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"Success is how you define it."


Defining Success

What defines success?

Is it to have a family with two kids? 

Is it to own your own house? 

Is it to become a millionaire?

In this article, we will explore what success means to the mind, and how redefining it can help one to experience greater happiness and fulfilment in life. 

Success In Depth

In life, having goals to achieve is a great thing to have. It can help motivate one to face challenging experiences and through them come out more enlightened than before. 

However, it's important to pause and look at what one is chasing before one chases it because one could later find that it's not what one wants. Sometimes, one can end up chasing success as defined by others, which can lead one down on a path full of disappointments.

Realize that it can be so easy for our mind to be influenced by other's ideas of what it means to be successful and happy. Every day, these kinds of ideas can come at us from all directions: the media, the current fashion trends, our friends, articles on the life of the "famous and successful" people, and so forth. So, it can be difficult to not let the mind soaked with these ideas as one goes about their day. 

That's why it can be wise to take a pause and look at one's desires.

Are these desires really mine?

Or are they there because I think they should be?

 If one wishes to be on a path towards a fulfillling life, one needs to spend time with themselves to get to know what success means to one's heart than one's mind. Because the mind can only make guesses of what can bring happiness to one's heart. Without asking the heart for answers and only asking the mind is like asking a friend for the answers to your happiness.

Realize that the answers to your happiness can only ever be found within yourself.


Importance Of Addressing Success

It can be easy for us to define what success is from observing what other people are doing and what makes them happy. This can be especially so when one is clueless about what happiness really means to oneself. As a result, one can get influenced by the facebook and instagram pictures of people enjoying their lives, not realizing that people often fake their happiness just for the picture. 

Another reason one might subconsciously adopt other people's ideas of success and happiness could be the desires to be respected and loved by others through achieving things that other would also approve. As a result, one ends up achieving things just for the very appearance of success, which can end up being an empty shell of happiness. 

So, a good question to ask is, 

"Do I define success by how much love I would get from others?"

Just a note, if the word success is defined as simply one accomplishing one's goals, then there would not be need of much discussion here. However, if one defines success as something that will bring one happiness, then one will have to focus not in how to create success in the world outside, but how to do so in the world inside because it's there where the experience of happiness is created.

Otherwise, no matter how much money one makes, how famous one becomes, how many accomplishments one makes, the happiness one experiences will always be temporary, which can lead one searching for more things to achieve in order to fill the unfilled emptiness insidee. 

Path Of Creator

Success In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first by first realizing the importance of pausing one's life to define what success really means to them.

To define it, one needs to Still one's mind.

Realize that a chaotic mind will only come up with chaotic answers. So, when one needs to find answers to important questions in life, it's better to clear the mind so the answers one receive can be clear.

That's why it's important to incorporate the practice of meditation in one's life. Meditate for 30 minutes a day and it will help you to clear your mind and recognize what ideas of success belong to you and those that belong to others.  

If one's definition of success is happiness, then the journey will be a deep journey into oneself, a journey of learning to love the parts of oneself that one is rejecting, i.e. to love the Self when it fails, to love The Self when it has nothing.

Realize that when we set achievements for ourselves to achieve, we can do it out of the belief that we can never be happy unless we meet our own expectations. If this is the case, realize that true happiness is to be happy even when you have nothing, even when all you have are failures. And to reach such a state is to learn to love oneself unconditionally. 

Thus, to create success on the journey of developing greater happiness, one has to learn to develop Self-Acceptance. Once one can applaud oneself for one's successes and failures, it will no longer matter how loud the applause is from the people around us. 

The successful journey towards greater happiness is towards developing the state of Unconditional love, because it's there where true happiness awaits. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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