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"We often think out of the fear fot the unthinkable"


Defining Worry

When we have a problem floating in the mind, we can end up thinking endlessly about it. This is the state of worry, a truly exhausting state of mind!

In this article, we will look at the ways to address this suffering state of mind.

Worry In Depth

Realize that a worrying mind is a chaotic mind, and a chaotic mind will only come up with chaotic solutions. Thus, to worry whilst trying to solve a problem is doubling the problem!

The best state of mind to solve a problem is with a clear mind. Thus, if one finds themselves "worrying" about a problem, the healthier way is to remove oneself from dwelling in it and instead do things to Still the mind: gardening, relaxing, resting, meditating, exercising, and so forth.

See Catalyst - Solving Problems in more detail. 

As one goes through life, one will gradually realize that worrying has never helped to solve problems. Worrying achieves nothing but the reliving of one's state of fear, frustration, and misery. But even though one may know that it's pointless to worry, one can still end up in a state of worrying as if one is hooked on an addictive drug. 

Yes, some of us have become addicted to worrying. It's only when we try to stop worrying that we can realize just how difficult it is to pull ourselves out of that state of mind. 

Realize that the state of worrying needs to be addressed if one wishes to experience greater happiness. And to address it, one must develop the awareness of how unnecessary and suffering this state of mind is. 

There will be some people out there in the world that do not dwell in the states of worry to the same extent as we do. Some can face problems in their lives without allowing those problems to live in their minds. But some can dwell on one single problem for days, months, even years!

To begin the journey of addressing the state of worry, one has to first become aware of their habit of worrying, and then carry the intention to change their habit patterns.

Let us develop the intention now by exploring the reasons for addressing the state of worrying. 


Importance Of Addressing Worry

Worrying is a draining state of mind: the more you dwell in worry, the more mental and physical energy you will expend, which can lead to the deterioration of one's mental and physical health. 

Have you ever heard of stories where people's hair has turned white after a night of worry? 

When we worry, we are in a state where we are not in control of the mind. Next time when you worry, try to stop the mind from worrying. The more you do this, the more you will realize how uncontrollable a worrying mind is. What's worse is that when you go to bed with a worrying mind, it will affect your sleep quality, even causing insomnias. 

Do you often think a lot when you try to sleep at night?

When we are worrying, all of our focus is going into the mind. As a result, one can lose connection with the present moment. Thus, the state of worrying can greatly unground the mind, which can disconnect us from what is happening in the present moment. When this happens, we can become less aware of what's happening around us and react slower, which can impair our ability to interact with the outside world. 

Worrying can also make us imagine the worst about the future. 

Worrying can also make us undecisive because it can make us fear the worst. 

Because worrying can make one fear the worst, it can make one dwell in the thoughts about the future of their loved ones. That is why some people will equate the act of worry as the act of love. When this happens, one may not see the state of worrying as a problem, thus, not take the steps to address it. 

Realize the difference between thinking out of fear of the worst and out of love. 

The state of worrying can also drive one to control others out of "love." For instance, controlling one's children, partner, family, and so forth. Again, because one may perceive the need to control others as a form of love, one may end up not addressing it and let the suffering state of mind persist.  

Do you often worry about whether or not other people are doing the right thing in their lives?

Path Of Creator

Worry In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To address the states of Worrying at the deepest level of the mind, one must first understand what one is actually addressing.

One can first begin their journey by becoming aware of the difference between the states of worrying and using one's mind to think. The former will always be an uncontrollable state of mind whilst the latter is controllable. So, the journey of transforming the state of worrying is not about learning to not use one's mind to think, but rather, to transform one's habit of always thinking uncontrollably.

On the journey, one will have to explore the causes of their worrying mind. 

"Why does one have a worrying mind?"

"What is compelling one's mind to worry all the time?"

"What is sustaining one's habit of always mentally dwelling in problems?"

The more one explores the answers to these questions, the more one will discover their fears because they will always be the drivers of a worrying mind. 

Thus, the following questions can be explored for one to find the deeper causes of their worrying mind:

"What are my fears?"

"What is the worst thing that can happen in the problem that I am currently facing?"

"What are the results that I want to happen?"

Asking these questions will help one to discover what they are really fearing.

Realize that the deeper causes that one can find, the deeper they will be able to transform their worrying mind. 

So, let us explore the deeper cause which are the beliefs that have created the fears.

At The Idea Level

As the Seed Cause for all forms of Sufferings recedes to Negative Ideas, let us look at the cause of worrying from the perspective of Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection Of The Self.

Such Ideas can be transcribed into declarations with the following openings –

“It is not ok....”


“It is not ok to fail” 

“It is not ok for me to lose money” 

“It is not ok to look like an idiot in front of people” 

“It is not ok to appear vulnerable”

When one becomes attached to these Negative Ideas, one will fear that the things they reject may manifest in their lives; this state of mind is the state of worry. 

The more Negative Ideas one has, the more undesirable outcomes one's mind will contain. And the more one is attached to their Negative Ideas, the deeper one will worry about their fears manifesting. 

If one can transform the Negative Ideas into its opposite—Potentiating Ideas—the seed cause of one's worries will disappear


“It is not ok to fail.” ->“It is ok to fail.” 

“It is not ok for me to lose money.” -> “It is ok for me to lose money.”  

“It is not ok to look like an idiot in front of people.” -> “It is ok to look like an idiot in front of people.” 

“It is not ok to appear vulnerable.” -> “It is ok to appear vulnerable.”

The journey of Self-Transformation will thus be about learning to accept more in life, to accept what one cannot accept, to accept the things one perceives to be problems, to accept the imperfections that one sees in life.

How one transforms their perception to be more accepting will be one's unique journey.

The practice of meditation can help one to Still the Mind so that wisdom can arise as one goes through various experiences in life, allowing them to see the various ways they can approach their life experiences to develop even greater Self-Acceptance.

One can explore the various Catalysts on this website for ideas.

For instance,

Catalyst - Problems

Catalyst Fear


Catalyst - Right And Wrong

And so forth.

The destination is towards learning to accept all possibilities in life. once one can accept all possibilities, one will no longer need to worry about anything in life. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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