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"Every relationship you have will always be about yourself"


Defining Relationship

Relationship is sometimes defined as the connection between two people. And different types of relationships will exist when there are different roles at play.

So we can have all sorts of relations in life:

We can form friendships with each other, we can get into a marriage with someone we love, we can become an employee to our boss, we can become a parent to our children and so forth.

This article will examine the ways in which we can distil wisdom from our relationships to catalyze the Knowing of The Self.

Relationship In Depth

At the deeper level of the mind, relationship is not limited only to having connections with people but it encompasses all forms of relationships - with All there is – because All is The Self.

So you can have a relationship with a car, with flower, with your mobile phone.

You can even have a relationship with the moon or a planet that is from afar.

And whatever relationship you choose to have, the quality of relationship will always relate back to the relationship with yourself.

Because in the deeper mind, the part in which you cannot accept in others will always come back to the part in which you cannot accept in yourself and vice versa.

Thus creating relationships with the world around us can help us to develop the Deeper Knowing of ourselves.

Having relationships with others thus can act as a portal to allow one to uncover and discover one’s deeper Mind – One’s Deeper States of Sufferings. The deeper the relationship, the more clearer the mirror will be.

Path Of Creator

Relationship In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with the understanding that no matter what kind of relationships one has, the quality of that relationship will always come down to the quality of the relationship that one has towards oneself.

Thus to improve the quality of all relationships, one will have to work on oneself - and this is done by releasing one’s Suffering States Of Mind.

Such a journey will involve the Two-Way Acceptance of oneself and others as all relationships will recede back to the relationship with The Self.

As the spiritual lessons will all involve Self-Acceptance, as one develops Self-Knowing, one will discover something mysteriously suprising, that as one becomes more accepting towards oneself even the parts that is ugly, all things that used to appear “ugly” will become beautiful whether it is a thing or person in the outer world.

Ulltimately the destination is to reach the realization through inner experience that The Self is in fact All There Is.

Using Relationships As A Catalyst

Intimate relationships are beneficial in that it allows each Self to act as a deeper mirrors for each other. From the challenges that each Self faces in holding the flame which keeps the love alive, one will discover one's negative reactions/fears/the greater work that needs to be done.

It can be correct to say that the more challenging a relationship, the more potential there is for growth - for instance with our loved ones or our work colleagues etc.

However realize that when we get into a relationship which is too challenging our mind and emotions may lack the stability/clarity to develop the Knowing.

Thus it is not so beneficial for The Self to enter such relationships if The Self cannot maintain Stillness within the mind. Without Stillness, instead of seeing all things with clarity one can easily fall into the “Temporary Realities” that the Negative State of the mind can create. Within the Negative State of the mind, it is easy to take things too personally and “blame” others for one’s sufferings than to take the responsibility of working on it from the inside out.

Thus often if one wishes to dive deeper into knowing The Self, one can take a break from suffering relationships from time to time to observe what is really going on or by just keeping the relationship at the surface level and just observe from the outside and go Deeper when one has developed enough Stillness to venture further.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

See all relationships as having a relationship with yourself by asking the question.

“What do I like about this that I like about myself. What do I dislike about this that I dislike about myself.?

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

When you are meditating realize that you are examining the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.

Know and Transform The Self!

The 10 Day One-Self Catalyst will make you realize that there is really only One Self. So all relationships that you have to others will always be about who you are. This is a powerful catalyst to make you realize the truth within the heart.

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