Creation Within Creation
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"Expanding the Potential to Be"


Defining Potentiation

We all know that the word for creating strength is to become "Stronger."

We all know that the word for creating health is to become "Healthier."

But as one searches a word to describe the improvement Of the Soul / Consciousness one will find it difficult to find a suitable word.

The word Potentiation here is to describe this process. Potentiation in this context means to expand The Self's potential to be. When this happens, The Self at all levels will all improve, in becoming healthier, happier, more balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.

Potentiation thus can be said to be about Improving The Self at all Levels.

Potentiation In Depth

If we observe the nature of the mind what we will discover is that it is infinit eby nature. Within the mind, we can be anything, we can imagine anything. There are really no limits to the possibilities of The Self in the consciousness.

When we place limitations on the mind on it's potential to be, we will experience suffering at all levels of The Self. Because this is much like rejecting that person we see in the mirror. And that State of Self-Rejection will be experienced in all levels of The Self as the states of Suffering such as guilt, anger, unhappiness, fears and so forth.

Of course in the real world there are limitations on what our physical bodies can do. But we are in essence consciousness beings operating the physical body. That is why one can easily fall into the illusion that The Self is limited in potential.

Potentiation is about releasing the limitations that we have placed on ourselves. And what you will discover is that as you expand your potential to be from within, your suffering experiences will gradually dissolve. This is because you are allowing yourself to be closer to be the True You - Infinite In Potential.

Path Of Creator

Potentiation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is very different from the way in which most of us address Sufferings in our lives.

It can be easy to handle a health symptom with a pill from the doctors.

It can be easy to handle anger issues with hypnosis or some sort of distraction techniques.

It can easy to handle depression by doing distracting things which excite the mind.

But realize that the cause of all forms of sufferings from the body to the mind all have their beginnings to the limitations we have placed upon ourselves to be. All these problems we encounter on our body and mind all results from the State Of Self-Rejection we have created for ourselves from within. When we place limitations upon ourselves, we are simply rejecting the parts of The Self. Release these limitations and you will be free from the misery you have created for yourselves.

The most difficult part of the journey is The Self-Knowing. Because without being aware of what self-limitations we have placed on ourselves and realize the relationship between Self-Rejection and unhappiness, one will find the lack of motivation to develop Self-Acceptance.

Here, Potentiation is the same as developing Self-Acceptance because the more accept about others and ourselves, the more we are expanding our potential to be, the more we are allowing ourselves to be free of limitations. To move towards the state of accepting all there is, is the process of potentiation.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Begin to realize the negative effects when you begin to place limitations on what other people and yourself on what The Self can be.

This will help you to develop the knowing of the importance of Self-Acceptance.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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When in the Creator's Meditation, simply observe the body journey with Stillness. Whatever comes into the mind, whatever you experience, do not reject it, accept it with open arms, and simply let it come and go. Let everything come naturally, and let everything go naturally. Such practice is a practice of being in control, at the same time of letting go.

Know and Transform The Self!

The key to Self-Transformation is Self-Acceptance

Use the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to develop Self-Acceptance at the deepest level of the mind by seeing that all is One-Self.

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