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"Creativity is about connecting with Infinity"


Defining Creativity

Creativity is defined here as the power of the mind to explore infinite possibilities. 

Through Creativity, one can manifest many things: imaginative stories, inspiring music, surreal paintings, odd solutions to seemingly impossible problems, simplistic explanations to complex ideas, and so forth.  

We all have the power of Creativity.

Realize that when we are being Creative, we are simply exploring the infiniteness of our Minds, of ourselves.  

In this article, we will explore the blockages that can limit one from expanding their Creativity and how releasing these blockages can help one to uncover and transform their suffering states of mind. 

Creativity In Depth

To develop Creativity is about realizing the infiniteness of our being, to realize that there is so much potential within us waiting to be explored. 

One can forget their infinite potential when they have stopped exploring further into themselves. This often happens when one has become stuck in a repeated pattern of thinking in a particular way. Being Creative is about learning to expand the mind, to allow oneself to explore more perspectives, to release one's self-imposed beliefs that are currently limiting one's ability to explore oneself even further. 

Thus, it's important to develop self-awareness of one's blockages if one wishes to develop their Creativity even further. Without being aware of such blockages, one will simply continue locking the mind up with the same limiting patterns. 

The following are some questions that can help one to develop such self-awareness.

One can ask the following:

Have I been confining our creativity to a specific thinking pattern? 

Do I often allow myself to see life from different perspectives? 

Do I always give up when we encounter a difficult problem rather than trusting and applying the power of my mind to come up with creative solutions? 

How much am I allowing myself to be Creative?

Do I have many opportunities in life to be Creative?

Realize that if you are always doing the same thing in the same way or unwilling to try something new, and never really using the power of the mind to explore different possibilities (with intention of course), then it would be difficult for you to realize your Creative Potential. 

It can be easy to live life by falling into a repeated pattern: doing the same jobs, thinking in the same way, doing and avoiding the same things. This will always inevitably happen when one never gives oneself enough time and space to reflect upon how they have been living and thinking so that they can reassess their life patterns.

When we lack the awareness of our life patterns, these patterns can continue on auto-pilot; we can end up repeating specific patterns in life, for instance, eating the same foods, believing in the same ideas our mind feeds us just because of our habit pattern rather than learning to refine our beliefs after exploring different possibilities.

Habit patterns are difficult to break because the mind will always come up with reasons to justify their existence. Whatever you believe, the mind will always find perfect reasons to keep you attached to your beliefs. 

Habit patterns do not include just the way we live our lives in the world outside, but also how we live in our mind, i.e. how we react judge and fear particular experiences in life. Without carrying the mentality of trying something new, of questioning one's existing beliefs, one can easily become stuck in their life pattern because the mind will continue to feed you with reasons to sustain your current beliefs

It's only once one attempts to try something new, one can finally realize that it's only natural for ideas and opinions to change with time because each new experience one goes through in life will always help one to see life in another light, which will help the mind to see more reasons to refine its old beliefs. However, without trying something new, one will not be able to expand their viewpoint in life, thus, nothing changes. And this often happens because how many of us would dare to step outside of our box to face our fears to try doing something different? 

That is why developing Creativity can be a helpful exercise as it will take the mind outside of their normal thinking patterns, which will help one to see that the world is only as vast as the width of our own perspective. 

Path Of Creator

Creativity In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The deeper purpose in life will always be to Know ourselves more than the day before. The more you know yourself, the happier you will be because not only will you realize your deeper desires, you will also realize that you are truly infinite in potential.

From the perspective of the Mind, you exist in a sea of infinite possibilities. There will always be certain possibilities that will resonate with you more than others; this is because you are born as a unique Mind—This is what truly makes you different from all Other Selves. 

To know yourself more is to discover this uniqueness.

But how do we discover ourselves? 

The journey of Self-Discovery will always begin with exploring different possibilities that may or may not really resonate with you. Because without exploring and experiencing different possibilities, we will never truly know.

For instance, without questioning and exploring different desires, we will never really know what we truly want. Without exploring the different kinds of jobs available in this world and simply choosing one because that's what our parents told us to do, we will never truly know what we like.

Thus, exploring new things in life can be a helpful exercise to help one to discover newer things about oneself. And this journey can take time, a lifetime, or more precisely, lifetimes. 

The journey of Creativity thus is really a journey of Self-Knowing. And that journey will be a journey of Self-Transformation. Because as we attempt something new, we will no doubt face different fears, confusions, discomforts, pains, hidden traumas, and so forth. The negative experiences that self-exploration brings will always serve as perfect lessons for us to learn more about what is blocking our Creativity: the suffering states of the mind.

It's a challenging path to truly release the blockages to our Creativity because it can feel uncomfortable to do something unfamiliar. But the journey can begin with easy steps: having conversations with someone new, expressing your opinions more, sharing your hobby with others online, dressing in a style that suits you, trying a new food off the menu, and so many more. 

