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Discovering Negative Ideas

"The Cause of all forms of Sufferings recede back to Negative Ideas"


Defining Discovering Negative Ideas

In Chapter 5. Discovering The Suffering - we came to know what Negative Ideas are.

Negative Ideas are Ideas we carry which promote Self-Rejection.
And the cause of all forms of Sufferings will always recede back to the Negative Ideas we carry within the consciousnesss.

Thus it is important for us to become aware of what Negative Ideas are in depth when it comes to addressing our Sufferings because when we have a lack of information of how our Sufferings are created in the deeper consciousness, we would only be able to face it as if we were facing a monster's reflection of water.
i.e. The monster is there, but it is not quite there, and if we were to jump in to fight it we would simply drown.

Most often we do not experience Suffering until a particular situation/experience brings it out in us. It is only when our sufferings surfaces that we then realize it's always been there! So when we do not know the Seed Cause of our Sufferings, Our Anger/Fears/Negativities will appear as if they are there but not quite there.

But where has it been hiding all this time?

Without really knowing the deeper causes of that reflection in the water we can simply lack the means to properly address it. We thus cannot transform or release Sufferings i.e. our fears, our impatience, our anger by simply fighting against it like fighting a monster's reflection in the water.

Realize that to properly defeat the "monster" we need to focus our attention into developing the Knowing of what that monster really is.

Yes in life, we often address our Sufferings as if fighting a monster's reflection in the water. We often live our lives trying to control the people and outer situations around us to address our sufferings but only to ultimately realize that in the end the Sufferings are not actually addressed - because when we are met with the same type of people and situation again the sufferings resurfaces to torment us again and again.

It is by developing the Knowing of where the real monster really is (the Deeper Cause) that we can plan our journey to address/defeat it in the most safe and efficient manner.

And when we take that journey to find the Seed Cause of our Sufferings, we will arrive at the Negative Ideas we have become attached to within.

Negative Ideas In Depth

We are consciousness beings.
We are consciousness in essence. Our emotions and Thoughts are energy. We are in essence consciousness energy driving a physical body.

Thus when we "talk" and create "words" we are in the attempt/process of translating our emotions and thoughts into words so that people can understand what we are really feeling and thinking inside.

Realize that words can never truly capture the depths/totality of our thoughts/emotions/imagination in the same way as someone can never truly experience the thrill of a rollercoaster from someone's words alone.

We can thus never truly understand the totality of someone's thoughts through words alone unless we can see into his/her mind and relive their experience, or have some special power of telepathy with no loss of information in the communication process.

So to describe what a Negative Idea can be difficult, so take what is described here as simply a guide for you to use as step stones so that you can develop the Knowing of what it really is from your own experience. So I will share with you my subjective thoughts. From my own perspective, all forms of Sufferings begin with Energy Distortion. This can be hard to understand. That is why the concept of Negative Ideas were introduced as a means to make it easier for people to relate to it.

The concept of Negative Ideas thus is a concept I have created to describe that "Distortion". Negative Ideas can be understood as Ideas which promote Self-Rejection.

We can simplify the Negative Declarations with the opening statements to understand Distortions better

"it is not ok...."

  • I.e. "It is not ok to fail"
  • "It is not ok to stand out in the crowd"
  • "It is not ok to be looked down upon"

These Negative Ideas we declare in the Mind has a Negative Impact on The Self. Through these Negative Declarations, The Self which is by nature Infinite and One with all there is becomes "Limited" "Twisted" "Distorted" as a result. Negative Ideas create all sorts of Sufferings.

However, these are just examples examples of how Negative Distortions can be phrased into a sentence for the linear/intellectual mind to understand.

Negative Ideas can also be phrased differently,

  • I,e, "It is bad for him to ignore me"
  • "It is horrible what he has just done"
  • "I am such a failure for not having lived up people's expectations of me when I had promised them that I would get a good grade at school"

Sometimes the Negative Ideas are so subtle that it is hard to phrase them into declarations, i.e. like knowing what a word means but not knowing how to define it through words.

Realize that Negative Ideas are thus not "words" but rather Energetic Negative/Distortive Energy. The primary reason as to why these energetic distortions have been phrased into words is to simply translate the abstract nature of the Distortion Energy into a structured form so that we can understand them from another angle and this is a very effective way because it then allows us to address something that can be so loosely abstract and ephemeral.

The energy distortion can also be phrased as "Distortion of the Truth" because to the deeper mind All is the Self, and when the surface mind tries to deny this truth it will experience the distortion as a form of suffering.

