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Discovering Negative Ideas

"Discovering the seed to one's unhappiness"


Defining Discovering Negative Ideas

What are Negative Ideas?

We have learnt about Negative Ideas in Chapter 5. Discovering The Suffering.

Why do we experience fears, anger, impatience, depression, limitation, unhappiness?

The answer is Negative Ideas.

Transform your Negative Ideas, and you will be free from all states of Suffering.

Negative Ideas are the root cause, or more precisely, the seed cause to all the suffering states of the mind. Negative Ideas are the beliefs, the ideas that you have created within the mind that promotes the state of Self-Rejection. And it is for that very reason the suffering states of the mind are experienced as to the mind, the Soul, the Spirit, there is no more tremendous Suffering than to Reject Oneself.

Thus, the state of Self-Rejection is the fertile ground from which all Suffering States of Mind arise.

To create happiness thus is to transform the states of Self-Rejection. And the way to do so is to attend to its cause—Negative Ideas!

In this article, we will learn more about what Negative Ideas are so we can discover them.

Learning about Negative Ideas will help you to identify them from your belief system.

At first, one will undoubtedly encounter confusion as to what kind of beliefs will promote the state of Self-Rejection. But in the same way as one has learnt how to identify the different types of emotions throughout their life, the more one learns about Negative Ideas and makes the attempts to identify them, the clearer one will know what their Negative Ideas are.

Negative Ideas In Depth

The journey of discovering Negative Ideas progresses with Self-Knowing.

Self-Knowing is about Knowing one's Mind.

As we are essentially consciousness beings occupying a physical body, to know the Mind is to Know The Self.

When we lack Self-Knowing, the Suffering States of the mind can become a mysterious and tricky phenomenon to deal with. Confusions can arise from a lack of Self-Knowing:

Why am I unhappy?

Why do I experience fears?

Am I angry?

What is the cause of my stress?

Without Self-Knowing, the sufferings can appear as elusive as a monster's reflection in the water—it's there but at the same time not quite. Without knowing the what and where, no matter how many sticks and pebbles we throw at it, it will simply re-emerge again and again, unscathed from our assaults.

This is a familiar scenario most people will face—not knowing how to properly confront the dark states of the mind.

Some may not even question the means to liberate themselves from their Sufferings. Because without Self-Knowing, it can be so easy for one to fall into the belief that the Suffering States of the mind is an irremovable part of life; some may even consider it necessary. For instance, there are many people these days who believe that worrying about problems or someone they love is a natural or an essential thing to practice in life even if it's clear to them how much misery the state of worrying can bring.

The journey of creating greater happiness is to realize that Suffering is there to be overcome, to be released rather than clung. But to liberate ourselves from our Sufferings, the cause of our Sufferings will need to be discovered.

So, let us talk more in-depth about Negative Ideas.

To talk about Negative Ideas with words is somewhat difficult as meaning can be lost through words. With that in mind, you can just use the explanations given here as step-stones to realize what Negative Ideas are from your own experience.

I have created the term Negative Ideas to describe the seed cause of the Suffering States of the mind for the sake of making it easier for others to understand. For me, however, the more precise definition for Negative Ideas are the distortions of the Truth to the Deeper Mind.

When we experience unhappiness, we are essentially experiencing the distortion of the Truth that The Self is not infinite and whole. To the deeper mind, this is the One Truth that is absolute and unchanging. The Truth becomes distorted when the Infinite Self points to the mirror and points to parts of itself in rejection, i.e. that is not me, this is not me.

Self-Rejection creates energetic distortions in the consciousness, which can be understood as imbalances or confusion, and experienced as limitations, weakness, fears, unhappiness— the Suffering States of the mind.

Negative Ideas was a concept that I had created to help you understand this hard-to-grasp phenomenon that happens deep in the suffering mind, the realms that one cannot understand until one experiences themselves in meditation. So there's no need to take what I say word for word as the absolute Truth. Negative Ideas are simply an analogy, a structure that you can use for your journey of discovering the cause of your own Suffering, the beliefs you hold that promote Self-Rejection.

Within, we can hold an infinite number of beliefs that can promote the state of Self-Rejection

For instance,

  • "I hate that arrogant person"
  • "People will not like me if I fail"
  • "Job interviews are horrible"

Negative Ideas was created to simplify the process of discovery by asking one to transcribe their suffering experiences with "It is not ok...." because all Ideas in this form will promote Self-Rejection.


  • "It is not ok to stand out in the crowd"
  • "It is not ok to be looked down upon"
  • "It is not ok to fail"

Sometimes, it can be difficult to transcribe Suffering experience into Negative Ideas because either the suffering one is experience is too subtle, or that The Self has yet to develop the awareness of Knowing the beliefs driving the suffering experience.

Sometimes, there can also be numerous Negative Ideas driving the one suffering experience, which can create further confusions.

That is why it is important to practice meditation so that one can develop The Self-Knowing from experience rather than dwell in the intellectual game of guesses.

There are many guided meditation that you can try on the course page, most of which will help guide you into the state of Stillness, the state of observing rather than thinking so that you can see the beginnings of your Unstillness, the cause of which will always stem from your Negative Ideas.

Thus, the more you allow yourself to experience Stillness, the more you will be able to understand what Negative Ideas are.

The reason why I chose the word "Ok" was for the word's neutrality. If other words such as good/bad were used, unwanted connotative meanings can come through. "It is ok" thus is a declaration to describe the mind at the state of Acceptance, not because something is good or bad, but simply out of unconditional love.

Path Of Creator

Discovering The Negative Ideas in relation To The Path Of Creator

Let us look at how Negative Ideas can affect the many levels of The Self through the following examples.


"It is not ok to fail."

"It is not ok to be stupid."

"It is not ok to be embarassed." and so forth..

When the Negative Ideas are triggered through an experience, the states of Self-Rejection will be experienced. This will then be experienced as Negative distortions throughout the many levels of The Self, i.e. negative emotions, negative thoughts, and negative physical sensations on the body.

Let us look at the following Negative Declaration to understand it more

"It is not ok to fail"

The Negative Idea will promote the Creation of Negative Thoughts/Emotions, i.e. judgement/hate/rejection towards The Self.

For example

  • Rejecting oneself when one fails.
  • Rejecting Other Selves when other people fail.
  • Becoming fearful of failing or appearing like a failure.
  • The Self-Hate will also generate all sorts of negative tension/stress/sensations throughout the physical body.

The stronger one is attached to the Negative Declarations, the stronger the Intensity of the Negative Energy will be experienced.

So, when The Self is experiencing a Negative Idea, all levels of The Self will experience that same Negative Idea through their own perspectives—but the quality will always be the same i.e. Confusion, Limitation, and Unhappiness.

Knowing this will allow us to discover the Negative Ideas within our Suffering Experiences easier because whenever we experience Negative Physical Sensations / Negative Emotions / Negative Thoughts, we can simply tell ourselves that behind the experience are Negative Ideas waiting to be discovered.

The practice of meditation will help one greatly to discover their Negative Ideas. Meditating every day can help one become aware of even the subtlest negative sensations of the body and mind, and thus help one discover the Negative Ideas they may have overlooked.

The practice of writing down the thoughts you have experienced throughout the day, like keeping a diary, can also help you to put the intangible mind into form, allowing you to structure and comprehend the nature of your mind better.

There's a free course on Discovering Negative Ideas that you can take on the website here.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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