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"Once you can embrace your vulerabilities, they will become your strengths."


Defining Vulnerability

The feeling of weakness and inferiority are the states of vulnerability. 

We can experience these states of mind im moments when we believe that we are not as attractive, as strong, as intelligent, as influential as the people around us; when we are faced with a situation that seems too much for us to handle; when others judge us negatively; when we fail to achieve what we wish to achieve in life, and so forth.

In this article, we will take an inward journey to explore the vulnerable parts of The Self and the ways to transform them. 

Vulnerability In Depth

The deeper causes for all states of mind will always be found within. Thus, the cause of one's state of vulnerability has little to do with the outer situation and more to do with one's inner situation. The deeper causes of a vulnerable mind will always be caused by the deeply-rooted beliefs one has about one lacks. So, to address the states of vulnerability, it's a good idea to begin one's journey by exploring these areas of the mind.

Without looking inwards for the deeper causes, one can end up placing all their focus in searching for outer solutions, for instance, doing things to improve one's appearance, one's skills, one's likability, and so forth. Although these acts of Self-Improvement can be beneficial as all experiences can be used to better one's mind, the inner solutions must be discovered as well. When only external solutions are used to solve an inner cause, it will be much like solving the issues of a rotting apple by painting over the problem areas. The problems may disappear out of sight, but without addressing the core issues, the suffering will still fester within.

The following questions can help one to discover their inner causes:

"What do I believe I lack?"

"What do other people have that I don't?"

"What attributes would I need to overcome this challenging experience?

"What weaknesses do I have?"

Exploring the beliefs of what one lacks will help one to discover the inner cause of one's vulnerable mind. Thus, to transform one's vulnerable mind, one can learn to transform and release their self-lacking beliefs, which can only be done by learning to accept love oneself more.

For instance, if one discovers that one is not good looking enough. Then, one can learn to accept one's appearance more.

For instance, if one feels that they are not smart enough, one can learn to accept one's stupidity more.

For instance, if one feels that they are not sociable enough, one can learn to accept their introverted nature more.

As you can see, the internal solutions to one's vulnerable mind takes on a different path to the external solutions. The former will always be about learning to accept what one lacks from the inside, and the latter will always be learning ways to fill what one's lacks from the outside. Although both are paths of Self-improvement, only the former will guarantee one greater happiness.

To find the internal solutions then, one can ask the following question:

"What can I accept more about myself to transform the vulnerable mind?"

Exploring the answers to this question is how one can discover the Greater Work that needs to be done to truly address one's vulnerable mind.


Importance Of Addressing Vulnerability

Whenever we feel vulnerable inside, we can experience a desire to hide it because it can seem like a weakness. Realize that the more you try to hide the vulnerable state of mind, the more you will be empowering the belief that it is a weakness. As a result, you will only feel weaker each time you hide it, and you will also exacerbate the fears of others discovering your vulnerabilities, which can make you overreact in anger and worry whenever your vulnerabilities are about to be uncovered for the world to see. 

Are you often scared of expressing your desires or opinions to others?

When we fear others finding out about our vulnerabilities we can sometimes cover our true selves up by acting as if we're invulnerable. Over time, one can end up creating a self-confident persona as a way to mask how we truly feel inside. When one's actions are always inconsistent with their reactions, one can end up losing connection with their thoughts and emotions. 

That is why the practice of meditation can be so helpful because as soon as one closes their eyes, one will be able to experience all the reactions that they've been hiding deep inside. So, it's normal for one to experience great discomfort when they first meditate because all the junk can come out and overwhelm them. 

Are you afraid of letting other people know that you are angry or hurt?

Path Of Creator

Vulnerability In Relation To The Path Of Creator

One can begin their journey of addressing their vulnerable mind by learning more about their vulnerabilities, i.e. developing the awareness of what they believe they lack.

Then, instead of always hiding one's vulnerabilities all the time, one can learn to share those vulnerabilities bit by bit, day by day, with the people around them.

The more one can let the world know of their vulnerabilities, the less the mind will see them as weaknesses. And with time, it will slowly accept them less as flaws. This will help one to address the inner causes to their vulnerable mind, which will always be the lack of Self-Acceptance.

Thus, the journey will be a journey of learning to accept the parts of Self that one has deemed as "imperfect", "flawed", "weak", "worthless", and so forth.

One can use the following catalysts accelerate their journey:

Catalyst - Insight

Catalyst - Honesty


Catalyst - Failing

Catalyst - Confidence

Catalyst - Communication

The journey will take one to see that greater strength is developed through not showing one's strength, but rather one's weaknesses. Because once one can show their weaknesses to the world proudly, they will no longer be weaknesses.

Thus, instead of acting strongly all the time, the journey of Self-Acceptance will be a journey of embracing one's weaknesses so that one can be their true selves in all moments.

The more one can accept oneself and others, especially the parts they seem "flawed" and "imperfect" the more the inner issues of vulnerabilities will be addressed.

The destination is towards accepting all "weaknesses" witin. Once one can accept even the weakest parts of themselves, one's Self-Belief will not falter even against the harshest critic, which is usually ourselves. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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