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"To do or to not do?


Defining Procrastination

Procrastination is defined here as the act of delaying a task that is required to be completed.

Here we will explore the act of procrastination deeper, to explore the states of mind within that can drive one to procrastinate on the outside. So we will be exploring the deeper causes of procrastination - which are the suffering states of the mind - and the ways to address it.

Procrastination In Depth

The act of procrastination is neither good nor bad.

It just simply delays the completion of one's project.

For instance, when procrastination does not involve any negative states of mind, one is simply prioritising one's schedule by putting less important work aside.

However when the experience of procrastination is negative, i.e. when one is in a confused state of whether or not wanting to complete a project, or when one wants to complete a project but finds great resistance within not to do it then this side of procrastination must be explored, Known and Transformed if one wishes to create greater happiness in life.


Importance Of Addressing Procrastination

It is important to address the suffering states of the mind that can arise when one experiences the desire to procrastinate. Because these suffering states of mind will not just affect one's ability to complete tasks, but they will also affect the way in which one reacts to life experiences in other situations in life.

So it's important to explore these suffering states of mind to understand just what they are. It is only once they are Known then the greater work can be done in transforming them.

For instance, it may be our impatience that is making us hesitate from going forward with a project we have in mind.

For instance, it may be our doubts of whether or not we will succeed that has pulled us back from chasing our dreams.

For instance, it may be our lack of focus that is making us feel like doing a task will be tedious to do.

For instance, it may be our lack of being grounded, or due to our desire for more stimulated activities that we do not desire to spend time on the tedious task we need to complete.

Eventually what we will find is that when we procrastinate we are actually in the desire to do the work, but the suffering states of the mind are pulling us back from completing our desires. What this means is that when we procrastinate in this way, we are not in control - rather we are being controlled by the Suffering states of the mind.

Thus it is only when we develop the Knowing of the Deeper Cause of procrastination that we can truly address it. And it is only after we address it that we can truly become the Creator of our lifes and get the important things done in an enjoyable state of mind.

Path Of Creator

Procrastination In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding about what procrastination is.

The journey is about finding the cause of one's procrastination so the journey will come in stages of Self-Discovery.

If there are negativities within the act of procrastination then one should can take the steps to look into it. Because when we allow our negativities to stop us from doing things, it can hold us back from pursuing our dreams and get the more important tasks done.

To explore the journey one can simply force oneself to do the things that they are procrastinating about. This is because then one will can bring out the inner-resistance so that one can question and explore the answers as to why it is there.

Perhaps one may discover the theme of impatience, or the theme of the fear of failure, or the negativities to do judgement. Whatever the case, realize that all the negativities that we experience will be driven by Negative Ideas

It is by discovering the Negative Ideas that we can then know what we need to work on, and this is how we can accelerate our journey of transforming our suffering states of mind.

By working on our suffering states of mind in a general way, the negative states driving the act of procrastination will gradually be released.

To be a True Creator is to create all that we wish to manifest from a Loving state of mind rather than an unwilling state of mind. Thus the destination is towards the state of peace and harmony within ourselves in whatever we do.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you feel like to procrastinate, challenge it by procrastinating less and simply do the task that you are procrastinating on. The more you challenge your habits, the more you can develop the Knowing of The Self and become more in control of your inner world as you continue to work against the Inner Resistance working against you. By working against our old habit patterns, this is how we can transform it.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Whenever you procrastinate about meditation, simply meditate and observe the physical sensations that comes and goes. Within a few minute or two, that feeling of not wanting to do meditation will quickly disappear. This is when you will realize that the feeling is there because you have asked for it to be there. So the practice of meditation will make you become aware of what it is not that you cannot go so that you can let it go.

Know and Transform The Self!

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