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Purpose In Life

"Listen to the heart and let it guide you towards your purpose in life"


Defining Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of life?

Is it to find a soul mate?

Is it to be successful in our jobs?

Is it to become a virtuous person?

Without searching properly for the answer, we can end up simply following what everyone else is doing. Such a path can be exciting at first, but it will always be filled with disappointment if it's not something that resonates deep within our heart.

Although the deeper purpose of our existence will always be towards greater happiness, which was already covered in the Chapters For The Path Of Creator this article will explore the purpose of life at a more physical level - to explore the deeper desires that we have in terms of what kind of jobs, what kind of lifestyle that one may wish to achieve.

So this article will talk about the ways in which we can uncover the deeper desires within.

Purpose In Depth

When searching for the purpose of life, it is very important to centre oneself and develop the Self-Knowing from within rather than simply looking outwards for an answer.

And this will be more easily said than done because in every moment, external influences will always affect our beliefs and biases, for instance these external influences can come from the ideas bestowed upon us by our parents, friends, teachers, from the culture we live in, from the religion surrounding us, from the media and so forth.

Thus without grounding oneself, it can be easy to end up living in a way to meet the expectations of "how one should live" be rather than "how one wishes to be."

Of course we will all start out this way. This is natural for we will always begin as a child learning from what everyone else is doing.

It's good to learn from the world and open ourselves up to experiences. However time must also be given for oneself to contemplate on what one truly wishes for one to discover one's deeper desires. This rarely happens due to the education system set up in school where the focus of the learning is on the external rather than the internal - creating the norm where one can still be clueless as to what one truly desires after University.

So it can be quite common when living in society to follow what other people are doing and desiring. This often is more comforting then straying off the path of the mainstream and focusing on one's own unique path, especially if it's a Path that not many people will be familiar with or agree with.

Realize that the answer to inner fulfilment will always come from within. So keep on searching inwards for the answers to your deeper desires.


Importance Of Addressing Purpose

A great deal of Suffering can be experienced when one continues to strive for a Purpose that is not one’s own.

When we do not know our Deeper Desires/Purpose in life, we can feel find life meaningless no matter how much we achieve. This can bring great fatigue and pessimism to the Mind and in the extreme depression.

It is also quite important to have a goal or ambition in life because it is from our goals and ambition that drives us forward. Without goals or ambitions, then it is easy to stagnate, i.e. to dwell on trivial things. When our mind has no greater goals to focus on, it can magnify the small things in life to make them appear greater than they really are i.e. it can make us angry at the small things that people say or do. To set goals, one can simply become aware of what one truly enjoys doing and is passionate about.

It is only when we discover our deeper purposes in life that we can live a more meaningful life. Life will no longer become a “bore.”

Finding our purpose in life will allow us to go with our hearts rather than go against it. It is then we can experience Greater Happiness and Inner Fulfillment.

Path Of Creator

Purpose In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey will begin with Developing the Knowing of one’s deeper desires. The journey will always begin and progress with developing Self-Awareness, the awareness of the world that is happening inside. However self-awareness can only be developed through developing inner Stillness, so that the deeper desires can be surface after the chaos is released from within.

So the best way to discover one’s deeper desires is to remove oneself from things that may influence and distract one’s mind from finding one’s own true purpose and this can be done by taking a short recluse from society, from one’s group of friends, from one’s family to discover oneself.

The short recluse can also come in the form of hour meditations during the day. Meditation can help one to release all surface thoughts and emotions which will allow one to simply observe one’s deeper desires from within. That is why the practice of meditation is greatly encouraged on the journey of Self-Transformation.

At first when we get an inkling of our purpose, darkness may come to greet us. This is the time when we will question ourselves whether or not these are our Deeper Desires.

Realize that our Deeper Desires will always be hidden and repressed by our fears. That is why the focus of uncovering our deeper desires is best achieved through simply working on transforming and releasing our fears.

The Catalysts which one can use to accelerate the process is to simply develop Self-Support and Trust. Because during the time of self-exploration there can arise great challenges. For instance, people may start to question and challenge your new discovered Self.

And if your purpose is greatly different from other people you will also challenge yourself as well, questioning yourself as if you are doing the right things in life.

So on the journey of discovering our deeper desires, there will be conflicts with the Mind and Heart. But there is no need to worry so much about it because by simply focusing your energy to work on transforming and releasing your Sufferings the Heart and Mind will naturally align themselves together and all will be clear.

Discovering your Greater Purpose in life is actually in itself a great catalyst. Because through the journey one can uncover and address a lot of fears that are deep inside.

Thus it is by taking the steps to find your true purpose in life that will bring your growth to greater heights because of the Outer and Inner resistances that you will face.

Thus from a spiritual point of view, the most important part of the process is the journey that you go through to discover yourself. Whether or not you find your purpose is important however what is more important is the growth that you gain from embarking on such a journey.

And finally, no matter what purpose of life you discover in life , always remember that deep within the purpose of life will always be about the spiritual journey - a journey of overcoming limitations - transforming the suffering states of the mind - becoming happier and greater than before - To Know who you really are.

So at the end of the day, if you do not find a purpose in life, making happiness the purpose of your life will never go wrong. And to create happiness, simply focus on transforming the suffering states of the mind.

To understand the deeper purpose of the soul - see catalyst- Soul Journey.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Ask yourself

“What are my deeper desires?”

And then try to go towards these desires at the same time observing for any negativities that surface in the mind and body – This is how we develop the Knowing of The Self. See Catalyst - Desires

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Allocate an hour of time each day to meditation. Having time for yourself to simply observe on the Inner Worlds within will allow you to release all thoughts about “What The Self Should Be.”

It is then you can simply observe yourself as is.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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