The more you attempt to do something new, the more you will develop the courage to do more, which will help you to expand your mind, discover your negativities, which will help you to learn and understand about them. 

If one finds trying new things in life too challenging, one can simply pick up a creative hobby such as making music, writing a story, or even, exercising or playing tennis. As long as one has something that they can commit for a long time, there will always be opportunities for one to engage in their Creative Powers to create or learn something new in their creative hobbies. This will help to motivate the mind to be more explorative in life. 

One can also incorporate the practice of meditation into their life to develop their Creativity. Although Meditation and Creativity can seem like water and oil where one seems like a silent practice whilst the other a thinking exercise, learning to silence the mind will help you to develop your Creativity exponentially because it will help to cease the thinking mind, which will help you to discover your thinking patterns when they emerge again, helping you to understand more about your thinking patterns and the cause of your fears and beliefs. 

And the more you learn to let go of the chaotic thoughts through meditation, the more you will become aware of the deeper thoughts within. This will help you to realize that there are always deeper thoughts waiting to be discovered as long as you learn to let go of the surface thoughts.

The more you practice meditation, the more you will realize that a clearer mind will always lead to a more Creative mind because you will simply become more aware of what's happening inside. Without meditation, on the other hand, you can end up creating the belief that it's necessary to "think a lot" to be Creative when all you really need is to quieten the mind to see what's happening inside. 

So, as your mind becomes ever more silent through meditation, the more you will become aware of the subtler thoughts, energies, and emotions that are surfacing in every moment. Learning to develop your awareness in this way will help you to discover more about yourself, of the various ideas that the mind is giving you in every moment to solve your problems, to complete your creative work, to show you different ways of seeing your life experiences. 

And as you learn to develop your self-awareness, you will realize that your mind will always be inspired to create based on your current energy states: you will realize that if you are angry, your Creativity will always take a negative turn; likewise, if you are happy, your Creativity will always take a positive turn. Thus, learning to stabilize the mind through meditation will help you to be better at channelling your creativity in the direction you wish rather than having your creativity dispersed by your fluctuating moods. 

There are many free guided meditations on the Course section of this website to help you get started on your journey of meditation, all are aimed to help you to discover the power of silence in meditation.  

At the end of the day, your Creativity will always be limited by how you allow yourself to explore yourself. And this will always be defined by your current life patterns, which will be dictated by your suffering states of the mind. If you can transform your suffering states of mind, your mind will naturally be more courageous and optimistic to try new things in life. So, by simply working on transforming your suffering states of mind, you will naturally release the blockages to your Creativity. 

Let us explore briefly how our suffering states of mind can limit our ability to be Creative so that we can understand better what these "blockages" to our Creativity really are. 

A Possible Negative Idea

At The Idea Level

The Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings will all recede to “Negative Ideas”

All Negative Ideas will impede the flow of Creativity.

Let us understand how Creativity flows within.

1. Creativity begins with an Idea.

2. Once the Idea is given a purpose, then the Creativity will flow.

3. The Creative process will involve the mind coming up with ways to explore and manifest the Idea. 

The flow of that energy will always be determined by our state of mind i.e. emotions and quality of thoughts. For instance, the quality of the flow will always be limited by our Suffering states of mind, such as fear and judgement as these negative states will convince us to prevent certain ideas from blossoming.

Realize that the more Negative ideas we have, the more we will limit our potential to be Creative.

For instance, if one believes that “It is not ok to be arrogant” then this will block oneself from doing anything that may make one come across as “arrogant.” For instance, if one believes that "It is not ok to be ordinary" then this idea can make one subconsciously reject ideas that are not extraordinary.

The more Negative Ideas we carry, the more our negativities can drive us to reject certain possibilities.

So, if you want to expand your Creativity, learn to transform your Suffering States of mind. This will help the subconscious rejection of ideas from taking place within. 

Realize that all idea is worthy and valid. Developing Creativity is not really about coming up with the "Perfect" Idea but rather to realize that perfection can always be found within all ideas, even if they are ordinary, stupid, boring, etc. When one develops their Creativity, they will realize that it's possible to refine any rock of an idea into a fine diamond.

Spiritual Perspective

From a spiritual perspective, the journey of developing Creativity can be self-healing. Because within us, there can be so many negative beliefs we have created that are driving us to judge and fear different things in the world. And as we are really the mind, which is of infinite possibilities, every judgemental belief we will ever create will always be aimed at ourselves. The heart will always know this, that's why everything you hate in the world, you will experience that hate inside yourself. 

Learning to be Creative can be self-healing because in a way you are allowing the mind to explore and accept different possibilities, roles, and ideas—much like the practice of Self-Acceptance. 

The destination is to transform all your suffering states of mind so that you can discover your uniqueness within the world of infinite possibilities, so that you can create out of Love rather than out of Fear. 

And you can begin that journey towards that destination by trying new things in life!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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