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"We are all entitled to love ourselves"


Defining Entitlement

What is Entitlement?

Entitlement is about knowing our rights.

For instance, our entitlements as an employee can include the rights to get paid for the work we’ve done, to have lunch-breaks throughout the day, to not be verbally-abused by our work colleagues and bosses.

For instance, our entitlements as a citizen can include the rights to be privacy, the rights to the rights to public amenities etc.

Our entitlement in society are usually set out in paper, i.e. in the contracts that we make with the boss, in the bylaws of a region or in the greater laws of the country.

Thus entitlement at the basic level is about taking the action to know your rights. It is only by knowing our rights that we can avoid being taken advantage of. For instance, our bosses can breach our contract by making us overwork without pay, the government can breach our privacy rights by taking information from us without consent and so forth. Without knowing our rights, our rights can be robbed away from us unaware.

So it is important to know our rights in society. However in saying this, this article is not so much about these type of entitlements.

This article is more focused on understanding entitlements from the perspective of the rights you give to yourself for happinesss.

Entitlement In Depth

There are the entitlements that is granted to us from the outside. I.e. the entitlement that the laws give us as citizens, the entitlements that our employment contract grants us.

Such entitlements can be made aware when we develop the Knowing of the rights we have through studying the laws and contracts in which we enter.

However this article is going to go in depth to understand entitlements at a more personal level – i.e. to understand about the entitlements that We give to Ourselves from within. Such entitlements can be made aware by developing the Knowing of The Self so that we can gradually realize just exactly how much entitlement we give to ourselves to achieve what we desire in our lives.

It is about developing the awareness of the “rights” we give ourselves to live, to act, to achieve, to create in the world that we live in. Thus it involves looking at the limitations we often place upon ourselves from experiencing greater freedom and happiness.

I.e. we may only entitle ourselves to suffering relationships or low-paying jobs, or to not “show-off” our talents, to not do the things that we love, or to allow others to continually treat us unfairly, or to only living in poor conditions and eat poorly and so forth.

We are often unaware of the limitations we place upon ourselves until we look within the depths of the Mind. And by going deeper it is then we can discover the Cause as to why we have placed these limitations upon ourselves and discover the answers to the question as to why we cannot just love ourselves fully and unconditionally –i.e. why do we not allow ourselves the entitlement to even Greater Happiness. Such a journey is important because Self-Limitations can create a great deal of confusion and Suffering and it is by addressing these internal issues that we can create Greater Happiness in our lives.

Path Of Creator

Entitlement In Relation To The Path Of Creator

We are the Creators of our own happiness and unhappiness.

All Forms of Sufferings are caused by the Negative Ideas that we have become attached to. Negative Ideas are the Ideas in which we have created and sustained in the consciousness which promote the Rejection of The Self. These can be seen as the limitations we have placed upon ourselves on our entitlement to greater happiness.

Negative Ideas can be paraphrased into Self-Declarations for the linear mind to easier understand.


“It is not ok..”

As one takes the journey into the Mind to explore the Seed Cause as to why one has placed self-limitations on one’s entitlement towards Happiness, what one will usually discover are the Negative Ideas which has created the limiting beliefs beliefs.


“I deserve to be treated unfairly”

“I deserve to be in a low-paying job”

“I deserve to be in a suffering relationship

And such Ideas will often by driven by the following core Idea

“It is not ok to be loved”

“It is not ok to be happy”

To transform and release oneself from the Negative Ideas will involve one to develop the Knowing of The Self – to first become aware of the Negative Ideas wand to understand why one has become attached to them.

Generally, the Path will involve one to look at the Cause as to why one has such a poor-image of oneself. I.e. why do I believe that I am only entitled to so little?

And such a Path will take one to face their fears of achieving their dreams i.e. the fears of being rejected if one asks for more than what they believe they are entitled to.

It will also take one to face the issues of Self-Judgement i.e. the belief that The Self is only entitled to be loved if it acts a certain way.

Thus eventually all paths will ultimately take one on a jouney of developing Self-Love, Self-Entitlement – Self Acceptance.

The Universe will always give us experiences that can push us in the right direction. So let us look at some of the experiences that we may encounter that can help us to accelerate our journey.

You Will Always Get What You Deserve

Your life is your Creation.

Inevitably, life experiences will all ultimately push us to the Knowing that we will all get what we “believe” that we deserve.

In the beginning, we may think that what we have, our jobs, our friends, our living situations are all a product of luck and our efforts. But throughout time what we will realize that a driving force behind what we have in life comes from what we “believe we deserve."

Take for example, when we believe that we are only entitled to a low paying job, that belief will drive us to only go for low paying jobs. Even if we go for high-paying jobs, that belief can make us underperform or not ask more than what we believe we deserve.

Although putting in “Effort” is important for us to manifest our desires/dreams, our “beliefs” will always determine the quality of that equation. If one looks hard enough one will in fact see many highly-intelligent individuals in a low-paying jobs and many seemingly “unqualified” people taking high position jobs.. And if one examines this even more one can also begin to see that the difference between these two sides are caused by the beliefs that they carry about themselves - i.e. their self-image and their self worth. That is why successful millionaires can often seem as “arrogant” because they carry an abundance of Self-Belief. Again this is not saying that all millionaires are arrogant, because not all Selves will choose to exude that Self-Belief outwards through arrogance. Some may simply be quietly confident about themselves on the inside.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Ask yourself the question,

“Do I deserve Happiness?”

Take a moment to ask yourself this question and give your answer within.

If you have problems answering this question then obviously there are Self-Limitations that you have imposed upon yourself at play.

And you can begin asking yourself other questions to develop the knowing even deeper.


“Do I deserve a higher paying job?”

“Do I deserve more loving friends?”

Begin your journey into discovering the cause as to these Self-Limitations.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Every time you find yourself dwelling in the states of Suffering in your meditation sessions, simply realize that you can overcome it by trying to be calm and still - by simply observing the moment as is.

The more deeply rooted the belief that you have for Suffering, the more difficult it will be for you to come out of such a State. But with practice, what you will realize is that the quality of your meditation will improve greatly through simply believing that there is no need to suffer, that you deserve happiness and peace. Through that realization you will gradually become more determined to pull yourself out of Suffering moments in your meditation sessions.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection. In this course you will learn how to naturally let go of judgement towards yourself and others in a powerful way to create greater happiness within.

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