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"Make yourself clear for others to see who You Truly Are."


Defining Communication

Communication is about Expressing The Self for the world to see. And the more honest the communication, the clearer The Self will be.

When one has problems communicating their True Selves, then there will be more chances for miscommunication.

This article will address the issues that one can experience when in communication to Other Selves.

Communication In Depth

When one looks for the cause of one’s lack of ability to communicate eloquenty one will perhaps come to the conclusion that it has something to do with language problems i.e. the use of grammar, body language and so forth.

However, that is only a small part of a bigger picture. Sometimes, the deeper cause is inside and has to do with the fears of showing one's true self to the world. When there is such a fear, one will experience limitations to expressing themselves.

When we have such fears it can be difficult to communicate eloquently because much of pir energy will be spent on feeding that fear, i.e. on the imagination on what other people may think of us, so the solution will be to learn how to be more and more honest when expressing oneself every day. This will help onegreatly to release their self-imposed limitations.

The fear of communicating with each other in an honest way is usually there when one does not desire to show to others their pure and raw reactions / thoughts / emotions. It is often much easier to play a role in life that will elicit acceptance from others rather than to risk the possibility of receiving negative reactions. This fear usually is created from the expectations set upon us by society, and the cultures in which we live with may value being a pleasant person rather than an honest person more. But the more one lives with dishonesty, the more fears and suffering states of the mind one will ultimately experience.


Importance Of Addressing Communication

It is important to address the causes to one’s inability to communicate oneself to others honestly.

When we have a fear of expressing ourselves, the result will be an Unclear Self. And when one is an Unclear Self, then one will attract the wrong kind of impressions and relationships into their lives. Without addressing these fears we will never be able to simply be and allow otherse to see clearly as to who we really are.

When one is unable to communicate to the world clearly one will attract the “wrong friends.” Also miscommunication can also lead to many “unnecessary arguments.”

Also, when The Self is Unclear, then the Universe will never be able to understand the desires of The Self. It is important here to realize that the Universe is always working to fulfil our desires thus if we do not express ourselves clearly then the Universe will continue to give us what we do not need.

How clearly do you communicate your desires to people around you?

When we do not communicate ourselves properly for the Other Selves to see then people will continue to misperceive us. These experiences can make us dwell in the feeling of always being alone and misunderstood.

It is only by addressing our inabilities to communicate ourselves clearly that we can discover what is driving behind it are our fears, specially, the fears that others will not Accept us for who we really are.

The effect of the fear can also greatly stimulate the brain and make the mind dwell constantly in the imagination of what to say in certain situations and dwell in the intellectual activity of how to say something without it being perceived it in a certain way.

So it's important to address the blockages to our ability to communicate ourselves honestly for the world.

Path Of Creator

Communication In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To truly transform and release the Fears concerning expressing oneself will require one to take the journey into discovering the deeper Causes of one’s fears.

At The Idea Level

The Seed Cause to all forms of Sufferings will always recede back to Negative Ideas. So let us look at some of the Negative Ideas that can create impediments to our abilities to communicate eloquently and honestly.

What we will discover is that these Negative Ideas will all revolve around the theme of Self-Judgement


“How should I express myself Perfectly?” that I will not judge myself that others will not judge me

“It Is Not Ok To Be Too Honest”

Our upbringing and culture and the people that we were surrounded with when we were young can have a huge influence on the beliefs we have and how we should act and be in society.

To live in society, we no doubt will have picked up ideas of how we are expected to behave. For instance, ideas about how to be a "perfect friend" or a "perfect employee" or a "perfect man" and so forth.

When we become attached to the ideas of how people expect us to be, this can push the direction of love out of balance because when there is an excess of love outwards one can lose the ability to express themselves honestly – For instance, we can develop a habit of agreeing with others in times when we are actually disagreeing with them on the inside. This can greatly create blockages in the Knowing of The Self.

Blockages in one's speech will gradually be released as The Self understands more and more what the purpose of the communication is from the perspective of the Universe - which is to be as clear as possible because it is by being a Clear Self that can help Others to develop the Knowing of The Self as well.

The journey will take one to understand that the purpose for communication is for people to exchange their thoughts and feelings with each other. This is how the Self-Knowing expands. When the communication is unfiltered by fear, then The Selves will become clear for each other to see, and the relationship will then become a great catalyst to help both sides to develop greater Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation.

The destination is towards becoming a Clear Self for others to see. This is about being truthful for who we are. This is about simply being ourselves.

Let us look at another Negative Idea in relation to the fear of communication.

“It Is Not Ok To Disagree”

This is a Negative Idea which can greatly inhibit one’s ability to communicate.

And the journey to transform and release the Negative idea will involve one to develop the Knowing that “It is ok to disagree.”

On such a journey one will realize that it is through the knowing and sharing of different information that people can improve and grow their knowledge i.e. open their mind to other ideas.

Self-Acceptance can also be developed through disagreeing with others because when we disagree with others it will give each sides an opportunity to forgive and understand each other.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One can develop Experienced Knowledge of their abilities to communicate themselves clearly by observing for any negativities experienced when they communicate and observing just how much their speech and actions align with their true thoughts and feelings. One can also examine how long it takes for one to decide before expressing themselves.

To catalyze the Knowing, one can simply learn to express themselves more and more and be self-aware of all the reactions that come up from within..

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Practising honesty in the Creator’s Meditation will help one with being honest / clear in expressing oneself for the world to see. This is developed through observing all the physical sensations throughout the body as is i.e. if pain is experienced in a part of the body, simply observe it as it is rather than trying to change it, suppress it or even exaggerate it. But always do all observations with a Calm Mind, if the mind is not calm, try to pull it back to the state of calmness. This is how we practice not reacting to our reactions.

Know and Transform The Self!

To express to the world as to who you are, you must first know and accept yourself for who you are.

Try the10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and simply accept yourself for who you are

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