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"Wisdom is forged through life experiences."


Defining Wisdom

Wisdom is Knowledge.

But there is a difference between Book Knowledge and Wisdom.

The former is truth derived from outside of one's own experience i.e. from books, television, people, and the latter is derived from one's own experiences.

This article will look at the difference between the two and the ways to develop wisdom in life. 

Wisdom In Depth

When we focus too much on gaining book knowledge, we can forget to validate the truth of what we read and hear. 

Often, it can be easy to believe in what the scholars write or what the mainstream media says as what is true and what is not. But unfortunately, not everyone will be on board with the intention to share knowledge truthfully. Everyone will often have their own agendas and biases. This naturally happens because people can have different opinions and experiences of the same thing. And it's always easier to tell only one side of the story to get people siding with your view.

But book knowledge can be useful too. It can give you a view of things; not the complete picture, but at least offering you some stepping stones for you to complete the whole picture with your own experience.

So, for instance, whether or not a diet will indeed work for you, it will ultimately require you to try it out. By only reading books upon books on different diets without trying them, you will never know which diet is the best for you. 

Real life experiences are thus important if one wishes to develop wisdom. Because it is by going through life experiences that one's truth can become ever more refined as it will change again and again with every experience. And with time, these experiences will help you to forge what you know into Universal Truths, which is the highest form of wisdom.

So, use book knowledge as a motivation tool for one to pursue one's truth.

With that said, remember to treat everything you read here as simply a guide for you to find your own truth!

Path Of Creator

Wisdom In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey of Self-Transformation begins first with the understanding of the differences between Knowledge and Wisdom.

The journey is about moving away from cramming the mind with book knowledge and moving towards refining what one knows through life experiences.

To the soul, living only acquiring book knowledge is much like sitting on a couch and watching a movie on TV; the story can only be experienced on the surface. To live is to experience life. Thus it is a good idea to move away from one's comfort zone and experience new things in life because that is when our mind can open up to new ideas and perspectives, allowing us to refine the truth about ourselves and the world even more. 

The biggest blockage to one's journey of Self-Transformation will be Self-Doubt. When one lacks trust towards oneself, one can easily rely on book knowledge to find answers to one's life questions, rather than daring to turn inwards into oneself for the answers. 

So, it can be truly difficult for one who has a lot of Self-Doubts to throw away one's books and trust that one has all the answers that one needs within themselves. 

Realize that within you is infinite wisdom waiting to be found. Practices such as yoga and meditation will help the wisdom to naturally surface.

Wisdom can only arise when one decides not to doubt oneself, not to fear, not to worry—To simply be Still. The practice of meditation will allow one to experience moments of Stillness, and from time to time, the answers to one's deepest life questions will naturally arise.  

However, when one’s belief is tied to a book, then one will become as limited as the book. When one only seeks the truth through accumulating book knowledge, one may become smart, but not enlightened.

The journey of Self-Transformation thus is a journey that encourages all to place the trust in themselves rather than on books. 

At the beginning of one's journey, the line between book knowledge and experienced knowledge can be a bit confusing. So a good idea is to read less and experience life more. 

And on the journey, one will surely encounter many internal and external challenges because one will begin to question just how much of their current beliefs are valid and how to support oneself against the Other Self in times of disagreement. 

How to argue without citing from a book?

How to believe in ourselves? 

So at times, the journey can seem like walking in darkness without a direction or a map to guide one through.

But this is all part of the journey of illumination. The more you dare to step into the darkness, the more light you will bring forth into that space. And with time, you will know everything you need to know with actual life experiences. 

Illuminate the Darkness with Knowing!

The Destination is towards releasing one's attachment to book knowledge and accumulating Wisdom through one's own experiences. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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