The reason why "Ok" was chosen was because this was the most neutral in terms of polarity, and other words such as good/bad can carry unwanted connotative meanings to the word which can create further confusion.

Path Of Creator

Discovering The Negative Ideas in relation To The Path Of Creator

Let us look at the way in which Negative Ideas can affect The many levels of Self.

All forms of Sufferings Begins with a Negative Idea.
And the Idea is Negative because it promotes the Rejection Of The Self.

"It is not ok to fail"
"It is not ok to be stupid"
"It is not ok to be embarassed"
and so forth..

The Negative Idea is then experienced Negatively in the many levels of The Self, i.e. as Negative Emotions, as Negative thoughts and as Negative Physical Sensations.

Let us look at the following Negative Declaration to understand it more

"It is not ok to fail"

The Negative Idea will promote the Creation of Negative Thoughts/Emotions i.e. judgement/hate/rejection towards The Self. I.e. to reject oneself when one fails. To reject other Selves when other people fails, and to become fearful of failing or appearing like a failure.

And in those Suffering experiences The Self will experience also Negative Physical Sensations i.e. fearful sensations on the body. The Self-Hate will generate all sorts of negative tension/stress/sensations throughout the physical body.

The stronger one is attached to the Negative Declarations, the stronger the Intensity of that Negative Energy will be experienced.

All of these have been covered in Chapter 5. Discovering The Sufferings in detail.

Thus simply speaking, when The Self is experiencing a Negative Idea, all levels of The Self will have a different experience of that same Negative Idea - but the quality will always be the same i.e. Negativity/Suffering - Unhappiness.

This is much like a seed from which a tree is sprung, although each branch and leaf may seem individualized but they are of all born from the same quality of that seed.

It is by Knowing this that will allow us to easier discover the Negative Ideas within our Suffering Experiences because whenever we experience Negative Physical Sensations/Negative Emotions/Negative Thoughts within our experiences we can simply tell ourselves that the source which is driving these negative states of the mind and body are the Negative Ideas we have become attached to within.

And by becoming aware of The Self at all levels we can use the Negativities experienced in all levels of The Selves as clues to find what the Negative Ideas are.

At first we may be a bit clueless as to why we are experiencing an increase in heart beat and tension in our bodies, or why we are experiencing confusion of the mind or the fear in our stomach and so forth but eventually as we continue to be aware of ourselves through our every experiences in life we will begin to become aware of the causal relationship between the internal and external world.

That is why it is important to develop a constant awareness of our every moment and the practice of meditation which focuses on Stillness can help one to develop the ability to be aware. The Creator's Meditation can help you to achieve that.

A really good way to discover the Negative Ideas is through writing your Suffering experiences down onto paper because as you do your mind will try to translate the energetic disturbances into words which will help you to understand more about your own mind better.

Also, By carrying the awareness every day that the Seed Cause of Suffering Experiences begins with Negative Ideas, your subconscious mind will also slowly try to link the two sides together.

This is much like the learning of putting names to different kinds of emotions. Like with the learning of different emotions, the attempt of linking negative experiences with Negative Ideas is how we can expand that internal vocabulary and understanding of what is really happening inside. i.e. with emotions we gradually learnt that "Oh that energy is anger, that energy is jealousy, that energy is confusion" and like this with practice we will be able to do it with Negative Ideas.

Discovering the Negative Ideas can be a lengthy topic so in the future a more intensive Course will be released for those who wish to go into the discovery deeper.

Using Writing to Know The Self



Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you have just encountered a Suffering Experience, write down in detail what has just happened then you can ask the following questions to penetrate into the experience deeper and deeper. But always do this when your mind has reached the state of Calmness/Stillness.

"What were my Negative Thoughts?"
"What were my Negative Emotions?"
"What were my Negative Physical Sensations?"

And then after writing them down, ask yourself why they are there.
At the start you may not know what is happening in your consciousness, but the more you do this the more you will see the dots connecting.

You can use the following template to also get an understanding of how Negative Ideas work in the deeper consciousness.

Because it is not ok "__________ "(i.e. to fail)
The Self will reject others when they "_______"(i.e. fail)
The Self will reject itself when it "________" (i.e. fail"
The Self will fear it happening/appear "________" (i.e. failing)

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

When you meditate, don't try to discover the Negative Ideas. Focus on developing the state of Stillness by focusing on the body journey. And it is only once your mind stabilizes and becomes Still then you can observe for moments which pushes you out of Stillness, then at your own discretion you can observe for the Negative Ideas. But always aim for Stillness first, so that you can be in a state of observation rather than over-thinking and analysis.

Know and Transform The Self!

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