.

For instance, we can feel awkward when we are asked to do something out of the norm especially if it's something that we don't usually do– i.e. singing in front of people, making a silly joke, showcasing a hidden talent, and so forth.

For some, the state of awkwardness can be highly unpleasant; some even trying their best to avoid putting themselves into awkward situations.

In this article, we will explore this fear of awkwardness and the ways to transform it.

Awkwardness In Depth

When it comes right down to it, the state of awkwardness is simply the manifestation of the fear we have of being rejected by others.

As all forms of fears can be experienced in various degrees, the state of awkwardness is simply a milder experience of the fear of being rejected by others.

It can be surprising for some to see that the state of awkwardness is actually a fear.

But as one explores one's mind and ask the question:

"Why do I feel awkward in this situation?"

What one will discover is the thoughts relating to the fears of being judged by others.

We can never truly know how others will think of us because no one has telepathic access to the other's mind.

But our fears can convince us to believe how others will perceive us.

Thus, the experience of awkwardness is simply the experience of that fear, the fears that other people may think of us as different, odd, and strange.

Thus if one wishes to work through such fears, one will have to focus on improving the perception one has of themselves, i.e. to learn to see oneself in a more positive light. This is because we will always fear others seeing us in the same way we subconsciously see ourselves.

By learning to love oneself and accepting ourselves even when we are strange, the fears of being rejected by others will slowly disappear.


Importance Of Addressing Awkwardness

Why do we need to address the state of awkwardness?

Some may think that the state of awkwardness is a natural and sometimes fun state to have in life. As a result, the fear is left unaddressed.

Thus, to address the fear of awkwardness, one will need to develop the intention to do so.

Here we will look at the ways to naturally develop the desire to by understanding how the suffering states of the mind can impact our lives. We will also clear the blockages and confusions that may arise on that journey.

First, when we fear doing something awkward, the fear can create blockages in our creativity. It's especially important to release this fear in particular if one is aspires to be an artist in any sort of field, i.e. music, arts, movie, etc. because often it's the refining of one's uniqueness / oddness that can make one stand out above the rest.

Without addressing the fears, we can also subconsciously avoid facing it in our lives, which can lead one to avoid going through new and strange experiences in life.

The fears can make one judge an experience before even trying it, which can lead one to live in the prison of one's imagination rather than knowing the truth through actual experience.

The fears can lead one to judge others as being unworthy without realizing that doing so is simply a reflection of how one sees oneself.

Sometimes we can feel awkward when we fear failing in doing something "perfectly." Without being able to be comfortable with ourselves even when we fail, it can be difficult to enjoy life without fear and Self-Judgement.

The fear of appearing awkward can also prevent us from fulfilling our deeper desires. For instance, holding us back from having conversations with strangers, expressing our unique opinions for others to hear, dressing ourselves in a way that matches our uniqueness, and so forth.

Path Of Creator

Awkwardness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with the understanding that the deeper issues to do with awkwardness has to do with the way in which we see ourselves.

This is because what we think others may perceive as "awkward" will always be based on what we think and believe is "awkward" from our own minds. Realize that most of the time, the only person who is judging us is simply ourselves.

Realize that we can never know what other people are thinking. But our fears can make us project the way in which we think onto other people.

The journey will involve the ever refining of how we perceive and love ourselves, the learning of Self-Forgiveness even when we do silly and imperfect things—things that may be unforgivable to our minds.

A way to accelerate the journey is to simply challenge ourselves to do awkward things every day. Doing awkward things can bring out our deeper fears into light.

Self-Compassion and Forgiveness—i.e. Self-Acceptance—is the key that can help one to unlock the catalyst for transforming one's fears. However it can be difficult to practice Self-Acceptance when we are in a negative experience.

Thus practices that can help calm the mind such as the practice of meditation can help greatly with one’s Self-Transformative journey.

Cultivating Stillness will help one to calm their minds so they can see the truth—that they are in fact judging themselves—through the fears.

Accumulating this realization can have profound transformative effects on the mind.

Being around confident people who are "awkward" but happy with who they are can also help one to develop their own Self-Confidence. Because it is through observing the strange people who can love themselves for who they are that one can gain the courage to do so themselves and realize that the fears of being rejected is simply a self-imposed belief.

The destination is towards developing Self-Acceptance—Unconditional Love towards oneself.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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