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Defining Communication

Communication the ability to express oneself to others; the more honest the communication, the clearer The Self will be.

Communication is important in life because that's how we interact with the world. So in this article, we will look at the ways to improve our ability to communicate and explore the blockages within that can exist within, which can cause one to miscommunicate. 

Communication In Depth

The ability to communicate eloquently is a skill that can take one a lifetime to master. Or perhaps, there's no end to the mastery because as long as one works on improving the skill, it will improve. 

And there are many things we can work on to improve our communication skills. For instance, we can learn more about grammar, sentence structures, ways to structure our ideas, learning different writing styles, and so forth. Furthermore, we can work on improving our body language as well. 

So, as long as one's willing to put in the efforts, one will certainly improve. 

However, in this article, we will look at the blockages that can exist within the mind that can interfere with one's ability to improve. And these blockages will always be caused by the fears we have within.

Realize that the more fears we have, the more limited we will be in our ability to fully express ourselves. For instance, if one fears being rejected, then one can be driven to express oneself in a way to not get rejected. Or if one fears being too loud, one can end up quietening one's voice. Or if one fears being too direct, then one can try one's best to not be too direct with people.

How much are you limiting yourself to express freely?

When we carry a lot of fears, we can spend too much time overthinking about the worst things that can happen: thinking about what other people may think of us if we say this and that. Much of our energy can end up spent on manipulating our words to avoid encountering what we fear. But doing so, we will only end up learning "how not be ourselves" rather than learning to be ourselves. Thus, if one has been finding difficulty in improving their communication skills even after putting in admirable efforts, then it would most likely be the fears that are causing one's plateau to improve even more. 

So, the solution to transform the fears?

One will have to learn how to be more honest with oneself. Learning to express oneself truthfully is how one can go against their fears and transform them. It's about learning to be more emotional and mentally transparent, to not be afraid of showing one's true reactions without putting in unnecessary filters.

And the journey to overcome these fears will be challenging because it will challenge our ideas of what we believe is right and wrong. 

It's true that it can be much easier to not face the fears and simply continue to live our lives trying our best not to offend people or to say the wrong things, acting in ways that will make people accept us easier. 

But will it bring happiness?

That is something to consider.

With time, one will realize true happiness is when one can simply be themselves in front of others without the fear of being rejected. 

So, if one wishes to pursue even greater happiness and improve their ability to communicate eloquently, then it's time to look within to address these fears. 


Importance Of Addressing Communication

Let us look at how blockages to one's ability to communicate themselves truthfully can negatively impact their life.

When we have fears of expressing ourselves, the result will be an Unclear Self. And when one is an Unclear Self to others, then miscommunications will occur. One may end up being in a situation when one is blamed and misjudged for being a bad person. 

By being an unclear Self, one can also end up attracting the wrong kinds of relationships that may not be suitable to oneself, especially relationships where one can be taken advantage of.  

Also, when The Self is Unclear, the Universe will never be able to understand what really wants because the louder voice in The Self's mind will always be the fears that have been dominating one's life. 

Realize that the Universe is always working to fulfil our desires, thus if we continue to believe that the worst is going to happen in life, then that can attract such experiences to manifest.

How clearly do you communicate your desires to the people around you?

When we do not communicate ourselves properly, other people will have a difficult time getting to know who we really are. As a result, we can end up with feelings of loneliness and being misunderstood as if no one gets us.

The fears we carry can also greatly stimulate the brain and make the mind constantly dwell in the imagination of what to say in certain situations, spending too much time strategizing on how to form one's sentences so that it won't be perceived in the wrong way. Thus the fears can make us engage in mentally strenuous processes. 

Path Of Creator

Communication In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The practice of meditation can help one greatly on the journey of improving one's ability to communicate. This is because the more one meditates, the more one will know about their mind, helping them to know their true thoughts and desires.

Realize that to express ourselves truthfully, we must first be aware of the truer feelings and thoughts that are happening inside. And the practice of meditation will help one to develop such Self-Awareness.

And then, as one tries to express themselves truthfully in life, one will then naturally discover one's fears because they will find moments in life when they will experience the Inner Resistance to be truthful.

Becoming aware of one's fears and understanding how they are affecting their ability to communicate will help one to begin their journey of Self-Transformation.

Realize that to improve one's ability to communicate, one must explore the cause of one's fears and address them. An analogy can be used to understand this even more. Take for example a person trying to improve the language that they are learning. If they have a fear of speaking it, they will never improve as fast as a person who does not fear speaking it. So, no matter how one tries to improve, one's fears will always create impediments to one's ability to improve.

Realize, how can you ever improve your body language if you are always afraid to show your true Self?

So, by transforming one's fears, one's ability to communicate will naturally improve. One will also naturally pick up new ways to express oneself, ways that one has never imagined before because they feared doing so. Thus, the more one can release their fears, the more paths of expression the mind will be open to, allowing one to express themselves more freely. 

How to transform the fears?

The journey of transforming one's fears can be accelerated if one can develop the Self-Knowing of their causes, which will be the beliefs they have become attached to in the mind about what is right and wrong in life.

Let us look explore some of these beliefs.

At The Idea Level

The Seed Cause to all forms of Sufferings will always recede to Negative Ideas. 

Although there can be many Negative Ideas, let us just look at a Negative Idea that can create impediments to our abilities to communicate eloquently and honestly.

“It Is Not Ok To Be Too Honest”

Our upbringing and culture can have a huge influence on the beliefs we have about how we should act "properly" around people. 

To live in society, we no doubt will have picked up ideas of how we are expected to behave. For instance, ideas about how to be a "perfect friend" or a "perfect employee" or a "perfect man", and so forth.

When we become attached to these ideas, it can push one to direct love excessively outwards, and in doing so, develop the fear of hurting other people if one were to say the wrong things. As a result, one can end up agreeing with other people whilst disagreeing with them on the inside; such inconsistency and imbalance are what creates the blockages to one's ability to communicate in life.

Thus, to transform one's beliefs, one must reassess one's beliefs—i.e. to develop wisdom so that one can see their beliefs in another light and refine them. 

One wisdom that one can realize is to see that from the perspective of the Universe, being a Clear Self is important because it is by communicating clearly that others can know you clearly, and also it will help them to Know themselves. 

Realize that it is much easier to Know ourselves if we are surrounded by people who can express themselves clearly, even if they can come off too direct at times. Through observing the way they love themselves as they express themselves, one can be motivated to do the same, thus such an environment can help one to accelerate and Self-Transformation.

Thus, by being a Clear Self, you will also help others to Know themselves too.

The journey of transforming one's beliefs will take one to realize that the purpose of communication is for people to exchange their thoughts and feelings with each other. This is how The Self-Knowing expands: when it is unfiltered by fear.

And the more one learns to love oneself and others, the more one will be able to share themselves not out of fear or negativity, but out of love and wisdom. 

The destination is towards becoming a Clear Self for others to see. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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