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Defining Underappreciation

Underappreciation is defined here as a state of mind one can experience when one feels that one's worth is not being acknowledged by others.

For instance, this state of mind can be experienced at the workplace when no one cares about the great things we've done. One can also feel underappreciated when one has given up their time and effort to help someone but to receive nothing in return. This state of mind can also be experienced when one has given a presentation or performance to an audience that did not applaud "loud enough". 

The state of underappreciation is a suffering state of mind. It can make one feel unhappy and unloved, sometimes even leaving one feeling unfairly treated. 

In this article, we will explore the the deeper causes for this suffering state of mind and the ways to transform it.

Underappreciation In Depth

When we put a lot of work into doing something for others but receiving little or nothing in return, we can feel underappreciated. 

The negative states of mind that can accompany underappreciation are often hurt, pain, anger, judgement, rejection, and disappointment. 

The negative thoughts that usually accompany underappreciation are thoughts to do with unfairness, unworthiness, right and wrong, that no one cares, that there is no pointing carrying on doing what we are doing. 

Cause Of Underappreciation

The cause of underappreciation will always be found within; it is not the outer situation that has caused one to feel underappreciated, but rather it is one's perception of the experience that has created the state of mind. 

That is why some people may not feel underappreciated when they don't receive compliments, gratitude, or something in return for the work they've done. Some people just don't care as much.

The reason why some would care is due to their perception: they have perceived that there is an imbalance in the exchange of giving and receiving—that they have given too much but and received too little. See Catalyst - Giving and Receiving in more detail. 

Thus, to explore the deeper causes for one's feelings of underappreciation, one needs to journey within to discover the deeply-rooted belief that has caused one to perceive their experiences in an imbalanced way, which will be talked about later. 


Importance Of Addressing Underappreciation

it can be a nice feeling when others appreciate us for the hard work we do for them, but when there is an inner need for it to happen, we can experience the suffering states of mind when it doesn't. 

Realize that the journey of addressing the issues of underappreciation is about focusing on understanding why there is a "need" for others to appreciate us. It's not so much about learning to surround oneself with appreciative people or learning to work with people who don't appreciate us: these are simply the choices that one can make. To truly address the unhappiness within, one must explore the deeper causes within. 

And it's important to explore the deeper causes because the feeling of being underappreciated is really the feeling of not being loved enough by others. When one perceives their experiences from such a perspective all the time, it can bring intense feelings of loneliness and pain as if no one cares about us. 

When we believe that people do not love us enough, we can also become sensitive to how people see us, which can make us dwell in people's remarks of us, analyzing their intentions, overreacting to life experiences instead of just letting them go. 

Realize that when we often perceive a lack of love coming from others, we will carry that perception wherever we go, no matter how many jobs we change or how many new friendships we get into. Thus, without addressing the issues to do with underappreciation, it can make one experience it every time one feels a lack of love. 

Path Of Creator

Underappreciation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

One can begin the journey of addressing the issues of feeling underappreciated all the time by exploring the reasons why one is always feeling that way.

One way to begin is to explore the answers to the following questions—

"Why am I always doing so much for others?"

"Why do I always have to go above and beyond?"

"Do I have high expectations of myself?"

"Do I have any fears that is making me do so much work?"

"Do I think I am doing more work than others?"

"Do I think that I am doing a better job than others?"

The more one explores the answers to these questions, the more one will understand the deeper cause for their unhappiness.

Perhaps one will discover that the reason why one is always going above and beyond is because of their desire to be approved by others. Or perhaps, it's because one has a fear of appearing lazy. Or perhaps, one simply has high expectations of oneself, or one has a craving for attention. Or perhaps, one will discover that the reason why one is experiencing unhappiness when one is not being appreciated enough is because of the belief that their work is much better than those of others. 

Whatever reasons one find, these will help one to discover the areas of the mind they need to work on.

And whatever areas of the mind one is working on, one will realize that the deeper cause of one's unhappiness will always recede to the lack of Self-Love. Because if one has enough love for themselves, then they won't need love to come from others.

Thus, at the end of the day, developing Self-Acceptance is the key to transforming the mind.

These catalysts can help one to make progress on their journey:

Catalyst - Self-Confidence

Catalyst - Trust


Catalyst - Expectation

One can learn many things on the journey as they learn more about the states of underappreciation. 

One may gain the wisdom that love does not always have to be expressed openly. Sometimes, people can appreciate our hard work quietly within rather than being vocal about it.

One may also gradually realize that at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how others compliment or judge us, but the importance is about learning to enjoy doing what we do and achieving what we desire to achieve in life. The compliments we can receive from others are simply excesses that are not needed for the journey towards greater happiness. 

Realize that when you do something, as long as you are happy to do it, that is enough reason to justify the work that you put into it. Anything else is really extra. If you are always caring about other people's judgement of you, you will never be able to truly enjoy what you are doing. 

The practice of meditation can help one to accelerate their journey towards greater happiness because it will help them to learn the lessons that are waiting to be discovered within every experience because when the mind is always reacting negatively, it can be difficult to learn anything from our experiences. By stilling the mind, one will be able to learn from their suffering experiences. 

For example, with time as one goes through the experiences where their manager is always criticizing them for being lazy even though one has been doing way more work than others, the state of Stillness will allow one to use the experience to grow: to see that if others want to see us as being lazy, then we'll be lazy then! And this can help one to release their need to work so much all the time.

Another example, the more one learns to not react negatively in experiences where one is not getting the credit for going above and beyond, the more one will realize that it's not needed for one's happiness. One can also end up developing the wisdom to say no to others when ungrateful people come to ask for their help again. 

From stillness, one will be able to see their suffering experiences in a different light and see the ways to learn from them. Perhaps, one will realize that one doesn't have to do so much in life, that one can choose better lovers orfriends to hang around with, that receiving compliments are not necessary, and so forth. 

Thus, practice meditation so that the journey can become a journey of learning rather than suffering without learning anything!

The destination is towards the state of unconditional love where we can do things for other people without expecting anything in return because the enjoyment in the doing will always be the true reward. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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