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"Expanding the Potential to Be"


Defining Potentiation

The word for developing greater strength is to become "Stronger."

And the word for developing greater health is to become "Healthier."

But what is the word for expanding one's potential to be?

The closest word one would be able to find in the dictionary is Potentiation! 

In this article, we will explore potentiation as a process of expanding one's potential to be, of removing one's limitations, of achieving higher states of happiness and peace, of expanding one's soul—Of improving The Self at all levels! 

Potentiation In Depth

If one observes the true nature of one's mind, what one will discover is that the Mind is of Infinite Potential. 

Within the mind, anything is possible: We can believe ourselves to be anything; we can even imagine anything even things that does not exist in the physical reality. 

In the realms of consciousness, there are really no limits to the possibilities of being. And as we are the Mind, the Consciousness, we are of infinite potential! 

Realize that the more we limit our potential to be, the more we are going against the Truth of who we really are—Infinite.

We can often impose limitations on ourselves through the beliefs we have become attached to, for instance, to the beliefs that it's not good to act arrogantly; or to the beliefs about how unworthy we would be of love if we were poor and without a good job. 

Whenever we tell ourselves that "we cannot be like this or be like that", we are essentially declaring to the Mind that it is not Infinite, that only certain possibilities are acceptable. Doing so is like pointing to a mirror to Reject the True nature of Oneself.

And similarly, when we reject others for what we don't like about them, we are also pointing at ourselves in rejection because again, others are simply reflections of who we are, of who we could be.

As there is no greater suffering than to reject oneself, the more self-limiting beliefs we carry, the more unhappiness, limitations, fears—the suffering states of the mind we will experience.

Potentiation is about releasing the limitations we have placed upon ourselves so that we can be naturally be our true infinite Selves again, and be released from the suffering states of the mind we have created for ourselves.

Path Of Creator

Potentiation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

These days, the most common way for one to approach their problems in life is to address the symptoms.

For instance, handling a health problem by targeting a symptom with a pill from the doctors.

For instance, brushing issues of unhappiness under the carpet with entertainment and other forms of distractions.

For instance, addressing one's fears by avoiding what one fears. 

The journey of Potentiation is to realize that all forms of sufferings, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, will always have their roots at the Mind, more specifically, caused by the Self-Limiting beliefs we have on our potential to be. It's only by working on transforming and releasing these beliefs that one can be truly liberated from all their sufferings.

From a spiritual perspective, all our problems are Self-Created. 

This truth will become clearer as one goes on a journey of potentiating themselves through transforming their Self-Limiting Beliefs because on such a journey, one will experience healing at all levels of the Mind and Body as they learn to shift their beliefs towards those that promote Self-Acceptance. 

Developing Self-Knowing will be the most challenging part of the journey as it will take time and effort for one to discover the beliefs within that is causing the Self-Limitations. But if one wishes to know more, one can explore the Catalyst - Discovering the Negative Ideas. 

In short, to expand our potential to be, one has to go on a journey of accepting all parts of The Self that one cannot accept, thus, the destination is towards Accepting all there is.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Become aware of the stress and negativities that surface within when you place limitations on your potential to be, and also, when you limit others by internally rejecting them for who they are.

This will help you to develop the Knowing of the importance to develop Self-Acceptance as that is the only way to liberate yourself from the suffering states of the mind caused by your Self-Limiting beliefs.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

In the Creator's Meditation, simply observe the body journey with Stillness. Whatever comes into the mind, do not reject it, instead accept it with open arms, simply letting the experience come and go.

Let everything come naturally, and let everything go naturally.

As you learn to accept all kinds of experiences in the Creator's Meditation, you are learning to accept all possibilities of The Self. 

Know and Transform The Self!

The key to Self-Transformation is Self-Acceptance

Use the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to develop Self-Acceptance at the deepest level of the mind by seeing that all is One-Self.

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