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Letting Go

"Let go of what is making you Suffer"


Defining Letting Go

Letting go is about overcoming our attachments, whether it be towards an object, a person, an Idea, an emotion etc.

We often can discover our attachments to things when we try to let go of them, because it is then we can find ourselves unable to. It is then we discover that we have become attached, and with attachment will always lead to Suffering.

This article will explore the ways in which we can let go of our attachments.

Letting Go In Depth

Attachments can happen at various levels of The Self.

At the Physical Level – one can become attached to money, sex, drinking, gambling, expensive cloths, art collections etc.

At the Emotional level, one can become attached to certain emotions – i.e. sensual pleasures or anger, or excitement etc.

At the Mental level, one can become attached to certain habits, to certain Ideas and so forth. I.e. Ideas about how certain cultures, genders, diet should be.

It is important to become aware that attachments can happen at all levels of The Self so that when one is learning to let go, one can be aware to work on letting go at all levels of the Self.

Thus there can be infinite things that we have become attached to. See Catalyst - Attachment for more details.

Letting go is easier said than done.

Try letting go of your anger when it comes.

Try letting go of your judgement towards someone you don't like.

Try letting go of your impatience.

Try letting go of your relationships.

It is when we discover that we cannot let go that we realize just how much power our attachments have over us. To be the creator of our lives is to have the power to create the reality that we wish. The more attachments there are to certain realities, the less power to create one will have. So realize that when we are in a state of attachments we are no longer in control. We are rather being controlled by the habit patterns within.

Path Of Creator

Letting Go In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with the understanding of what attachment is and how it is created in the deeper consciousness.

At the deeper level, attachment is the state when we cannot let go of a Negative idea – A Negative Idea is one which promotes the Rejection of The Self.

For instance, the Negative Idea that “It is not ok to not have plenty of money” will create the need for more and more money. And if The Self does not have "enough money" then this is when the State Of Rejection will be experienced - as the fears, anger, judgement, unhappiness - the Suffering States of the Mind.

As Attachment and Negative Ideas go hand in hand to create Suffering Experiences, the Journey is about releasing Negative Ideas and transforming it. This is how we create greater happiness in our lives.

The key to Self-Transformation will always be to develop Self-Acceptance. So the question that one will be faced with on their journey of developing Self-Acceptance is why is there a need for the attachment in the first place? Why can one not simply be happy with nothing? Why cannot one simply be happy with what one already has? Why cannot one simply accept all there is?

The journey of learning to let go thus is a journey of developing Self-Compassion. The journey is about reaching a state of mind where one is self-content, no matter what happens in life. So instead of dwelling in unhappiness when one loses something dear to them, one will simply be in a state of Self-Acceptance and unconditional love. Thus the state of happiness and content will be unaffected within. And the act of developing compassion towards oneself will also work in the same way outwards, because often our attachments to certain ideas can drive us to create expectations and judge Other Selves.

Realize that the destination is towards the state of mind where One can accept all there is. Thus it is not so much about what one does on the outside, i.e. how one lives their lifes, but rather how one experiences and transforms the world within. So it's not so much about abandoning one's attachments such as money, cars, art collections and so forth. Although these acts of renounciation can be necessary to help one to develop greater Self-Knowing of one's suffering states of mind, the greater work is more about developing the relationship one has with oneself, to be be self-content without the need for anything else.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you find yourself unable to let go of an event that has happened during the day or in the past realize that there is some form of attachment happening in the Deeper Mind.

If you know that you will experience Suffering if you lose a particular object simply realize that there is attachment.

In both situations simply ask yourself the question to develop deeper Knowing, “Why can’t I simply let go?” To develop deeper Self-Knowing, one can try to let go of what one cannot let go and observe how the reactions of the mind within.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Whenever one finds oneself fixated on a particular thought / sensation / emotion, simply let go by observing it as is without developing any craving / negativity towards it and simply focus on the body journey with a State of Stillness towards any negative or positive sensations. This is how we develop the power to simply let go.

Know and Transform The Self!

There are many free Courses on the website that you can use to help you to learn to let go!

For example, the Guided Meditation To Let Go will guide you to learn how to let go of your worries, stress, fears through meditation.

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