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"Wisdom comes from one's own experience"


Defining Wisdom

There is a difference between Wisdom and Book Knowledge

The former is derived from one’s own knowledge and the latter is detrived from sources outside of oneself - for instance from books and what other people say.

This article will look at the difference in power between the two in relation to Self-Transformation

Wisdom In Depth

When we focus too much on cramming our minds with information we can forget to accumulate the wisdom from our own actual experiences.

Reading as many books can only get us so far. For instance, one can read books upon books on how to play tennis but it is through actually playing tennis that one can truly learn how to do it.

So “Book Knowledge” can be only as useful as a motivational tool, as stepping stones for The Self to validate the Truth and derive one's own wisdom from the actual experience.

Thus let everything that you read here be just a guide for you to find the Truth from within.

Path Of Creator

Wisdom In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with the understanding of the differences between Knowledge and Wisdom.

The journey is about moving away from cramming the mind with book knowledge and moving towards filling the soul with wisdom from experiences.

The journey of Self-Transformation is a journey which encourages all to seek Truth from their own experiences – i.e. to place one’s own Trust and Future not in books or “God Figures” but rather to place Trust in oneself and use one’s power as a Creator to transform the Inner and Outer World.

Realize that it is through the attempt of Trusting Oneself to find the light within the darkness that The Self / The Consciousness can expand its limits. When one’s belief is tied to a book then one will become as limited as the book.

On the journey one will meet many challenges because one will begin to question just how much of their current beliefs are valid or not. The journey of letting go of external ideas of what is right and wrong and learning to trust in one's own beliefs instead can indeed be challenging. This can create an uncomfortable experience as if walking in the darkness without a clear sense of direction especially when there are no one or books to guide you through.

But this is all part of the journey of illumination. It is through the attempt of walking out of that darkness that one develops the Knowing of the Truth – and this is how the darkness is truly illuminated. Realize thus it is not so much Knowing about something that makes the journey transformative, but rather the journey of attaining that Knowing that will create Self-Transformation within.

The Destination thus is reached through first releasing one's attachment to book knowledge, then accumulating Wisdom through actual experiences. And through the process of acquiring Wisdom, one will also come to develop the Knowing of not just Individual Truths but also Universal Truths that resonates with all that is within the Universe – it is then one can discover the ultimate Truth within Creation – the complete illumination of the Mind.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Try to find ways to validate any book knowledge you have through actual experience.

For instance, if someone told you that someone is a bad person, you can simply go and try to get to know that person to find your own Truth. Or if someone tells you a story, simply realize that there is always two sides to a story. The truth is never told, but rather for you to find out.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Instead of questioning whether a physical sensation or a state of mind is “good or bad, Negative or Positive, Destructive or Beneficial” simply observe all experiences with a Still Mind and Know from “Experience” rather than “Analysis”

Know and Transform The Self!

You are infinitely wise. All you need is meditation for you to become aware of the wisdom waiting to be discovered within. There are many free Meditation Practices on the website that can help you to put the mind aside so that you can tap into the wisdom within

For example, try the Guided Meditation To Solve Problems. This meditation will guide you to learn how to get into the state of Stillness and Wisdom through the practice of meditation.

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